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                              Steps of animation

                              What are the key steps in the animation production process?

                              • Scenario – This document or script is the crux of the piece you are going to create. It includes the number of scenes, what the voice-over text will be, and the dialogues for each scene. The script will also outline how each dialogue will be spoken by the characters and how each scene will be executed. It’s the whole vision of the film.
                              • Storyboard – This is where visualization of each scene is created. The storyboard consists of black and white sketches for each scene of your future video. Its an approach used to show the mood, composition, characters, and perspectives of each scene. Storyboards allow the directors to visualize the script so that important creative decisions like adding or subtracting scenes can be taken place at this stage of production.

                              Storyboard for Explainer videoStoryboard for “Nokan Advertisement in the Envelopes Explainer video”

                              • Graphics – Our artists will draw specific characters and scenes for you. This will also include the backgrounds and elements of each frame and your brand’s logos and fonts.
                              • Animation – Darvideo will create detailed animations for you to match your order requirements. Our Animators can liven up the content by including effects and transitions and make your videos entertaining.

                              Davy and Friends Animated Cartoon. Darvideo Animation“Davy and Friends Animated Cartoon”

                              • Voiceover – This refers to the text that will be narrated in the video in each scene. This is part of the script. A bunch of variants of male and female voices with different accents is given to our clients and then they are asked to choose one.

                              Voiceover | Darvideo dictionaryImage from Linkedin

                              • Sound design – Final edit will be locked before the sound is added. Our sound experts will choose the most appropriate sound for your video.
                              • Licensed music – The last step is the task of producing music or buying licensed tunes to add to our videos.

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