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                              Animated video for crypto business: simplifying complexity

                              Animated video for crypto business: simplifying complexity

                              Crypto business is a new area in finance, so it needs clarification.  For this aim a best suit is an animated educational explainer. You wanna know why? Such complex topics as cryptocurrency and blockchain could be perceived so much easier with it. Let’s take a look at some engaging works where an animated video allowed businesses to combine voiceover, music and visuals effects in an engaging way. We picked up examples with different animation techniques for you to stay informed and up-to-date.

                              Animated educational videos about cryptocurrency

                              Bitcoin has gone through several ups and downs. Last market races: in February 2021 Bitcoin’s price reached as high as 60,000 USD per coin, but in May 2021 its valuation decreased almost twice. Many people are skeptical about cryptocurrency. However, the industry is evolving and many adepts continue to invest in bitcoin or altcoins. Today an investment is relatively easy. Of course, you have to be conscious of it. Not everyone can easily comprehend the terms like bitcoin, binance, cryptocurrency or blockchains right away. If you are confused by the concept of cryptocurrencies, you can learn several educational animated videos. We believe that explaining cryptocurrency through the animated video is an effective way of making it clear. Have a look at the following examples.

                              “Bitcoin explained and made simple” – timeless educational animated videos from The Guardian.

                              In another video “What is Bitcoin Mining?” by BitcoinMiningCom, you find a simplified introduction of the mining process in 2d animated graphics.

                              The video with plain animated infographics can help to show the difference between coins, just like CNBC did it in “Ethereum Vs. Bitcoin: What Sets Them Apart?”

                              Finally, take a look at the captivative whiteboard animated video “How Do Cryptocurrencies Work & Gain Value?” by Crypto Professor. Whiteboard videos create visual storylines that reinforce verbal information and catch the viewer.

                              How could we explain what a blockchain is with the help of animation?

                              The Bitcoin protocol is built on a blockchain. You can doubt about investment in a cryptocurrency, but it must be admitted – blockchain technology today is widely applied in finance, banking, insurance, healthcare, supply chain, real estate, and much more. The key areas of blockchain applications include:

                              • tracking cash flows;
                              • payments and financial services;
                              • identity management;
                              • smart contracts;
                              • dispute resolution and so on.

                              A big new trend - using blockchain technology as a service - animated video for crypto business

                              A big new trend – using blockchain technology as a service. It’s about letting companies create smart contracts and other decentralized architectures. That can be used for a variety of purposes. The smart contracts will allow the development of a wide range of decentralized finance apps, new crypto tokens, games, and more. It should be noted that some modern altcoins like Ethereum, Cardano are designed for running smart contracts.

                              So, many people need to know about new technologies. Let’s try to figure it out by watching a few animated videos. We have specially prepared two different examples. The first one is an answer to the question: are long videos accepted? Coding Tech’s “Blockchain Technologies Explained” animated video runs for around two hours.

                              Spoiler: they are not only accepted, but the one and only way to present such complex topics.

                              The video gets almost 1 mln views, in fact we can not say exactly how many viewers have watched it till the end. Is the animation appropriate in such a long video?

                              Another approach used in “How does a blockchain work” by Simply Explained.

                              In an animated video with a duration of 6 minutes explained all the main principles of how the blockchain works. This video received more than 5 million views. It seems to be difficult to make a short video when it comes to extremely complicated things. Nevertheless, it is considered that the effective time for explaining animated videos is 3 minutes, due to the fact that after that time the attention of the viewer gradually declines.

                              What else could be explained with an animated explainer video?

                              The most promising direction with unlimited potential is crypto payment gateway. These platforms allow companies to accept transactions as payment from customers for goods or services in cryptocurrencies. This payment automatically converts to traditionally fiat currency at a fixed exchange rate. During the last three years launched several large payment gateways: Coinbase Commerce, Cryptoprocessing.com, and others. Entrepreneurs have a lot to choose from.

                              What are the opportunities for business here? First of all, international payments with cryptocurrency networks are faster than banking services. Cryptocurrency payment gateways offer lower fees than traditional payment systems as well.

                              Opportunities for business - cryptocurrency

                              There are many new exchanges, conversion portals and trading platforms have been launched around the world.

                              These are undoubtedly necessary and demanded tools for the market, but financial instruments as usual are complicated. Most people still don’t quite understand how these new projects work. If your company is involved in the cryptocurrency industry or financial markets, you probably have faced the problem of how to convey to consumers information about what you do and present the benefits of your product. We advise you to try an explainer video.

                              Here’s another example of an animated explainer video: “The Future of Cryptocurrency”  by Darvideo. It was created for presentation of the referral system built on a blockchain and cryptocurrency.

                              Darvideo Animation Studio creates 2D and 3D animated explainer videos, promotional or marketing videos, brand animated videos. Especially explainer videos are effective and beneficial in the crypto and blockchain industry. The eye-catching content is useful to reach more audiences and it can boost your crypto business.

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