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                              Educational Animated Explainer Videos

                              Educational Animated Explainer Videos

                              Educational animated explainer videos are a fun and entertaining way to communicate complex concepts and sensitive topics more efficiently by telling an engaging story that appeals to people of all ages. By incorporating explainer videos in the teaching or training process, teachers, adult educators, and corporate trainers are sure to achieve better outcomes when faced with slow learners. They are also a preferred method for learners to research and learn new information online.

                              Why Are Educational Video Effective?

                              Multiple studies show that people have an average attention span of only about 8 seconds. Usually, they become bored and uninterested in studies if they can’t see anything that can grab and hold their attention during this short period of time.

                              Use animated video effectively in teaching

                              Besides, research on instructional videos shows that viewer engagement with video content begins to decrease after the 6-minute mark. So it’s important to give instructions in short chunks, and this is how it is done in animated explainer videos.

                              Studies also reveal that the human brain can process visual information about 60,000 times faster than plain text. So no matter who you are trying to educate – small children, high school or college students, new hires at your company, or your staff, your audience will be able to better understand and retain the information if you use educational animated explainer videos during the teaching process.

                              E-learning animated videos are especially appealing to visual learners. But since animated explainer videos combine eye-catching graphics with voiceover and music, they stimulate both visual and auditory senses in the human brain and are more effective than text or infographics.

                              The process of learning from animated videos

                              Animated explainer videos are not just cartoons. Online explainer videos use images, audio, and music to convey an important message or tell a compelling story to viewers. They also evoke a positive emotional response in learners and help them stay motivated. They empower learners to learn at their own pace and gradually master their skills.

                              Online Learning Animation Videos: How Are They Used Today?

                              Educational explainer videos are short and catchy combinations of moving images, music, and audio. They are packed full of information about a specific topic or idea and are great for teaching abstract concepts that are beyond the realities and experiences of their students, especially when the data involves a lot of numbers and requires different graphs and charts to present it. But they are also a good format for introducing concepts that are practical that can be best explained step-by-step. Let’s take a look at some common use cases.

                              Teaching Science and Technology

                              When teaching science, the animation is the best format to quickly simplify abstract concepts, scientific phenomenon, and complicated processes and organize the important information in an engaging and memorable way. 2D motion graphics and whiteboard animations are commonly used in educational explainer videos to visualize a wide variety of science topics in biology, physics, medicine, engineering, IT, and more. But you may need to use 3D animation for a few complicating topics like surgery and machine details because these fields are detail-oriented and require good visualizations.

                              2D animations are also used to explain complex topics in psychology and social science in such fields as law, economics, and art, turning things that are hard to understand, boring, or sensitive into something easy, fun, and understandable. There is no need here to be precise about visuals, and the creators focus on storytelling, trying to bring unfamiliar topics closers to learners.

                              Animated Literary Works

                              Another use case is 2D and 3D animations of classic literary works. Such videos are often made for kids because, according to recent studies, animated literary stories that feature motion pictures are beneficial for developing language and literacy skills in the preschool age. They are also a fun way to get acquainted with serious classic literary works for mid-school and high-school students.

                              Training New Employees

                              Animated explainer videos are also commonly used in employee training. Oftentimes, some specific company’s policies and procedures can be hard to explain to new hires and if explained with text, they may require creating long how-to guides. An animated explainer video is an effective way to break down processes or sophisticated software and make them easier to learn. If you deliver this information in an explainer video, it will save you both time and money because you will be able to train your staff faster.

                              Educational Videos for Clients of Online Services

                              If your business offers an online service based on advanced technology, it may be challenging to explain to its users how exactly your service work and how they can take advantage of different features and functionalities. A series of animated explainer videos that cover different features of your service can be a good solution to educate your clients, provide them with easy step-by-step instructions, and save them tons of time and effort. And if you decide to add some new features to your service, it’s easy to edit your explainer videos and make the necessary changes to them.

                              In addition, animated explainer videos are incredibly versatile. They can be used across multiple media platforms for maximum effect. That means you can use your explainer video on your website, in your profiles on social media platforms, on webinars, and even offline in training sessions, seminars, or talks.

                              Final Word

                              Today, e-learning animation video has become a global trend because it offers the easiest and the fastest way to make lessons more engaging. Animated explainer videos are ideal for explaining the most complex concepts. They are not only entertaining to watch, but they also help learners comprehend complex subjects and retain information.

                              The girl is studying on the Internet - educational animated videos

                              Explainer videos have shown some amazing positive results in e-learning, so you should definitely think about investing in them if you are planning to create an online course for kids and adults, train your employees about new technologies, or want to explain complex ideas about your products or online services to consumers.

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