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                              Simple Video Guide: How To Boost Your YouTube Channel

                              Simple Video Guide: How To Boost Your YouTube Channel

                              • The total number of people who use YouTube – 1,300,000,000.
                              • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!
                              • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.
                              • YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day.

                              Video in the article Boost YouTube Channel

                              These are mind-blowing YouTubestats of 2019 and translates to a gigantic quantity of video content that  is being consumed online each day. But you might wonder why YouTube and developing YouTube channel is so important?

                              What it boils down to is that YouTube is a one-stop, easy-to-use platform where users can find any type of information they need.

                              Interesting fact: Videos or video manuals entitled as “How to make”, “How to use” etc. has grown in searches at over 70% in a year.

                              Whenever somebody needs to know information, fact-check it, or find out how to do this and that—YouTube is an ultimate search tool that businesses can’t afford to ignore.

                              Video content allows brands to show clients their quick responses to various questions. Whenever a brand/company provides any useful information about its goods and services, it helps them to win loyalty and boost sales. It goes without saying that YouTube is an essential, genuine and limitless platform that helps to build, and create, informative, educating and trustworthy relations between business/company/private person and its audience.

                              But where to start? And what to do? In this brief guide, we will focus on four key factors that will help you to recognize the fundamentals of video content for your business.

                              Let’s have a closer look at this stage with an example of three well-known companies: Zoom, Samsung and HubSpot. 


                              Brand Video explainers are used by successful and startup companies alike to reach their audience and advertise themselves. If you want to affect consumers, make sure your channel is ready for it, as even the most useful and visually spectacular video won’t reach the audience if you fail to use it.

                              In order for your channel to work successfully, you should have a well-defined brand strategy that can easily affect all aspects of a business, what is more important—it is directly connected to consumer needs, his emotions, and competitive environments as well.

                              Now, let’s have a look at was is Brand Strategy.

                              Spoiler alert: it is not just the color of your product, its logo, website, or name.

                              Your brand is something more than just a service or product. It is about what it represents and how important it is to a client.

                              Zoom channel description 

                              Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform.  Our solution offers the best video, audio and screen-sharing experience across Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Zoom Rooms conference system, and H.323/SIP room systems. 

                              Zoom is more than just a brand — it’s a community and experience, where every user can become a part of it.

                              Many giant companies have been constantly uploading new videos to Youtube. The videos can be of different kinds, showing various topics and aspects of a company and its lifestyle. Not only does it boost the number of subscribers, but it makes it interesting to follow. Do not try to focus on the product—focus on what it can bring your users; in other words, how it can affect their lives and its main purpose.

                              Zoom Youtube Playlist is divided into multiple categories where each contains topic-related videos. It is easy to find and easy to orient around what kind of information is important to watch at this very moment.

                              Zoom channel

                              Make it noticeable

                              Channel Icon is a term used to describe something that makes your brand stand out from others, and is generally something that becomes visually synonymous with the company. The icon must be clear and be high quality. It can be a timely banner, that highlights featured content for the month or some image with simple text that can be easily memorized.

                              Simple, but bright and vivid, the Zoom logo components make it easy to memorize and describes the company’s service that indicates Zoom as a video conferencing software.

                              All you need to know about the brand is represented in its simple, two-color logo.

                              Zoom - article Boost YouTube Channel

                              Once you have a motto—you need to play it off. Make sure that it fits as many social situations as possible. The more general it is, the more content you can create for various entertaining, explainer and animated videos. Just keep in mind that your brand is meant to be a great experience and a part of the modern lifestyle.

                              Zoom differentiates itself as revolutionary for the way teams can communicate between each other using various laptops or mobile devices, coming face-to-face like they are in the same room. The highest video and audio quality, an easy-to-use interface builds trust and engagement. This helps to transform the regular communication experience. So whatever video you see, you get to know more info about the brand: its essence and possibilities, created to solve daily communication routine between employees, staff and TOP-management.

