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                              Elements Of A Commercial Video: How To Get Attention With Storytelling

                              The success of a video depends largely on the story it reveals. It doesn’t matter what methods you use when creating, what complexity the graphics or animation you use – if it doesn’t hook the audience, you won’t see any success!

                              Therefore, today let’s consider the factors that are responsible for the video narrative and plot of video production. The first question indeed is that – how to make videos more clear and interesting. So, here they are the answers in our next chapter.

                              Why Are Stories Selling Better And Better?

                              “Who tells the stories – he rules the world.” An ancient Indian proverb.

                              Why is that? Because stories work on an emotional level. They break through advertising filters, all these aggressive “buy” and “right now” and fall right in the heart of the audience. And the stories are well remembered. Especially, bright and non-standard visual narrative ideas that hurt a living.

                              What is narrative video – that’s a product having a plot, a character and combined with musical or texted narration to make it clear and to impress the viewer as much as possible. You can say: “it’s the same as an explainer video definition!” And you’re right except the fact the narrative videos are much more than the explaining ones – they can be as commercials so the entertaining ones, as educational – so just videos telling some story to the public.

                              There are five video elements that should be in the finished story:

                              • A hero or character acting in the video,
                              • An exciting plot,
                              • Some details that make the viewer to be hooked to the screen,
                              • Emotions (sensations),
                              • Main conclusion (idea).
                              • To satiate history with all these elements, it is not necessary to write a text the size of War and Peace. As practice shows, just a couple of words are enough to make a living story that can sell. But each of these components must be precisely worked out so that the finished result will bring a result, and therefore a profit.

                              Let’s consider each of the narrative devices’ definition separately.

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                              Choosing The Right Hero

                              It’s all obvious. The story must have a hero, or several heroes at once. The hero may be animated or not. In some cases, even service can act as a hero.

                              If you think that your product will not be able to become a hero of history, then look at the Tic Tac brand page. Small pills easily turn into bees, ninjas, pirates and even Gulliver.

                              In any case, to select a hero for video, you must first create a portrait of your target audience, and its details should be maximum – up to the style of dress and preferred colours. Why do you need it?

                              The fact is that when creating any simple story video, you will not be able to prescribe the character in detail, and this is not necessary. It is enough to make a general sketch and add the very details that will allow the public to recognize it and compare it with themselves and their desires – and then in the course is the human imagination. At the same time, the viewer will be able to endow the character with the desired features – and, as a result, experience empathy.

                              The Plot: Don’t Complicate!

                              The situation in which our hero fell. Here, too, everything is simple: a plot, a conflict, a development of events, a denouement. These stages can be much more. Plots can intertwine, ring, conflict.

                              At the same time, a complex and complicated story is not so necessary forcommercial motion graphic videos. Here, rather, a place for relevance, freshness and original visual narrative ideas. It is in the plot that you can prescribe elements of magic, special effects and other features with which your video will play with fresh colours and will be exactly heard by potential customers.

                              Emotions – Must-have Elements of Every Story for Video

                              History should evoke emotions: sympathy, joy, anger, irritation, anger, doubt, confidence. No emotion – no story. And to identify exactly what kind of emotion you want to cause is very important. A bobble here – as in the work of sappers – can bury the most interesting characters and the most exciting arches of the plot.

                              Let it be a kind of test for your story elements of video and for the finished product. Try it out at all stages of preparation on the selected focus group that is suitable for determining your target audience in order to assess how real the finished product fits your emotional goal.
                              Video to attract customers

                              Don’t Forget About Conclusion!

                              That’s truly important to submit the main idea – why did you even tell this story, what is its main purpose or morality? Do not forget about it. The story without withdrawal is like the actor’s chewed up performance on the stage: here he reads a poem, so deeply, emotionally, rhythmically. But the last phrase he swallows gets off – that’s all. The effect is gone!

                              Now combine all these elements of narrative video writing, spice them up with exactly drawn characters and means of modern animation or video filming. Then use music video narrative to complement it – sounds, a suitable soundtrack, off-screen text – and you will see how everything in the complex creates a real diamond, which will help you to express yourself or make your product recognizable and familiar to the public. And try to make it short in the timing!

                              Seeing to be the hard work to make a video more clear with those narration elements? Then contact us – we’ll do our best to make your narrative video commercial or presentation video the original and interesting for your TA. You will receive a finished product, in which in a short time you will be able to put together an interesting scenario, a well-built narration, and a selection of characters, and all the visual effects and sound effects.

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                              Which element do you consider the most important?

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                              An important topic is raised in this article. I also share the opinion that almost all the success of the video depends on the correct story.

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                              Great information. Thank you for your efforts!

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                              Storytelling is one of the key components of video. This may interest or frighten the viewer. Therefore, this must be taken seriously. Like!

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