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                              Why is animation the best way to spotlight socially hot topics?

                              Why Is Animation the Best Way to Spotlight Socially Hot Topics?

                              Wondering why animation is used to draw the audience’s attention to hot social topics? Today, people prefer content that is both informative and entertaining. But with sensitive topics that fall within our fundamental “physiological” or “safety” needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the concept of entertainment has to be handled carefully. And animated videos do this job just right.

                              What Are Animation Advantages?

                              Animated videos are very effective when there is a need to spotlight a hot social or environmental issue because they tell a visually appealing story and are designed to trigger a strong emotional response. They are packed with information that explains the issue clearly and concisely, reassures viewers’ concerns, and provides a future outlook.

                              Animated video clips are a good option for covering important social issues

                              Animated video clips are a good option to address such serious topics because they allow you to avoid some tricky traps that may prevent viewers from taking the desired action. For example, they allow creators to avoid depicting scenes of direct violence and instead focus on empathy and on visual hints to imply violence, without showing it. This way, each viewer can apply their own level of sensitivity and imagination to the animated story they are watching, and feel emotionally connected to it.

                              An animated explainer video can use the power of stylization to take away specificity from the image and appeal to wider audiences. This approach eliminates all unnecessary visual information that can divert the audience’s attention away from the key message that you want to communicate. Stylization makes visuals and characters more universal and more similar to the ideas that viewers have in themselves.

                              Animation for social ads has become a game-changer for non-profit organizations and NGOs. Being easily adaptable, such ads can be tailored to the peculiarities of each social platform and their content is only limited by your imagination. Animation stylistically allows them to instantly grab the audience’s attention, intrigue viewers, evoke deep emotions, and make viewers want to follow the story.


                              Animation Art Styles

                              Animation styles vary from simple to spectacular.

                              • 2D animated video remains a popular animation style because it’s affordable and easy to produce thanks to technological advances in computer animation.
                              • 3D animated video style allows animators to achieve incredible visual works of art that are ideal for conveying important messages.
                              • Motion graphics focus on the text as the main player and are great for communicating an important piece of information. They are very popular for awareness and charity campaigns.

                              What is Whiteboard animation

                              • Whiteboard animation is one of the best types of explainer video animations because its minimalistic design allows the viewers to focus on the content and not get distracted by too many visual effects.

                              Animated Explainer Video for Nonprofits

                              Animated videos offer a fantastic combination of visuals, music, and words that have the power to spark imagination and emotions in people of all ages and all nations. No wonder that animated explainer video for NGO and non-profit organizations is a great tool to engage their supporters, donors, and volunteers.

                              Such animated videos have a promising potential to go viral and inspire a lot of people in different countries to take action. Viewers are captivated by engaging real-life stories. Let’s take a look at some examples to get a better idea of why they work.

                              Pencils of Promise


                              This global community created an animated explainer video to illustrate their mission to ensure access to quality education for all. Their animated video is very simple and straight to the point. It explains how the organization is reshaping the landscape of education in developing nations – they build schools, offer scholarships, and support teachers. The video uses simple images and text to deliver viewers their key message and highlight the importance of their activities to change the learning experience of children and reduce poverty.

                              End to Cyberbullying


                              The purpose of this animated video is to raise awareness about a disturbing issue – cyberbullying and teach the viewers about the importance of this non-profit organization’s cause. They rely on simplified visuals that don’t distract the audience from the informative text that presents convincing facts and figures about cyberbullying. The video emphasizes that everyone can take action and change the situation for the better. This animated video proves that you don’t necessarily need beautiful images and video footage to educate the public and make a powerful impact on people.

                              An Introduction to Climate Change

                              This animated video provides a brief overview of the realities of climate change. Animation simplifies this challenging and complex topic for a global audience and convinces them to take action. It creates more emotions and empathy and gives the video a more filmic feel.

                              Using animation is an excellent approach in documentary-style videos or those that are supposed to convey a strong message. Animated videos are perfect for explaining sensitive subjects and highlighting significant issues that should be addressed worldwide. They have the potential to generate positive social impact and create meaningful dialogues on current issues.

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                              The right opinion. Because animation is very relevant and it is easier to draw attention to an important topic.

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                              Now I understand how to present old topics in an original way. Thanks for this article!

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                              Hey, I think your really on track with this, I cant say I am completely on the same page, but its not really that big of a issue.

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                              What is the best short or from home creative writing course available in London?

                              Tom Hotoice 27.06.2022 at 22:28

                              But not all charitable organizations, unfortunately, have money for such animation projects.

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