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                              Why Animated Explainer Videos Play The Leading Role In Today’s Most Successful Marketing Campaigns?

                              Why animated explainer videos play the leading role in today’s most successful marketing campaigns?

                              Recently Dmitry Kurbanov, a Digital Marketing Expert from Australia, has recorded a podcast with our Art Director and Producer Yuriy  Polyashko. They talked about what industries require animated explainer videos, what really works and what does not and why video plays a provident role for internet marketing or today’s businesses.

                              Brief information about the interviewer:

                              Yuriy Polyashko is a founder and art director of animated movies studio. Darvideo Studio is a team of animators, CG artists, scriptwriters, project managers and producers. Together they develop and create video clips that help companies to express themselves, tell the world about their products or services, convey the essence and values of their activities to customers. These people love what they do, which means that they create each video with inspiration and enthusiasm.

                              Dmitry Kurbanov (DK): Why do we need videos? 

                              Yuriy Polyashko (YP): Nowadays people increasingly want to receive information through video. Watching a video is much easier and more pleasant than forcing one to read an article or percept complex data. The information we convey through the video affects the level of hearing, vision and meaning at the same time. More often users visit  YouTube not just to find products and services, but to watch them in the video immediately and learn about their use, learn reviews or cases.

                              Work on creating animation - Darvideo

                              DK: Who needs videos?

                              YP: Rare business dispenses without a video. If we talk about animated and graphic videos, they are the best to demonstrate services. And the more abstract the service, the better it is to submit it in the explanatory video. After all, it is important for people to understand your service works and how it will solve their problems. In addition, a good script and professional voice over talent in the video will tell about your products and services better than expensive sales managers.

                              DK: What challenges do animated video solve for business?

                              YP: Depending on the type and format, the video can help you to solve a variety of tasks. The most demanded one simply explains a product or service, emphasize all the strengths and important characteristics. Also, the video can train staff, tell how to use the product, demonstrate the benefits of your service, make a comparison with competitors, force the buyer to do the targeted action, build trustful relations with your customers. If the video is really interesting, people will simply watch it with pleasure many times and share it with friends, increasing loyalty to your brand.

                              DK: How to select a proper video format for a digital marketing campaign?

                              YP: Knowing what goals you pursue, you can always choose a video for specific tasks. Not always, the most expensive means the most effective. If your audience is unpretentious and you just want to inform it about a discount in your shop then it’s hardly worth spending thousands of dollars for a masterpiece. But at the same time, when it is important to impress investors, or buyers’ requests and the product level are high it is worth ordering an excel animated video with an individual style and design.

                              DK: How to choose a right contractor studio?

                              YP: There are a lot of studios and freelancers on the market, and the criterion of evaluation as well. Some are guided by their own taste. Others rely on the advice of acquaintances. But regardless of the situation, there are 2 main points that I would always take into account when choosing the right contractor.

                              The first one is the availability of a portfolio. Not just one successful work, but a lot of really good video clips created for several years. You definitely should like the portfolio without compromise.

                              And the second is the quality of communication that the representative of the studio conducts with you. This is very important because in the process of creating a video you will need to communicate with contractor quite a lot and this communication should be comfortable for you. It is important that you understand that the studio listens and understands your requests and answers on time even at the initial stage of negotiations.

                              The animator creates an animation

                              DK: Are viral videos a myth or they really work?

                              YP: Many customers have a myth about viral videos. The main idea boils down to creating such a super-efficient and at the same time a very budgetary video that millions of people will immediately look and will come to buy your product or service right after posting the video on the Internet. At the confluence of many circumstances, it is certainly possible. Nevertheless, to plan such an eventuality is utopia. Any video should be promoted, placed on a variety of platforms and in every possible way communicated it to the client before it becomes really popular. So it needs time, a good marketing plan, money and efforts, then there will be an effect.

                              DK: Is video a creative product or a marketing tool?

                              YP: It must be remembered that, on the one hand, an animated video is a creative product. It is made by creative people and by professionals, who do their work with pleasure and hand over work on time. On the other hand, it is an effective advertising tool. It will not take your business to the next level automatically but with the right settlement and placement you can quickly and effectively increase sales and create a loyal audience to your brand in a long-term perspective.

                              Yuriy Polyashko - founder and art director of Darvideo Studio

                              DK: What can you advise about the DIY tools for animation?

                              YP: Sometimes DIY animation software is quite a good option if the budget is limited. Of course, such platforms will help you to create a simple and undemanding video or animate your PowerPoint presentation. However, do not expect that it will look very cool and professional 🙂

                              There are plenty of services and platforms to make animation yourself. Here are 3 most popular:

                              – Vyond (ex. GoAnimate) – video and presentations, infographics, a character, many opportunities – from 39 EUR per month.
                              Sparkol Pro – whiteboard or doodle videos (means hand-drawn presentations) – from 7 EUR per month.
                              Moovly – a lot of cool templates and presets, you can make a very diverse video – from $ 25 per month.

                              What is important to know when deciding to make a video on one of the online platforms?

                              1. You still have to create a concept and write a script, yourself as well.
                              2. You need to find a voice over talent to record audio for your video.
                              3. You need to understand how the platform works and spend a lot of time working on the videos. Animation is an activity for plodding people. 🙂

                              Friendly team of Darvideo animation studio

                              Anyway, today there are a lot of ways to make a video or to order animated videos from a professional studio. Just pay more attention to investigating and finding right way to make your ideas look great and turn into efficient animated explainer videos!

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