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                              Explainer Video Production Companies in the U.S.

                              Including video on your landing page can increase conversions by over 80%. This is information every business should understand. Having an engaging explainer video partnership with animation studios near you is vital to driving more traffic to your website. The more traffic you have, the better your sales. The more you can grab your visitor’s attention from the moment they land on your website, the better you will grow online.

                              Knowing you need quality video on your landing page and finding an excellent animated video for an e-commerce solution provider is an entirely different task. Searching Google for ‘animation studios near me’ is going to leave you with way too many options and not enough insight. Instead, we’ve put together our own list of a few explainer video production companies in the U.S. we think you could benefit from using.

                              Explainer Video Production NYC

                              ShootYou NYC Video Animation Studio
                              We’re starting off our list with a hybrid studio. ShootYou is an animation studio based in London with offices in New York and Amsterdam. Even though they are international, their NYC studio is so well known that they make the top of our list. This is a company with many awards and achievements designed more for the higher-end business needs. They do everything in-house and offer bespoke solutions.

                              Website ShootYou NYC Video Animation Studio

                              IGW NYC Video Animation Studio
                              IGW isn’t one of the biggest studios in the world, but they are 100% explainer video based. That means they specialize in producing animated videos for your landing page and not a combination of advertising on other media platforms. The best thing is that you can do practically everything you need for marketing from their website without ever having to meet in person. This is more for the medium to large-sized businesses that want to outline their needs and let someone else do the heavy lifting.

                               IGW NYC Video Animation Studio website

                              True Film Production NYC Animation Studio
                              This is our favorite pick for small to medium-sized businesses. True Film Production offers comprehensive design and explainer videos for a wide variety of services. They make our list because of their broad experience across many industries and their specialization in explainer videos. This company really understands the NYC style and imbues its messaging with local culture.

                              Website True Film Production in article about Animatsyn Company UA

                              Explainer Video Production Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, San Francisco

                              Red Pig Video LA/San Francisco Video Animation Studio
                              LA is known for its high-class marketing and fast-paced business climate. Red Pig tops our list because of its portfolio working with so many industry leaders. In addition, this company is well-known around the West coast for its fast solution and easy-to-use interface. Well worth your time if you live in the LA area.

                              Red Pig Video - studio website

                              PictureLab San Francisco Video Explainer Studio
                              If you are looking for a more intimate experience, we suggest PictureLab. They offer real-world animation integration and intense graphic design known around the film industry. This is more for commercial use but can provide you with excellent solutions for landing pages as well. They may be on the pricier side, but they will deliver a quality product if you have the resources.

                              Site PictureLab San Francisco Video Explainer Studio

                              StudioBFilms Silicone Valley Video Explainer Studio
                              We’re adding StudioB even though they are not one of the largest companies because of their versatility. This company will come to your location and really blend any graphical element you want to get the job done. Being such close proximity to so many tech firms really enhances the abilities of this boutique experience. They offer all the modern bells and whistles of a large company for your explainer video without the corporate feel.

                              StudioB - article Video Production Companies in the U.S.

                              Sharp Eye Animation Studio
                              If you can get an appointment with Sharp Eye in San Francisco, you should use it. This is a full-service explainer video production studio that only takes on a few projects at a time, so they can really add a well-crafted finishing touch to each end product. Admittedly, they are a bit expensive, but these guys are for you if you’re a larger company like IKEA or Comedy Central.

                              Site Sharp Eye Animation Studio

                              Animation Companies US – Other Regions

                              Miami Explainer Video Company – Ball Media Innovations
                              Miami is known for its hot sun, fabulous beaches, and vibrant culture. All of those experiences are perfectly represented by the studio experts at Ball Media. Their portfolio work is incredible, and they offer live examples the second you visit their website. This isn’t another out-of-the-box studio. You will get in your face production with highly contrasting elements.

                              Miami Explainer Video Company - Ball Media Innovations

                              Chicago Explainer Video Company – Richter Studios
                              The windy city is known for the strong business culture of old school elites, so it is a breath of fresh air to see Richter Studios making such an impact on animation production. This is another boutique shop with a visual style not seen in other cookie-cutter production studios. They also have a ton of experience working across a broad array of sectors. The animation art direction is really high-quality.

                              Site Richter Studios

                              Boston Explainer Video Company – DemoFlick
                              Bean Town is well known for its international business relations and requires a specific New England sensibility to its marketing. That is precisely what you get when you work with DemoFlick. This animation studio works with some of the biggest business brands worldwide and still delivers a close, personal story for each explainer video. There is a grit to this city that is easily recognizable in businesses like DemoFlick.

                              Boston Explainer Video Company - DemoFlick

                              Special Mention Animation Companies US – Seattle, WA
                              We wanted to offer a special shout-out to an often-overlooked region when people search for animation studios near me. Common Craft is a small owner-operated explainer video production company with a real mom-and-pop kind of feel. They still deliver incredibly high-quality video, but you get such an intimate experience that it is well worth your time. They are located around some of the biggest tech companies in the Pacific Northwest that provide them with some real talent.

                              Common Craft - Animation Companies US

                              Explainer Video Partnership Overseas

                              Whenever you’re considering working with some of these fantastic explainer video companies in the U.S., you may want to verify their workflow and production sides. Even though they say they are a US animation company, they may outsource their work to other areas like India, China, or South Korea. By itself, that isn’t a problem, but if you’re trying to focus only on explainer video companies that are local to you, then it is something worth checking out.

                              Companies outsource to places like Bombay because the cost to produce explainer videos is much cheaper. The labor market allows for lower wages compared to companies in the US. While that can mean a lot faster turnaround times, it also tends to mean a little less quality in the long run. Doing your due diligence upfront will save you from having to review and edit over and over again.

                              Finding the Right Explainer Video Production Company

                              In the end, you need to reach out to these companies to really get a feel for how they do business and the actual location of their production elements. It is often easier to focus on a company like Darvideo that primarily does explainer videos online. We offer a comprehensive video production service that can be tailor-made to your company’s needs. Our animated videos have been utilized across several different industries for everything from education to finance to healthcare and IT. Visit our page to learn more.

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