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                              5 best videos we have made and why they work

                              5 best animated videos and why they work for business

                              This was an excellent year for our animation studio. We’ve provided our clients with videos that we feel proud about now. They were satisfied with the quality, creative decisions, and how the stories have been delivered.

                              We’ve often received orders that coincide with our values. Working on such projects give us lots of inspiration, and yet it is always a bit of a challenge – to find the right way of presenting the idea. Some things are better to show with motion design, while for the other simple animated video would work flawlessly. 3D animation was in trend, even though quite often people find 2D animation appropriate for their marketing strategy.

                              In looking back at the year, there are many videos we genuinely love working on. Each of these is one of our favorites. So we did not rank this list. That would have been much too difficult.


                              1. Generic Travel Bags

                              An innovative startup that increases sales in the airport Duty Frees.

                              This is a video we’ve made for our Switzerland client. It’s an animated explainer video that combines 2D animation with character animation. There are two versions – main that lasts 90 seconds and shorter – 30 seconds long. The production process took eight weeks.

                              Travel retail is spreading very fast. There is an interesting statistic that claims the next numbers: in 2016, 6.5 billion people traveled on planes. This strong performance is set to continue and by 2025. It means that 9.3 billion people will travel by using airline companies. It is natural to presume that the increasing number of passengers will open up more opportunities for sales. But in reality, it goes another way around. There are several reasons why sales are growing slower even though the number of passenger becoming bigger.

                              The significant issue and source of uncomfortable conditions in travel for many passengers is the inability to carry. Only 10% of shoppers in the airport use a shopping basket.

                              Duty-Free innovation has taken on this challenge and developed two unique products, both custom-designed for the travel retail business. It is called The Travel Basket, which is very light and practical attaches itself to the passengers’ own trolley bag. The basket is dismissing the main problem with purchasing while you travel – the issues connected to carrying stuff. The Travel Bag is an ideal way to transport goods without any additional issues.

                              We had a great pleasure working on this video, mainly because it is efficient innovation for travel retail. We have been able to provide our clients with illustrative graphic materials that clearly show why their product is necessary, and how it can make purchasing easier during the travels.

                              It is always pleasurable to work with the projects that are on the same page with our values and principles. Last year we were extremely happy to work with many innovative brands that are trying to make the world a better place to live and focus on small, but essential things. Explanatory videos for creative projects is always a bit of a challenge to make.


                              2. Organic Architecture

                              A new organic and functional approach to Space Design and thinking.

                              One of such projects was Organic Architecture from Ukraine. The company insisted on the importance of space we spend our lives surrounded by. The environment has an enormous impact on how we feel, how we act, it also can make our mental health weaker or stronger. Inconveniences and poor aesthetics are dangerous for people who spend most of their lives in such buildings. Organic architecture seems to be an alternative approach to making workspace. The company is encouraging people to change their office environment to things from organic materials. It is inexpensive to master.

                              Functional and formal design not only different in their cores but affect our lives differently. To notice what kind of impact these two types of environments have on us is to distinguish what causes good and what is better to avoid.

                              It took us ten weeks to make this video. This is a 2D animation video with a set of characters. We have created a script for the idea, storyboard, illustration, and animation itself.

                              We loved working on this project because the main idea behind it is to push the boundaries of what we used to experience around us. Stepping away from the familiar environment could be a way of discovering new sources of energy for good living.


                              3. Attabin

                              Attabin is an eco-friendly project that helps to keep the planet clean and avoid plastic pollution.

                              Our Californian clients, as we are very anxious about plastic pollution. It’s a global problem that haunted us wherever we are. Attabin – an eco-friendly project that draws attention to the ways that could help people to solve the problem. To reduce plastic pollution and generally harmful impact on the planet is easier than we might think. Attabin links global and local thinking. They are in great relation to each other, and small everyday action is what makes our living here better or worse.

                              It is not a lament about the state of ecology in general, but actually a way of approaching the problem.

                              The video lasts 60 seconds. The animation, a script, and a storyboard took us 12 weeks to make. This video is persuasively and lightly shows how to make the difference.

                              This video is full of restless energy that also belonged to the brand.


                              4. For Special You

                              Individually made shampoo for women

                              Individually made shampoo for women is an interesting, innovative approach to make beauty products. “For special You” beauty startup focusing on developing custom shampoos for women. The reason for making shampoo that consists of natural components is quite apparent, and yet a few brands turned to this. It is common for luxury brands’ beauty products to lead to unpresentable appearance. The shampoo is entirely on a sulfate-free basis which is what makes this product safe for the hair.

                              It’s an ever going subject for every girl – to figure out how to take care of hair, to keep it both beautiful and healthy. Finding an appropriate tool for that is not an easy task though. The lack of harmful ingredients is what makes this shampoo so great.

                              “For special, You” is the first personalized cosmetics in Ukraine. We were delighted to make an explainer video for the company. The production process was going for six weeks.

                              Explainer video cost differs accordingly to the goal the brand is following. Before start working on a particular video, we want to know everything that the client is expecting from us. During the process of making the video, we always let the client make suggestions about the aspects of the video that might look differently.


                              5. Safe Drive

                              Software for transport control and cost reduces in logistics companies.

                              Safe driving nowadays is an important topic. We have many issues that need to be fixed in order to reach a higher level of safety for drivers and passengers. People’s health and life are often at danger due to the driver’s behavior. It is helpful to measure and to monitor how the drivers act on the road through the app called Omnicomm Online.

                              An explainer video on the subject of monitoring drivers’ behavior we’ve made Omnicomm online. It’s a fully-featured Fleet Management Software that helps to increase safety on the roads. The program gives a customer complete control over a vehicle no matter where the client is. It was vital for us to make this video visually easy and pleasant to perceive.

                              The module has been made to increase safety on the roads for drivers and pedestrians. How does it work? All the data that is defined by drivers acting on the road is collecting. It includes the driving style, engine speed, manners, and ways of approaching challenging situations on the road. Based on the data, the program makes ratings.

                              It’s also led to cost reduction. Drivers would avoid paying extra money for damages from accidents, saving on insurance, car repair, etc.

                              Many ideas have to be pushed to their outer reaches and beyond. Our conviction is next: the best way to do this is animation. The animation is a very flexible medium that can easily talk on a variety of topics – from beauty products to the global ecology problem.

                              Our team that consists of professionals with experience of working in a creative industry always finds new ways of getting better of what we do. It is our priority to come up with a unique approach to every client and the ideas we need to embody.

                              Not even once we’ve deviated from the course of our work values – to provide clients with the best animation, script, and storyboard that could help to articulate the ideas and thoughts essential for the brands’ messages to the world.

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                              Tom Noitose 25.06.2022 at 22:15

                              This is one of your best works of those times, beautiful animation, but now you already have better food.

                              Stuart Bredman 12.08.2022 at 22:34

                              Another portion of inspiration is provided I am writing this comment Have not looked at your article yet, but I am already sure of it.

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