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                              Social media video trends in 2021

                              The unexpected and long-term lockdown that happened in 2020 has shown the real identity of things and their value. Being locked at home all of us had to search for options for entertainment and one of the most popular options – is watching videos. Interviews, DIY, how-its-done, and plenty of other videos have been watched at the same time by all of us. 

                              Brands also didn’t waste their time. Since literally every business – well, every business that managed to survive – went online, the statistics here also changed. Don’t rush into amazement, everything is quite expected – video as a marketing tool is the main power right now. As it was when lockdown only started. 

                              But how did it affect business? 

                              A few statistics at the beginning: 

                              In 2019, the share of companies using video as a marketing tool reached 87% (Wyzowl), and it was clear that video views and their effectiveness will be constantly growing (Cisco predicts that by 2022, the video will account for 82% of all traffic on the Internet). 

                              Lockdown only increased that tendency. Let’s take a look at some general statistics on video:

                              51% of marketing professionals around the world name video as the type of content with the best ROI; 90% of online marketers prefer to use video content; The most popular types of video in 2021 include explainer videos (72%), presentation videos (49%), testimonial videos (48% ), video ads (42%). Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than those who use other types of content; 85% of marketers claim that video has helped them generate leads

                              Quite fascinating on the one hand, and completely obvious on the other. Why? It was a long time ago since marketers figured out that video, images, and visual information overall are much better for online consumption than text. 

                              What does it mean? Only one thing: it’s high time to incorporate streams, video podcasts, explainer videos, and animated explainer videos into the marketing strategy of any business. Yes, that is what brands do today more than ever. Even if the world will completely open again without any hint of a global pandemic, video won’t lose its power.

                              Clients need content – give it to them 

                              But what video formats that we already know will continue to play an important role in the market in the coming years? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

                              Vertical videos 

                              In the next five years, Generation Z and the youngest millennials will become the main customers for many brands, so you need to learn how to communicate with them now. And the main platform for interacting with young people is, of course, mobile devices. One more time: lockdown has increased that tendency and even deepened it.

                              Vertical animation videos 

                              Business Insider research suggests that the Zetas check Instagram (65%), YouTube (62%) and Snapchat (51%), and of course TikTok and Facebook daily. So you can confidently include it in the list of social networks of the future. 

                              Vertical videos sell and build awareness, and most importantly, they tell a story in a modern language that even giants like YouTube have to adapt to. So we can assume that brands will launch more mobile-first content shortly. Actually, it is already happening. More and more brands are turning to mobile video content. 

                              Of course, most of the videos have been highlighted through social media. Naturally, we have to look for stats on how video marketing worked during this year in the main social media. Let’s start with Instagram.

                              Instagram popularity statistics

                              What about the king of video, its main hosting platform? Here goes:

                              YouTube Stats

                              What about Facebook?

                              Facebook statisticsExplainer Videos and Animated Explainer Videos 

                              Did you know that Explainer videos are in TOP 3 Effective Video Types with a 55% rate? 

                              Explainer videos are short, animated videos that explain a general idea in less than 90 seconds. Do you even need more? It is proven that to get convinced in the product people usually need from 30-to 90 seconds. 

                              They’re interesting to watch and more importantly, they are straightforward. Using a simple and clear message, attractive visuals, and easy content – these types of videos quickly grab the audience’s attention. It can be informative, educational, or entertaining: it describes what your company offers, how it’ll help your customers with their specific problems, and why the product or service your company offers is the best possible option so far, and yet again, it does all of that in just a few seconds.

                              Why so? it is simple: users will always trust other users more than brands – for example, looking for reviews and looking at reviews before purchasing an item. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to user-generated content, which is highly trusted by customers.

                              According to Rocketium Academy statistics, one in four users will search YouTube for a product review before buying on the Internet.

                              And Telescope’s report shows that videos created by users get 10 times more views than those posted by brands.

                              This is a good reason to start stimulating and encouraging your audience to create content about you and your product. One of the ways to integrate user-generated content is by creating animated explainer videos about your company and what kind of services you provide. Do not use explainers to tell about yourself – use them to show problems you help to solve. Show your value. Not only it motivates users to contact you but it also helps to build trust in your brand/product/service. 

                              Another significant reason to use explainer videos is their “catch effect”.

                              Explainers are powerful attention grabbers that make your message heard. It doesn’t matter where you want to use them: social media advertising, on your website, or in emails sent to your customers, most likely, the user won’t take his eyes off until the video ends. 

                              Explainer videos make customers listen to what your brand says to them. The easier you deliver your main brand’s message the easier and faster your targeted client will make a decision that will lead you to new sales and leads.

                              Do you have an explainer video? It is about time to get one! 

                              Educational videos 

                              Fact: Educational videos get the most attention on YouTube (even more than music videos and gaming videos) (an average of 8,332 views). Wyzowl found that 72% of users prefer to use YouTube videos to learn new things. 

                              So if you want to talk about a company or product, why not use a how-to or even DIY (do it yourself) format? Or organize ad integration with a popular vlogger who creates training videos? Along with the growth of the YouTube audience, this format will develop and gain more views and shares.

                              Why is it important to use videos? 

                              This is the best way to humanize your brand today. You allow the user to look behind the scenes, to show them your real value and problems you help to solve. You can show them a new product launch, how it works, and why people need to use it now and then. 

                              The current lockdown clearly showed how important it is to offer the user interesting and unique content, and what could be more unique than telling stories about your company and its activities in a fun style. These videos are not just additional entertainment, but another trigger that will bring the potential client closer to interacting with your company, and help increase sales. 

                              Darvideo Animation Studio is a professional studio ready to create a video describing your company’s strong points and advantages. Contact us right now and get a calculation for your project. Or… create an explainer video with us for your project and start raising brand awareness immediately!

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