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                              If Not YouTube, Then What? Great Analog Platforms That Are Right For Your Business

                              YouTube is a great platform, but  there are plenty of other platforms where you can promote your business. We want to talk about some of the coolest ones we’ve found.

                              Today, YouTube is still the most popular video platform.

                              And it is quite justified. Existing since 2004, more than two billion users visit it monthly, and the platform’s annual revenues exceed $6 billion . But with increasing popularity, the cost of advertising and services on the platform also rise. Since they changed their resource edition policy, it has become tougher, so you should think carefully before publishing dubious content. Also, YouTube has no narrow specialization, so if you want to advertise your line of clothing for example, YouTube will not help with this.

                              For convenience, we compared various video platforms with YouTube according to the following criteria: video duration, counting views, statistics, tools for advertising and content, quality of downloaded content, and paid content.


                              It is a video platform that is famous for beautiful content.

                              Vimeo has a very concise design and a minimum of extraneous noise, so when you are watching video, notifications and ads will not distract you. Vimeo is good for its quality content, in contrast to the entertaining nature of YouTube. 35% of users are Americans.

                              A cool feature of the platform is the stock content. There are many different videos that you can buy and then use for your work. All such videos are no more than 20 seconds long and are of high quality.

                              If you want to develop and create a high-quality movie, Vimeo is a perfect platform to share your work and inspire others. The resource is suitable for recording juicy videos, such as music videos, travel blogs, or arthouse short films.


                              Twitch is a professional streaming platform, but it also has the saving streams function. On the service, you can relate your product, see comments, statistics and even make a subscription to the channel be paid.

                              By the way, for convenience, you can download Twitch to your computer, there are versions for Windows and Mac.

                              The video platform audience are gamers, developers of games, applications and other digital entertainment. So, if you want to review a new application, or like to stream gameplay, then Twitch is for you.


                              If not YouTube, then definitely Dailymotion. The platform has a similar interface and set of functions, so you quickly get used to it. But unlike YouTube, Dailymotion is more concise and more pleasant to use.

                              On the resource, all the videos are sorted into main categories. Download videos in HD quality is possible only with a paid subscription and the time limit for such videos is only sixty minutes. And when you subscribe, you get an expanded set of tools for analysis to properly build brand development.

                              Dailymotion is popular with magazines, clothing brands, and cultural projects. The platform is suitable for publishing creative videos, interviews, videos about fashion and art, reviews on a variety of topics.


                              It is a professional video-hosting service for music videos. Today, more than four hundred  thousand videos have been uploaded to the platform and monthly visits reach 1 billion users. This is a treasure for those who want to enjoy an endless repository of music videos and promote their creativity.

                              The platform is associated with other video hosting services, and many videos are duplicated on YouTube or firetv.

                              Unlike other platforms, you can’t upload your videos for free here, but you can easily fix this by subscribing to the platform. You can also upload videos to the host in high quality and without time limits. It is worth considering  that in many countries of Eastern Europe the platform is not available.

                              Vevo is an exclusively commercial narrow direction platform suitable for clip makers and performers.


                              Instagram surprised everyone by launching its streaming platform called IGTV.

                              Using a smartphone, you can download a movie for up to fifteen minutes, and through a computer – up to sixty. All videos open in vertical orientation. This format was chosen based on the fact that this platform is purely for smartphones.

                              IGTV is suitable for you if you want to share life hacks, advertise goods and you already have a large audience on Instagram.

                              Selection of looks, cosmetics, life hacks, a brief overview of new products in the world of technology or a video about the company, and these are all IGTV formats.

                              In addition to IGTV, stories and videos on Instagram are still quite popular. On January 31, 2019, Mark Zuckerberg shared information that over five hundred  million users a day view Instagram Stories posts.


                              Since we have touched the video sites of other social networks, then it’s also worth talking about Facebook. In 2016, the company was in a race with YouTube launched Facebook Live and Facebook 360 Video. The resource allows you to record stories, live broadcasts and just upload videos.

                              The main advantage of Facebook is its huge built-in audience. According to company reports, its number is almost 1.8 billion users (which is the highest rate in the world) and continues to grow steadily.

                              An important feature of the social network is that the videos are launched automatically in the user’s feed without sound. On the one hand, this is a great way to interest the viewer, encourage him to view it further, on the other hand, silent playback must now be taken into account when you are creating a video.

