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                              What big brands have you worked with?

                              What big brands have you worked with?

                              We are often being asked, “What big brands have you worked with?”

                              Revealing the top list of top brands we have worked with and what we have done for every of the listed companies.


                              We have created this video to engage young people to get jobs at U.S. Adidas headquarters.


                              This animated video demonstrated the benefits of the M2E Pro program. M2E is the better way to make business with Walmart as a seller. Shopping Customer Programm in the US, Animated Explainer Video.


                              The secrets of 5G can be discovered with the technology by Huawei.


                              Explore what would happen if all of humanity’s satellites disappeared and the real-life scenarios that could lead to such a catastrophe. What would happen if one day all of humanity’s artificial satellites suddenly disappeared? Within hours, most of the planet’s traffic would grind to a halt, the world economy would shut down, and most countries would declare a state of emergency. Even in the best-case scenario, our civilization would be set back by decades. So, what are the odds of this actually happening? Moriba Jah investigates.


                              This is a series of 10 animated cartoons with different characters in every episode. To Paternity & Beyond! (with Al the Alien Midwife) cartoons are targeting the need to raise parenting awareness among men in the UK and were ordered and broadcasted on the British BBC.


                              A sleek, new stainless steel design from ReadyRefresh℠ by Nestlé®, that gives you the convenience of choosing hot or cold still water and cold sparkling water at the touch of a button. The Allure’s new on-demand variable carbonation feature allows you to choose the exact amount of sparkle or bubble to satisfy everyone’s beverage needs.

                              Encyclopedia Britannica

                              This is the first video in the supposed Britannica Wonders series. This one is dedicated to climate change. In an illustrative and witty manner, the video shows how several degrees can drastically change our world.


                              This is an animated business video presentation about Carlsberg Ukraine. In this video, we show how the company developed from the first day of its creation to today.


                              Promotional animated video explaining the advantages of Vodafone’s mobile app.


                              ABBYY has developed a powerful technology either for scanning and analyzing documents or converting them and working with them in PDF format.


                              Music Cruise Channel has been created by Pioneer Corp. From our side, we captured the essentials of it in a format of animated video.

                              Thank you for watching. More brand videos are coming very soon!

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