                              Channel Art

                              The same way that a channel icon can be an integral representation of your brand, the channel art on your homepage can further communicate about yourself to your audience. Working like a banner, this gives you a space to tie in other characteristics of your brand.

                              YouTube Channel Art

                              You can explore on visually presenting your tone, personality, and the niche you are tapping into. You can start experimenting on how to reflect these elements by going through this collection of Canva YouTube channel art templates.


                              Make you sure your channel has Cards. Usually, it appears in the top right corner of the video and is available on both mobile and desktop devices, giving an opportunity to push your viewers toward other videos, channels, polls, and so on. By clicking on the Card, the viewer discovers five new video options to explore about your product.

                              You can use it to your full advantage, as it is another way to make a user journey around your channel.

                              Video on YouTube - an article about the promotion of the YouTube channel


                              Watermark is your intellectual property and important branding inclusion. Moreover, it allows viewers to subscribe to your channel without leaving the video window.

                              Pro Tip: while settling on a watermark design, make a design few experiments: test colors, shapes and overall variants because they can significantly increase the performance of your watermark.

                              An example is the Samsung watermark. As a rule, companies use the same logo style they use for similar purposes, depending on videos general background. If you find your background is dark, make sure the watermark logo is the opposite, bright colors and is easily noticeable.

                              Video on YouTube

                              Channel Trailer

                              Channel Trailer is an essential part of branding strategy as it provides your audience with quick, high-energy, entertaining clips, and gives unsubscribed viewers a general notion about your brand, channel’s content, and inclusive experience. It is also used to promote various events, services and new products.


                              It is all about audience. Your main goal— real users, organically attracted. If you are looking for easy ways, prepare budgets and not a very impressive result. What you are really looking for is for organic traffic that slowly, but surely, finds their way to you on their own. Keep in mind that this kind of approach pays off, especially on Youtube.

                              Simultaneous Work

                              It means that you should be focusing both on strengthening the relationship with your existing audience, and be constantly finding ways to attract new subscribers. This balance helps to maintain your subscriber base, open up opportunities for new subscribers, and foster a community around your content all at the same time.

                              !!! One of the most difficult stages is to get those first one thousand subscribers !!!

                              Examine and differentiate all the possible topics you can publish. Do some research and find the most-watched videos with similar content. Learn the numbers and audiences’ reaction (comments, likes, dislikes etc.).

                              It is really important to analyze the results of every published video on your channel. A disciplined approach will help you to add new subscribers and produce high-quality content.

                              Step-by-step Plan

                              Schedule. At the very beginning, it might seem that video rotation is not important. In reality, as soon as you have a schedule, not only you can prepare material but by sticking to a regular video release schedule that will help you to build viewership by setting your audience’s consumption expectations and giving them a reason to come back to your channel. One may find it challenging, but if you are looking for a good result, it is critical. Just make a simple plan where each day is dedicated to a definite topic which helps to work on the following scripts.

                              !!! Don’t forget to announce it via the channel trailer!!!

                              If you want people to subscribe to your channel,  to ask.

                              Feel free to invite unsubscribed viewers to stick around your channel by subscribing via the link in the description or the watermark in the right lower corner of every video. Also, many channels coin a name for their subscribers in order to create a sense of exclusivity and community.

                              Homepage Sections

                              Use the YouTube homepage customization to your advantage. There are various sections that allow you to group related videos together, making it easier for viewers to identify the types of video content you offer. Numerous channels use sections to highlight their best video content towards the top of their homepage—it can be most-liked videos, most-viewed videos, etc. This approach is also very valuable as it allows viewers to stop hunting down the next video, but can easily find it in a marked section.

                              Boost YouTube Channel

                              !!!  Use the YouTube Analytics tool to help you determine the videos that drive the most subscriptions. Then, add these videos to a playlist that can be featured at the top of your channel homepage!!!