                              Video durationVideo qualityCounting viewsStatisticsAdd and content toolsPRO
                              YouTubeNo4KYesYesYes$4 /month
                              DailymotionNo1080NoPaid functionPaid function$100
                              Vimeo60 min4KPaid functionPaid functionPaid function$20/month
                              VevoNo4KPaid functionPaid functionPaid functionYes
                              IGTV15 min from phone 60 min from computer1080YesYesPaid functionNo
                              TwitchTVNo1080YesYesPaid function$7/month


                              Metacafe is perhaps YouTube’s most ardent competitor in content. You can upload videos up to ninety seconds on the site, so the resource is clearly not suitable for streamers. Metacafe is what you need for live content. And according to statistics, about forty million unique viewers visit the resource every month. This is a pretty good figure, given that the platform is in direct competition with YouTube.

                              By the way, a fun feature of Metacafe is earnings. The resource provides two ways: view videos and upload your own. If, for example, you want to earn on views, you are offered to watch short videos. After you finish viewing, you need to enter a captcha, after which money will be credited to your account. Publishing your own videos is the same earnings scheme as on YouTube. With the Producer Reward Affiliate Program, you can get up to $5 per 1,000 views of your video.


                              Today, Snapchat allows you to post about ten seconds of video, but many popular users put together several videos and images to tell interesting stories. However, these stories, like everyone else on Snapchat, disappear twenty-four hours after loading. Despite this feature, many brands have achieved great success on this platform.

                              The company has an extensive active user base. About 158 million use Snapchat daily, about 2.5 billion users are registered.

                              The target audience of the company are teenagers. According to statistics, 57 million Americans use this application, 85% of which are users 13-14 years old.

                              9Gag TV

                              If you use Facebook or Twitter, then you’ve met 9Gag brand one hundred percent. The channel provides a lot of entertainment in the form of images, GIFs, memes and much more, but here everything is getting better. 9Gag TV is a section where a large number of videos are posted, mainly for entertainment purposes.

                              The platform is perfect if you want to develop your blog, like jokes or have the dream of becoming a famous prankster. 230 million people visit the platform monthly and this is a pretty good indicator.


                              Veoh is another great alternative to YouTube, and besides providing a clean interface for potentially millions of users, it has many benefits. Firstly, you can download any video of any length, which means that here for content creators there is a “no delay” situation.

                              Secondly, there are many social features that will allow you to start sharing your content with friends and other people, and if they like your content, your popularity will grow exponentially.

                              The platform is not particularly popular among Americans – only 23%.


                              This can be a very unexpected platform, but Flicker also allows you to upload content in the form of video, even if it will be in a very limited amount. It is a recognized platform with several features, but there is always room for improvement. Flickr will allow you to create a free account, but this is limited to downloading videos with a time limit of only ninety seconds.

                              However, if you can ignore this fact, then there is no doubt that this YouTube alternative will become your favorite in the shortest possible time.


                              In addition to the fact that Myspace was once a popular social network, it’s still a great platform for video content. An excellent resource that wins in several ways at once. You can publish on the resource high-quality videos, and downloading and conversion are very fast.

                              Myspace leads in the 10 most popular video resources in the United States. Today, this social network is steadily losing its users, and currently about 25 million people are registered in the social network.

                              Video durationVideo qualityCounting viewsStatisticsAdd and content toolsPRO
                              Snapchat10 sec.1080YesYesNoPaid filters
                              9Gag TVNo4kNoNoNoNo
                              Flickr1.30 min4KYesNoYes$50/year

                              We told you only about twelve platforms, which are the best in our opinion. But there exist many more hosts and sites. Below we have collected a small selection of resources that have the largest American audience. These resources are different from what we described, but nonetheless quite popular.

                              Viddler – Americans make up just over 44% of users.

                              LiveLeak – Americans make up about 41% of users.

                              MegaVideo – Resource users are concentrated in the USA.

                              Break – More than 60% of users are Americans, which also distinguishes this resource from the total mass.

                              Video.Yahoo.com. – Almost 50% of users are Americans.

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                              Good question. Other platforms are normally very niche. One of those we use is Vimeo. It works good for showcasing your videos.

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                              Did anyone use vimeo or IGTV for hoston animated videos and real-life videos? any thoughts?

                              It is unwise nowadays to rely on only one YouTube platform. It is necessary to develop, so it is very appropriate to read.

                              Thank you with our entire team for the compiled list. We are looking for good platforms for accommodation and you have helped us in this

                              The YouTube platform remains the most popular at the moment, from this list. But we do not know what changes will happen over time.

                              For me, YouTube remains the best platform, no matter what. Most advantages and pros, I recommend

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