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                              How To Use Explainer Videos To Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

                              One can make a never-ending list of necessities that are vital to the accomplishment of any business… That may include sales, customer engagement, customer satisfaction, conversions, revenue, profit, etc. But there is one characteristic that can be counted as the most important of all, and that is Customer Loyalty. If you don’t have that, what is the value of your business?

                              If you don’t have loyalty, all you have left is a poor number of followers who can easily jump from one business to another depending on who’s hotter right now. It can become a problem because every time you need to spend big budgets acquiring new customers rather than to keep existing ones. It goes without saying that existing customers always spend more money than new ones. So if you want to know how to be ahead of your competitors, how to ensure customers’ loyalty to your business, and why explainer videos can boost your business, please continue to read on down below.

                              The Customer Comes First

                              Every marketing specialist understands that customers value lies not in the product itself, but what it represents. If you are too caught up with the idea of describing the product, you should be prepared to get low conversion rates. So, if you want to be ahead of your competitors, you should always look at the product from a customer’s point of view. And this is where explainer videos come to the rescue.

                              No, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about the product, but you should find an interesting approach that will make the customer look at your product in a different way. The way to do that is to bring a simple solution to a problem via colorful and meaningful animated explainer videos. These help the viewer — your potential customer — to see the significance of your service or product.  Understanding your customers, being sympathetic to their unique problems, and understanding how your product solves those problems are the basics for creating a loyal customer following.

                              To demonstrate an in-depth understanding of user needs can be made through video content by making fascinating and educational, or promotional, animated videos, that can highlight the overall value of your product to customers. But, simply creating content isn’t enough, you need to be sure you’re ready to create content that works.

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                              What Kind of Content Works?

                              For the past few years, video marketing and video campaigns have gained in popularity among different businesses. As you can see from the HubSpot Analytics, Video Content takes third place among the most viewed content, along with Social Media Posts and News Articles.

                              Source: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/content-your-audience-actually-wants

                              Video is a format that really sparks interest among users. A lot of experts are stating that the video is very close to dominating the digital space. In fact, Cisco’s Visual Networking Index estimates that more than three-quarters of all internet traffic will come from videos by the year 2022; besides that, animated explainer videos can easily build a trustworthy foundation for high conversions and sales. Using explainer videos build long-term relationships with clients because it provides them with interesting and useful information—and, potentially, a sale.

                              Video Can Do It All

                              Animated Videos can engage people by playing on an emotional response. Due to these videos only being limited by the imagination, they can be worked into any type of marketing campaign for any type of company. Before choosing the correct type of video, it’s essential to conduct thorough customer and competitor analysis to fully understand what problems your customers are facing, and how they want these problems to be solved. You should also be aware of what your competitors propose and how your specific products or services could help to solve or ease these problems in a simpler way.

                              Explainer videos can show a step-by-step guide for your client, where he/she can find answers to all their “burning” questions about why they might want or need, your product. Bright pictures, moving animation and a professional voice over will intrigue the user, tell him an interesting story.

                              Creating animation - an article about customer loyalty

                              Video Targets Mobile Users

                              2019 is a year of mobile internet. Our phone is our laptop and notebook at the same time. We can work and entertain ourselves via our smartphones. Our whole life, our whole world is on the phone now. An average user spends an hour and a half on the phone for entertainment. And here is a more pressing statistic: 90% of consumers watch videos on their phone. Can you imagine what is the actual number of all people who are watching videos? And what of that is the percent of your target audience?

                              Regardless, that’s a lot of users, which means that you should seriously review your position on video marketing and how you can use explainer videos to your full advantage.

                              Smartphone users are more likely to pay attention to video adverts or other branded content than those watching TV or browsing the internet on laptops. Smartphone users are more interested in video content than those using the internet on other devices. The more users you cover, the more effective your brand recognition is. Animated videos can help you make it in an easy and simple way to attract a following, and directly affects your conversion and sales.

                              Darvideo Animated Studio has made hundreds of various explainer videos for different types of businesses. We know how to make it engaging and selling at the same time. We are eager to propose solutions for your marketing campaigns and sales. Feel free to contact us and ask for any additional info.

                              The first step to getting ahead of your competitors is to make a professional Explainer Video that can show the necessity of your product to a customer.

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                              How To Use Explainer Videos To Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors | Animated Explainer Video Production | Animation Company – Darvideo

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                              Fierce competition kills many new and developed enterprises. Only those companies live that are constantly evolving and working on themselves. Your option is effective for attracting new customers and demonstrating business. Animation is now at the peak of popularity.

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