                              YouTube’s robust search and discovery system has two key goals:

                              • 1) An easy way to find relevant video content for viewers based on their queries.
                              • 2) Promotes long-term engagement with the platform.

                              YouTube’s engines work around the clock analyzing, sorting, and ranking videos based on a number of factors. There are over 400 hours of video being uploaded to the platform a minute—therefore search filters are constantly changing and improving. If you are aware of traditional SEO practices for ranking content in Google, this should come as no surprise.

                              YouTube explains: “Videos are ranked based on a variety of factors including how well the title, description, and video content match the viewer’s query. Beyond that, we look at which videos have driven the most engagement for a query, and make sure it’s easy for viewers to find those. Search results are not a list of the most-viewed videos for a given query.”

                              Now here is more detailed information about these indicators:

                              Much like Google’s search engine, YouTube finds the best-fit videos based on the query a user inputs into the search box. Written video elements, such as the title and description, are factored into that ranking, as well as engagement metrics such as the number of times viewed, as this signals that other users have found the content valuable enough to watch it all the way through.

                              Video Titles & Descriptions

                              Start your video with a specific keyword in mind. If you are ready to invest the time and resources into creating a video, make sure there’s going to be demand for that video. Using such things like intriguing your audience with the unfamiliar terms, you will create a demand to watch it fully. Try to craft a video description that includes the keyword in an obvious, yet natural way.

                              Even if you are using simple and plain text, it is always better to outline the key points in the video description. This way, the user will focus on the main topic and will also see not only hear the important info you are trying to present or describe in the video.

                              Make sure the video title represents its essence. Once the user has read the title, they have some content expectations based on the name. Don’t waste time on unnecessary thoughts and info—go straight to the point.

                              To bring more power to your words, it is always better to use infographics along with a general video.

                              Video on YouTube - Boost YouTube Channel article

                              A video’s general description should emphasize its main idea and what is   outlined in the video. The more intriguing the text, the better it is.

                              Video on YouTube

                              Categories & Tags

                              Categories and tags are two elements which is implemented by YouTube to help channels get their videos in front of the right audience—an audience that is interested in the content the channel is creating.

                              “In order to optimize a channel, it is helpful to conduct research to understand what is popular within a content category. One way to start this process is to look at other YouTube channels within the same category. Think about the channel category or how someone would describe the channel you’re working with, enter this information into the YouTube search bar, and filter by channel. Start niche and then broaden your search accordingly to see larger themes,” advises the YouTube Creators Academy.

                              Make sure your channel is a comfort zone, where the info is divided into logical categories that can be easily found within several clicks. Naming the categories makes it intuitive and easy to find.

                              Types of videos on the YouTube platform


                              Just like categories, Tags help viewers to find your video content. You may add them during the upload process, but since 2012 they are not shown to the public because:

                              • most users weren’t interacting with them
                              • many users were abusing the use of video tags.

                              SRT Files

                              Make sure you are doing the maximum approach by making videos accessible to a large audience such as utilizing subtitles and closed captions – deaf or hard of hearing viewers, as well as those who don’t speak your default language, can easily watch your videos too.

                              !!! 2/3 of a channel’s views come from outside the creator’s home country!!!

                              Video on YouTube - article Boost YouTube Channel

                              Video Thumbnails

                              It is the main image audiences see when scrolling through a results page —and it can have an important impact on the number of clicks and views your video receives. Make sure it also contains the name or the main motto, and has a nice and attractive view according to the topic.


                              At some point one may think that this is too hard and too difficult to do. In reality — it is all so much easier when:

                              • You have a goal;
                              • You have a lot of info the world needs to know;
                              • You have an A-class explainer animated video that can boost your views, audience and sales.

                              Darvideo Animated Studio is a professional Explainer Video Company.

                              Our goal is to help brands communicate with their clients and explain complicated ideas of their services and products in a clear and approachable way.

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