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                              Animated Explainer Videos for Mobile Apps

                              Animated Explainer Videos for Mobile Apps

                              Are you planning to launch a mobile app and looking for effective ways to promote it? Creating an engaging mobile app video is a smart way to increase brand awareness, make potential users interested, and convince them to download your new app and use it.

                              According to surveys, the average retention rate for a 60-second explainer video is 77%.  Besides, viewers are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a video. So you should definitely include this type of video content into your marketing mix. Read the article to learn how video works for mobile apps and how to make the most of your animated explainer videos when planning your marketing campaigns.

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                              Why Should You Make Animated Explainer Video for Mobile App?

                              If you have created a landing page for your new mobile application, you can also feature the video there. Mobile app explainer videos typically briefly outline what an app does, tell about its key benefits and features, and explain where people can download it from. They should deliver this essential information in a brief, easy-to-understand manner to people who have no idea what your app is about and encourage them to download it.

                              Here are some of the reasons why explainer animations are best for promoting mobile apps.

                              People Love Watching Animated Videos

                              We all like to be entertained, and animated videos instantly capture viewers’ attention. They present information about your application in an engaging and attractive way that sets your product apart. But that’s not all. They also motivate people to stay on average about 2 minutes longer on your business website and engage with your content.

                              Consumers prefer video content when they are searching for products. According to surveys, most customers would rather watch a brief video about a product they are interested in than read an article about it.

                              Explainers Convey Your Idea

                              If you want to explain all your app’s great features and benefits in a short amount of time, you are unlikely to find a better way to do it than communicating your ideas in an amazing animated explainer video. You only need 60-90 seconds to present the main idea of your app, talk about its benefits and functionality, describe your competitive advantage, and much more.

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                              Animated explainer videos work perfectly when you need to explain complex concepts and features in a fun and quick way. Combining eye-catching visuals and animations, cool music, and informative voice over, they appeal to your audience and effectively convey your message. You can also use animated explainers to showcase your unique value proposition and demonstrate the creativity and quality of your app as a part of a pitch deck to attract investors.

                              They Connect Consumers to Your Brand

                              A funny, lovely, and memorable cartoon can quickly and effectively spread the word about your company and your mobile app. It uses visual cues to catch an eye of your audience and sticks to their memory, building a strong connection between your company and the story you are telling. It generates an emotional bond with the viewers and instills strong associations, strengthening your brand identity and increasing awareness. Besides, videos are easy to share and can become viral.

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                              They Effectively Convince and Convert

                              Speaking of mobile app animated video conversion rate, we should admit that they can increase it by 20%. Today’s consumers can choose from a wide variety of apps and can be overwhelmed with the options, but an animated explainer video can help you stand out and convince its viewers that your application is worth downloading but telling users about its benefits. So don’t forget to include a clear call to action.

                              They Are Cost-Effective

                              Video is the most popular content format today, and creating animated video will cost you less than shooting long live video commercial. You can use it in your marketing campaigns on multiple channels – on landing pages, YouTube, social media news feed, include in email newsletters. Just do your target market research, determine distribution channels that work best for your business, and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase the ROI.

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                              The Bottom Line

                              The mobile application market is increasingly competitive, and modern consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to solving the same problem. Creating an engaging mobile app explainer video is the best way to tell your potential users how your app works in an easy to understand way and increase the number of people who would like to download it.

                              Combining attractive visuals, animations and informative audio, app explainer videos can connect with your target audience on an emotional level, boosting your brand image and engagement. They are also memorable and shareable and can enhance your marketing strategy. A branded animation video will help you stay ahead of the market and impress your audience, entertaining and engaging them.

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