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                              Cut-Out Animation

                              Short definition 

                              Cut-out animation is a type of stop-motion animation that employs 2D characters, props, and backgrounds. To narrate a story or represent an action, they are generally composed of paper, cards, stiff cloth, or photos.

                              Full definition and explanation

                              The animator divides the characters into smaller segments, pieces them together, then moves the individual cut-out pieces stepwise to show and action in cut-out animation. The animator captures a snap for each frame of movement, then combines all of the single shots to generate a fast-moving picture that depicts the motion. As a result, you’ll have a tape that shows movement.

                              Popular context

                              In cut-out animation, planning is the foundation of a successful production. The animator must be accurate in every movement, or some motions will not be executed correctly. The animator’s purpose is to portray a character, atmosphere, or idea using only cut-out shapes. For this project, they solely utilize their judgment, making it a very personal experience.

                              In comparison to complete cel animation, cut-out animations require more miniature drawings. To produce a smooth movement, an animator can reuse numerous parts by simply shifting them around. This project might be the work of a single animator, making it easier to implement.

                              Cut-out animation necessitates a still camera position to tell the tale effectively. Voiceovers on cut-out animations are uncommon, but many of the mouth movements do not match the character’s exact actions when they are used.

                              Coolest example

                              South Park is the best example of cut-out animation

                              The popular Comedy Central animated series South Park is the best example of cut-out animation. Originally, the series was created with paper cutouts that were digitized and processed into a computer. This is visible in older editions of the series, yet even with updated technology, the animators have maintained the original episodes’ real vibe of a cheap and amateurish aesthetic.

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