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                              Animated Explainer Videos for Sales and Marketing

                              Animated Explainer Videos for Sales and Marketing

                              Today, consumers have plenty of similar options when it comes to choosing products that will satisfy their needs, so the competition on the market is very high, and making an online sale takes work. Oftentimes, customers don’t know exactly what they want and prefer to explore lots of different websites before they make a purchasing decision.

                              You need to convince your prospect to part with their money, and you have only 10-15 seconds to grab their attention, so how can you manage it?

                              Animated video is the fastest way to convince a person to make a purchase

                              Animated explainer videos are widely used in marketing and sales at different stages of the sales funnel. They help businesses build emotional connections with their target audience and ensure long-term relationships with existing customers. Animation videos help brands engage and entertain their audience and also inspire prospects to make purchases. Some companies boast that they managed to increase conversion rates by as much as 144% after including an explainer video on their website.

                              Why Do You Need Sales Marketing Explainer Videos on Your Website?

                              Of course, there are lots of effective ways to reach wider audiences and tell them about your products and services. You can spend a lot of money on PPC campaigns, Facebook ads, and SEO and bring lots of prospects to your website. But the problem is actually not in finding prospects. It’s all about converting your website visitors into paying customers.

                              It’s not easy to sell your products to consumers who know nothing about your brand. You need to earn the trust and respect of those people who might buy from you. That means building relationships with your prospects, and if you use traditional approaches, it will take a lot of time.

                              But animated explainer videos will help you achieve all those goals in just 60 to 90 seconds. No sales representative can manage to do that in such a short period of time. Besides, if you invest in creating explainer videos and add them to your landing pages or product pages, they will work 24/7. They will give a perfect pitch at any time, and you don’t even have to be there.

                              Why Are Sales Driver Animated Video Clips So Effective?

                              According to surveys, up to 86% of consumers are more likely to buy a specific product or service if they saw an explainer video first. Wondering why?

                              Animated explainer videos use eye-catching graphics to grab viewers’ attention, educate them about a product, appealing to their visual and auditory senses, excite and entertain them with engaging storytelling and beautiful music, and set a mood for a purchase.

                              Explainer videos that use animations offer a memorable way to make a strong impact on your target audience and provide viewers with the essential information they need to make a buying decision. All these aspects are important for conversions. People can’t buy a complex product if they don’t understand its functionality and how it can make their life easier.

                              Your sales representative may need a lot of time to explain “what you do” during sales calls. Explainer videos make this process as simple as possible and help communicate with prospects and leads in a consistent and meaningful way, simplifying complex concepts. And the main thing is that explainer videos tell and show viewers everything very quickly as the attention spans of consumers are very short these days.

                              Animated explainer videos are especially effective for companies that offer innovative intangible products and complex cloud-based services or apps. Animation has the power to explain complicated and abstract concepts briefly and engagingly and shorten the time before conversion. You’ll be able to explain how your service or product works and how it can solve your audience’s problem in just a couple of minutes and provide enough information for viewers to understand your unique value proposition.

                              How Do Businesses Use Animated Video to Boost Sales?

                              Animated explainer videos can be excellent mediums to convey your story and increase conversion rates, so you should embed them in all suitable locations and use them on multiple channels to ensure consistency during the sales cycle.

                              Shopping online after watching an animated video

                              You can post animated videos on your company’s social media pages as a part of your content marketing strategy. They will help you increase engagement among your followers and motivate them to visit your business website and learn more about your brand. Animated videos work great in online advertising and typically drive more sales than static images, slideshows, or carousel ads.

                              Today, many companies use animated explainer videos on their homepages to let new visitors understand what a company does at a glance and encourage viewers to explore their website to learn more. Many businesses also add videos to specific landing pages to showcase the best features of their products and highlight the benefits for consumers and competitive advantage. The videos are capable of emphasizing products’ benefits without a hard sell and include a clear call to action to encourage viewers to make a purchase.

                              Some brands also upload explainer videos on their YouTube channels and build their audience there. It’s an effective practice because YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine after Google. If you do the same, you may significantly increase your chances of expanding your marketing reach and being head by your target audience.

                              Animated video in the field of marketing

                              Final Word

                              Animated explainer videos are the cheapest and the easiest way to spread a memorable marketing message or sell a product. An engaging sales explainer video is a flexible and powerful tool for every business, big or small. It should be a part of your marketing and sales strategy anytime you need to explain complex ideas or sensitive topics to help sell your intangible products and innovative services.

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                              We are currently thinking about our company’s marketing strategy. You’ve convinced us that you really need to add an animated video to it.

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                              Good marketing never hurt anyone

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