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                              Mixed Media Video

                              Working in animation means that you know how vital overlapping artwork is in a mixed media video. Mixed media video is the process used to define artworks and animation that has been created through the blending of different materials.

                              Creating Mixed Media Videos

                              Mixed media videos are produced by splicing and blending animation in combination with text, live photos, and even live videos. To create a composite media video, animators usually use various techniques and media to make their videos. As a result, mixed media videos are unique as they use a fantastic blend of other styles versus using only one media method or technique.

                              Animators use the scripts they are working from and then create the video by mixing and matching different styles to create a cohesive and well-planned video. For example, animators could switch from using infographics and text into animation throughout the video. The resulting video is one where both actions from the animation and information via the text are well blended, and the video produced is entertaining and informative.

                              Like a painting made using different materials, mixed media videos produce a different aesthetic and overall look compared to other forms of media creation. Seamless blending of various media ensures that mixed media videos have a distinctive video. For this reason, animators creating mixed media videos have to ensure that the video is blended in a way that produces fantastic results.

                              Where Mixed Media Videos Are Usually Used?

                              Animators use mixed media videos in all sorts of projects and even in some movies! For example, the animator Kirk Hendry used mixed media animation to create his sensational and award-winning short film, Junk.


                              His film ranged from animation to live photos and even live videos that he had found on the internet. His short film was such a hit because of the fantastic and seamless blending of different media in the short film.

                              Mixed media videos use a unique blend of mixed media videos to expose people to a mix of different formats essentially.

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