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                              What is Kinestasis?

                              Have you ever heard of the term kinestasis? Here is a brief description of what it is all about.

                              Definition Kinestasis

                              Kinestasis is an animation method using several photographs that are still or drawn artwork to form the illusion of motion and form a film.

                              In other words, kinestasis is turning the still images into motion. It is derived ‘kine’ to mean movement and static to mean still. Animators choose the images they want in a film. They find a program in the computer that can edit the still images to allow them to fit in the video. The editing involves adding music or a voice-over to the photos, screening, grinding, and aligning them to tell the story elaborately. Finally, changing them to the dimension of desire can be 2D or 3D.

                              Where is kinestasis in animation mostly used?

                              Kinestasis everyday use is in the world of filmmaking. Animators use kinestasis to tell stories. An excellent example of a story told through kinestasis is the famous ’12 monkeys’. Also, it is useful in the production of moving poems.

                              More uses for kinestasis are in documentaries and to tell historical stories, where there only exists pictures and no video. Any artist trying to come up with a documentary or tell a story can combine photos or the drawings that you have and make an animated film. Some of the examples of kinestasis are on YouTube.

                              Where else is the kinestasis used?

                              Considering the origin of kinestasis, you can tell that it is not applicable in any other industry. Mainly it rotates around the film industry. It is also helpful in video games, presentations such as school projects, business proposals, etc., and the above uses, its practical in web design.

                              According to Wikipedia, kinestasis is also a fast-moving montage that is coordinated by music.


                              While making an animation film through kinestasis is critical that all the photos are yours or you have permission to use them. Otherwise, the use of someone else’s images could get you copyrighted after all the work and effort input.

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