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                              Animated Explainer Videos for Human Resources

                              Animated Explainer Videos for Human Resources

                              Human Resources Department in any company is heavily involved in a lot of things such as recruitment, onboarding new hires, updating the team about announcements, motivating employees, and communicating the company’s core values. They have to handle and deliver a lot of details to candidates and employees in an effective manner and it can be really challenging. And that’s where video content can help.

                              Benefits of Using HR Animated Video

                              2D and 3D animated explainer videos serve as an essential tool to communicate different types of important information quickly and effectively. HR departments of successful companies use animated explainer videos to facilitate their work in human resources management and interact with existing and potential employees more efficiently.

                              Why do HR departments use animated video?

                              Here are some reasons why:

                              • Animated explainer videos make internal communication much easier and ensure that all employees have the right information.
                              • They help convey a lot of information in a short amount of time and are able to catch and hold viewers’ attention better than written handbooks and tutorials.
                              • Animated explainer videos combine visual and auditory stimulation and help employees retain new information for longer than if employees experienced it through just text or audio.
                              • Animated video content is eye-catching, fun, and engaging and helps deliver a message concisely and in a memorable way by telling a unique story.
                              • Animated explainer videos are cost-effective and save companies a lot of time and money.

                              How to Use Animated Explainer Video for HR Department

                              Animated explainer videos for HR can be used in a number of ways. Let’s take a look at some common uses of 2D and 3D animations for HR purposes.

                              Recruitment Animated Video

                              Employees are the biggest asset for any company so it’s crucial to attract the best professionals. When people are looking for a new job, the process can be very tiresome and overwhelming because they have to read hundreds of different openings and job descriptions. Using animated explainer videos during the recruitment process will help your company stand out.

                              Using animated explainer videos during the recruitment process

                              They will provide an engaging insight into your company and allow candidates to see what it would look like to join your team and what benefits you offer. You’ll be able to demonstrate the human face of your organization and your company’s values and attract the attention of millennials who are looking for much more than just a paycheck when they consider employment.

                              Onboarding Video

                              The goal of onboarding is to introduce new employees to the company’s environment, culture, processes, and systems. Onboarding animation video is an easy way to make this process more effective. You can use animated explainer videos to communicate your company’s core values, provide a glimpse of what new hires can expect when working with you, and explain how the workflows between different departments work.

                              Explainer videos are critical tools you can use to improve the onboarding of remote employees. The best approach is to prepare series of explainer videos that welcomes new hires, educates them on the company and the specific platforms and software that they use, and trains them about the processes. Well-crafted onboarding videos will help create a pleasant and memorable onboarding experience for your company’s new recruits. And even if it’s in-person onboarding, explainer videos can help break up the training session and give new hires a chance to relax while learning essential information.

                              Employee Training Videos

                              Training videos are important for new staff members. You can use them to educate newcomers on complicated processes and procedures or explain how to use specific computer systems and programs. Animated explainer videos are an excellent way to convey this information quickly and in an easy-to-understand form.

                              Training is a vital part of employee retention strategy because your staff members are more likely to stay in their jobs longer if they are confident in their knowledge and have the necessary skills to do the job. An animated explainer video can present even the most complex and boring topics in an entertaining way, so many successful companies use them to help employees grow.

                              It’s best to create a digital video library that includes how-to videos and tutorials, which employees can use when they have time. Short video presentations will allow employees to learn new skills at their own pace and will make the process more engaging, convenient, and enjoyable. This way, you can help your staff members become higher performers and reach their professional goals.

                              Policies and Procedures Updates and Announcements

                              Company policies and procedures may change over time, and if you create short explainer videos to introduce these changes, they will save you a lot of time because you won’t have to explain everything in detail at meetings.

                              Animated videos for HR

                              Instead, HR managers can send a link to a video that provides the necessary information company-wide, and employees will be able to watch it when it’s convenient for them.

                              A good idea is to use video to spread the word about new products and projects. This way, you’ll help your employees feel connected and engaged and that will increase their job satisfaction.

                              You can also use animated videos to update your team about corporate events and remind them about important dates. Any subject can be delivered more efficiently through a visually appealing animated explainer video.

                              Health and Legal Animated Videos

                              Creating a positive and safe working environment is a very important aspect for any company because it helps prevent employee burnout and increase their loyalty. It’s also crucial for the integrity of the business. HR professionals can use 2D and 3D animations to address health and legal protection topics to help employees feel confident and maintain a friendly atmosphere in the company.

                              Final Word

                              When it comes to recruitment and employee management, traditional approaches are not as effective as they used to be. Successful companies are now using video content to convey important messages and attract the best talent, deliver memorable onboarding experiences, and improve employee retention. That’s why it’s worth to consider including an animated explainer video for company HR manager in your hiring and human resources management strategy.

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