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                              How animation can make your website cool and progressive (and why it will increase your income)

                              So you already use animation for your advertising, and it went great. Your product became more popular; customers are satisfied; all children want to be a character from your promotion on Halloween.

                              Could you be more happy?

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                              Maybe no (and I hope it’s your case), but maybe yes! Let’s imagine – something’s wrong: say sales are not going well, and business is not growing. And if you wonder why, let’s check the journey of your potential customer from the moment he saw the commercial.

                              First things first, the commercial involves the customer in researching the product. It may seem to be simple just like in the song of Ariana Grande – “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it”, but there’s missing an important point. The websites. It’s a place where the customer can get to know you better. He wants to find information quickly and easily, but also he is free to judge a book by its cover (read the product by its website). And he will be absolutely right.

                              The trendy design shows that you are following the trend along with a customer, convenient UX design shows that you care, and cool things on your website (such as animation 😉) keep the customer interacted until he is absolutely fascinated and buys the product.

                              Maybe the first thing you think about animation is full-screen movies, action, and colors, but it’s not just that. Animation is also small movements, something that appears every time you touch your smartphone. You may not even notice it, but it is what keeps your attention, and makes you feel involved and interested.

                              Let’s talk about it. But first, one crucial thing to remember – the aim of website animation shouldn’t be animation itself. It can be a cool little design trick, but you should understand how to make it work. Truly good animation is seamless, it’s smooth, and it doesn’t distract. It helps the user to get through the content easily and quickly, but it’s not the content itself.

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                              Why use animation on your website?

                              The main reason for using animation is to increase usability. Simple animations can guide your customer from one thing to another, and hint to him what is next. It could be a bouncing icon or words that pop up with instructions.

                              Here are a few examples for you about how these small tricks can improve the usability of your website:

                              • native communication showing how to navigate through the website;
                              • way to attract customers to the design in general;
                              • highlight specific clickable elements or warnings;
                              • increase the time customer spend on your website;
                              • develop emotional connection and engagement;
                              • better user experience;
                              • more professional look.

                              Of course, sometimes the goal of the animation is to create stunning visuals, and it aims to tell a story or interact with the user, creating a strong emotional connection. So even in that case, it’s not just a beautiful decoration, but also a powerful tool that keeps the customer engaged and attracted. But since it’s such a powerful tool you need to know how to use it.

                              *I couldn’t find it, so just imagine the gif from Harry Potter where someone messed up with the spell of the magic wand*

                              (This is also a good example of how your website would look like without animation)

                              There’s a quick checklist for you:

                              • What is your aim&goal?
                              • Should it guide the customer in the first place or more interact?
                              • Should it be simple or hilarious?
                              • If the second one – wouldn’t it affect the loading speed of your website?
                              • Which style would be a better match for my product, TOV, and image?
                              • Which effect should it have on the customer?
                              • Which studio I am going to contact immediately? 😉

                              Pros and cons

                              Let’s take a final look at the pros and cons of using animation in website design and skip to the part with cool animation techniques for your website, ’cause I’m sure you already want it!

                              Here’s a painless spoiler for you: there are more pros than cons.

                              • Animation can become a unique feature of your brand and emphasize the best things in your business. It also can help you to point out something you want the customer to pay attention to. By implementing animation on your website you change the brand perception, meaning that you earn credible authority and build trust with your client. Just a raw example: modern creative design not only looks better, but tells the customer that you are paying the attention to details, care about your image, and at least have money for a good representation.

                              You don’t want your website to look like this, don’t you?

                              Blinkee.com – An Example of Bad Web Design for March 16, 2015

                              • To be obvious (and a little bit primitive), to have a well-animated website is nice. It’s like having a cute dog, which makes you a very popular person in the park you usually go to. Almost the same.

                              An attractive website makes people stay for longer and revisit.

                              • It is well-known that eye-catching animation would engage users more than just a static picture on the screen. You will have more visitors and increase your popularity by interacting with users and making their journey through your website more interesting.

                              Considering the cons you should keep in mind two things:

                              1. Don’t let the animation get out of control – it shouldn’t distract the customer from your main message and the product.
                              2. Keep an eye on the technical side of animation. Cool visual effects might slow the loading speed of your website or make it not work properly. To avoid these things you should consult first.

                              I know you are already curious about animation techniques. Let’s explore a few of them from the basic easiest ones to more complicated ones.

                              Navigation is the most common animation. It provides a smoother user experience. The more hidden it is – the more trendy. It creates better access to the categories, which also helps to organize the information.

                              Hover animation is also widely used for a website. It provides feedback on users’ actions and improves the overall user experience by simplifying navigation.

                              Progression, in my opinion, is a very important one, as it depicts a loading time. Waiting could be frustrating for the user, so the progression animation helps to keep him engaged. Also, it’s a great opportunity to show your creativity, by demonstrating greatness in detail, and to eliminate negative user experience caused by long loading times.

                              Transition should make everything seem smooth and easy. If it’s cut and rough it may discourage the customer’s desire to look through different products or services.

                              Scrolling on your website should be definitely more interesting than scrolling news feed on Instagram. Smooth scrolling equals better customer experience and increased engagement.

                              Attractive scrolling animation is also a good solution for long reads, ’cause it could make the reading way more comfortable.

                              Dynamic background is a great effect for highlighting the content on your website and building an emotional connection with the customer.

                              Page Motion is the slight movements of the entire website background. It’s a big space for creativity and the whole range of visual effects, but try to keep it in balance and not overdo it.

                              Dynamic menu is also a crucial tool for navigation. It will seamlessly guide the customer and hint at relevant things.

                              Welcoming animation is what creates the “wow effect” and makes the first impression on you. It also could be a thing that helps to decide the customer whether to continue the journey or not.

                              Want a few good examples? Say no more! They are already here for you.

                              Species In Pieces

                              Species In Pieces literally describes its main stylistic device – triangular pieces to showcase 30 of the most curious, but endangered species. All triangular particles change shape and color in motion, showing you the next animal that should be provided with better, less dangerous environmental politics.

                              The animation receipt consists of JavaScript, CSS animation, and SVG shapes.


                              Genesis evokes all sorts of associations including something vaguely related to esoteric. But the presence of the word “eat” is your compass. Genesis is a website that promotes the whole view on eating habits — fast, casual dining with organic comfort food under the aegis of vegetarianism.

                              Highly creative single-page design, mouse-over micro-interaction design, and scroll-triggered animation effects make this page a real and rare masterpiece of website animation.


                              Kikk delivered an amazing landing page with animated hovers, a cursor and a bunch of micro-interactions. The background color is changing while you do your business with the cursor, providing a unique user experience.


                              As you can see, animation is a powerful tool that is used everywhere. Sometimes it pops up, enchants you, and makes an unforgettable first impression. But sometimes it is completely seamless, and you may not notice it until someone points it out. However, it affects you every day on social media, on TV, and in the cinema, and that is why it is so important to know how it works, and how it could be working for you!

                              Design matters. Animation design matters doubly!

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