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                              Animated Explainer Videos for Investors Pitching

                              Animated Explainer Videos for Investors Pitching

                              Raising money is one of the fundamental aspects of any business, and startups often create a pitch deck that consists of several slides to present their business idea and team to potential investors.

                              Unfortunately, getting investors’ attention is not the easiest thing to do because they see tons of different pitches. What can you do to stand out from other startups? Animated explainer video is one of the most popular approaches to represent a business, so why not use it to pitch potential investors?

                              If you’re looking for something more dynamic and attention-grabbing than a traditional slide-based presentation, read the article to learn why creating an engaging animated pitching video for your startup is a good idea.

                              Speaking to investors - article Animated Explainer Videos for Investors Pitching

                              Key Reasons to Use Animated Video Pitches to Attract Investors

                              Even if you have a solid business plan and an innovative product, finding the right investor can be a complicated process. If you want to attract people to your startup idea and convince them to make an investment, video is a great medium for your message.

                              People love visuals, and animation helps you explain everything that you do more effectively and present your key points more clearly and concisely. That’s why many startups use animated videos as part of their investor pitch decks to raise capital.

                              Animated Videos Grab Attention

                              Startup presentation video puts your audience aside from the everyday usual PowerPoint, which may be boring. No matter how great your business idea is, you have only a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention. Animated explainer videos work great for this purpose because they appeal to more than one human sense at a time. This way, they create more stimulation than sounds, text, or images can alone and make your message more likely to be remembered.

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                              Bright, colorful animation allows you to enrich your message, truly capture the attention of your viewers, engage your audience, and make your story memorable. This way, it will be easier to find investors who are going to be interested in your specific idea.

                              Showcase Complex Concepts in a Short Amount of Time

                              Animated videos are perfect to represent complex startups because they make it possible to clearly articulate the meaning of your project in 1 or 2 minutes and keep potential investors focused on the information they’re getting. You can easily present a large amount of information, explain complex concepts, or introduce novel ideas without wasting a lot of viewers’ time.

                              Video pitches require a serious, data-driven approach. Still, the animated video allows you to structure important information about your product or service in the most efficient way and pack everything into a brief and entertaining piece of content. Moreover, you can easily break even the most complicated concepts down into short scenes that explain information in an easy-to-digest form and combine audio explanations with visual support.

                              Business Meeting - article Videos for Investors Pitching

                              Besides, creating investors pitching video allows you to present your idea remotely. You can send your animated video via email or use messengers to reach out to thousands of potential investors. It will help you make a great first impression and get them to believe in you.

                              You Can Raise More Money

                              According to research, people are more likely to be convinced to buy a product after watching an engaging video that tells a story and entertains them. Pretty much the same goes for videos that pitch investors and allow them to look at the project from the correct angle.

                              Creative animations evoke an emotional response and make difficult concepts much easier to understand. They give you a chance to prove your worth with visually represented statistics. Many investors admit that they find it easy to make a decision if they saw a video without long text but with an inspiring representation of how a business idea can really change the game on the market and influence the everyday life of a lot of people.

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                              Animated videos are perfect for crowdfunding as well. According to Kickstarter, projects with crowdfunding video are more likely to be successfully funded and raise more funds than campaigns without one. Besides, videos have viral potential and have a better sharing rate on social media than the most powerful text or infographics.

                              Final Word

                              Animated explainer video is one of the most effective forms of communication and can be a powerful tool when raising capital. Creating a truly unique pitching video for investors that turns your idea into a visual narrative is one of the best ways to stand out from other competing startups and convince potential investors to support you.

                              Just make sure that your animated video tells a memorable story, captures the concepts, ideas, and value of your product or service, and clearly explains your startup in a compelling way. If you do everything right, you’ll impress potential investors, build confidence, and get the funds you need.

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