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                              Case: Creating 3D Animated Video for Omnicomm Online

                              Case: Creating 3D Animated Video for Omnicomm Online

                              Imagine you need to develop informative and training solutions for a large partnerships program for 3 continents. Your main task is to engage as many new partners as possible in different countries, to explain your service and to set up their work so that they could indulge new clients within their region.

                              That’s the challenge the IT company OMNICOMM Online and Darvideo Animation Studio faced when starting an attention-grabbing collaboration.

                              OMNICOMM Online is an IT company with more than 20 years of experience, creating effective “Safe Drive” solutions for car parks. It is a real-time transport monitoring service that helps to control fuel consumption, receives data on speed, driving manner, a sharp acceleration, braking, and also data on engine speed. OMNICOMM Online Safe Drive helps to significantly reduce this cost and to raise the driver’s discipline. 

                              Today company’s branches are represented in Brasil, Mexico, India, Africa, some EU, and Middle East countries with headquarters in Moscow, Russia. There are more than 2000 partners in 112 countries using OMNICOMM Online technology.


                              Creating 3D Animated Video for Omnicomm Online


                              How to Increase Lead Conversion for IT Company with just One Animated Explainer Video

                              When you need continuously to engage and communicate with your customers in order to increase sales results, an animated explainer video can be an effective tool to gain customers and revenue. OMNICOMM Online has a clear understanding of video value and unlike the previous experience of live-action videos the company has decided to try a totally new approach and produce an animated explainer video as it would rightly fit into their strategy and because explainers are:

                              • Easy to update;
                              • Easy to customize and personalize;
                              • Engaging;
                              • It gives a better topic understanding irrelevant of cultural references. 

                              Having created an informative landing page OMNICOMM Online needed a trigger that would help to boost the conversion rate. An animated explainer video is a perfect selling trigger that can be easily used for the following work in finding a new targeted audience and can be a perfect video guide that explains all necessary information in detail.  


                              Machines in 3D Corporate Video


                              And that is the way we have done a 3D animated explainer video.

                              • Step 1 we showed the main pain-points and their consequences
                              • Step 2 offered a solution 
                              • Step 3 described the working process and interface 
                              • Step 4 designated advantages of using Save Drive  

                              Both landing page and explainer video were translated into 4 languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian. This way a company can embrace all countries with a target audience using only 2 instruments that not only informs and engages but brings more traffic to a website. Sending a web link via any messenger potential customers all over the world can get a quick and simple idea about OMNICOMM Online service and make a swift decision. 

                              It is important to say that video was not produced for any external use, like social media, PR-articles, offline advertisement, etc. Its main goal is to be an explainer presentation that is used to attract and inform new partnerships.  

                              To our mind, this project is a bright example of joint collaboration with excellent results. A 60-second 3D animated explainer video is clear and understandable even without the additional voice over. 

                              Theck the ready 3D Animated Video for Omnicomm Online here.

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