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                              Text Versus Video – Or, Maybe, Both?

                              Text Versus Video – Or, Maybe, Both?

                              Probably, now and the day it is impossible to live without seeing (intentionally or unintentionally) at least one video clip. YouTube confidently takes the well-deserved position of one of the most visited sites, and it is here that most of the videos of the most diverse nature “live”. Almost on any website, you can stumble upon the presentation with video: this is how guides, reviews, webinars and much more are made out. And merely every expert evokes the question: visual content vs text – what’s more appropriate today?

                              Everyone admit the simple video in 2-3 minutes can convey to the viewer a lot of information. To assimilate the same information might need hours of reading. We have prepared for you a list of reasons why video is better than text.

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                              What are the reasons for video popularity

                              • The main reason for the enormous success of the video is in the brain of people. It is possible to understand the meaning of the image in just 1/10 second – this is the same as reading 200-250 words. About 80% of the information is memorized by the average person from the video, 20% from the text and only 10% of the incoming information is memorized by ear. By the way, more than 70% is perceived visually. In this case, the videos look good with motion animation – they are colorful and entertaining. Though video & text used in the same product is a great deal!
                              • Video – more informative than the text itself. On average, 1 minute of video can replace 2 thousand words. At the same time, unlike photos, videos are much more informative – you can not only demonstrate, but also describe the product or service. If the text or photo covers only one of the ways to demonstrate the process/phenomenon, then the video is their combination. Videos are perfect for lessons, descriptions of scientific discoveries, or abstract things.
                              • The effectiveness – 60% of users watch a video before reading the text on a web page. The average visitor spends about 48 seconds on the site. However, if a video is posted on a page, the user is delayed up to 5:50 minutes. This means that the video more than 5.3 times more effectively retains users than the text!
                              • Domination in the marketing world – 60% of videos that are viewed are animated marketing videos about products and services. The probability of buying goods with video ads increases by 85%. 92% of B2B customers watch videos online. According to the latest research, the use of the word “video” in a mailing list increases open ability by 19%, transitions by 65% and helps to reduce the unsubscribe by 26%. Moreover, 34% of users are more inclined to make an order or purchase after watching a video. Using that fact take note that text over videos gave the widened opportunity.
                              • Mobile traffic increase – as early as February 2016, 45.3% of views accounted for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). In 2015, this figure was 34.8%, which indicates rapid growth in mobile traffic. Viewers from desktop devices linger on video for an average of 2 minutes, while mobile users are more patient!
                              • Search abilities – from top 100 Google searches, video results are 70%. Google, Bing and other search engines made video a key variable in the search formula. Therefore, the likelihood of landing-page on the first page of Google search is 53 times higher due to the placement of the video.

                              Some prognoses: Cisco Inc. diagnosed such a statistic that the volume of video traffic in 2018 will increase to the level of 79%, and in 2020 that data will become even more considerable – up to 81%.

                              Different aspects of video in the article "Text Versus Video"
                              Though you shouldn’t discount the text influence – the readers are the most progressive part of humanity. The best way is to combine videos with text.

                              That is actually realized in many ways – through text animation videos, infographics video, explainer videos where the text is writing with animation means in the plot. There are lots of them! If you ask, how to make a video with text, we have a simple answer for you – there are, of course, lots of methods of creating such videos yourself, but the real efficiency and countable result are the backwashes of professional work. So, better involve pros for the great result’s achieving.

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                              Henry Marous 07.08.2021 at 12:37

                              Everyone is extremely busy now, there is little free time left. Therefore, the best video format for learning new information. So faster

                              Flat Dericks 07.08.2021 at 12:38

                              The video really works better. But you need to write a text to it, just as interesting. Paradox!

                              Aaron Young 07.08.2021 at 12:38

                              Animated videos are definitely more interesting than just dry text.

                              Mary Ionda 18.07.2022 at 22:09

                              Nire material

                              Diego Firbneta 19.07.2022 at 07:45

                              Video is also not complete without good text.

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