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                              How Netflix widely promote animation: from headspace series to japanese anime

                              Netflix rocks the world. It is not, in any case, some sort of exaggeration – people really love what is done on Netflix, and admit that this is kind of new TV. Only much better.

                              A stream of chitchat formed itself all around us – we hear a lot about this or that movie, some innovation and so on. However, Netflix is the one that dictates the fashion and makes some genres more acute, interesting and worth talking about. But the way this streaming platform makes everything in the center of attention around the world is marvellous. Without putting an emphasis on this, they promote an extreme number of genres or certain movies making it an international phenomenon.

                              One of the things we’re particularly interested in researching is how Netflix promotes – not in an intentional way, of course – a variety of animated series.

                               “Love, Death and Robots”

                              But how exactly does it happen?

                              It would be a mistake to call Netflix a company that makes its way through distribution. Well, no one would say that. For all of us, it is a streaming platform. At the same time, it is not that easy to stop on such definitions. Netflix is not only making lots of iconic animated TV series – like “Love, Death and Robots”, for instance – but also distributing Japanese anime.

                              A.I.C.O. – Incarnation – Netflix

                              Before the genre became an integral part of the worldwide mainstream culture, there were a few sources that would bring at least some glances on the phenomenon of animation – magazines, pirate disks and poor translation in the same quality.

                              Later a handful of famous series became internationally acclaimed. But it was just the beginning of a much bigger phenomenon that would take place in the future.

                              Netflix aims to make something for everyone. And everywhere. Naturally, to complete this aim you have to present the best from across the world and show it to the rest of the globe. Even if it’s a genre.

                              That’s what Netflix does. They basically take something produced overseas and make it international. Like a bunch of animated movies from Japan released recently.

                              Fate/Apocrypha – Netflix

                              On the other hand, what is even more interesting is that  Netflix decided to produce animation on its own.

                              From apps to TV series

                              The extent of animated content on the platform is amazingly wide – there are movies, cartoons, anime, science, and supporting series for the app, like those made for Headspace.

                              Headspace Guide To Sleep – Netflix

                              What is rather surprising is how a certain achievement in the Headspace series influences the similar usage of 3D animation in general.

                              The same can be applied to “Love, Death and Robots” – the artistic expression that illuminates here says a lot about animation as a genre. Therefore, encourage others to use it or at least, watch more.

                              "Love, Death and Robots'' - Netflix “Love, Death and Robots”

                              Besides, chief anime producer on Netflix, Taiki Sakurai – as well as Netflix in general –  encourages anime and animation creators to tell the stories in the way they want to do it. 

                              Netflix allows many contexts to exist without denying one another. Why? Because they have everything for everyone.

                              After all, to be on the list of new content on the platform is an amazing promotion.


                              Global storytelling is already a part of Netflix culture and helps to extend the number of animated movies that are easily defined as international.

                              The way animation is present on the platform – in a variety of forms not only makes it more popular but increases how it can be used.

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                              Good article, excellent. Just wanted to know more about Netflix.

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                              They are excellent at doing their job.

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                              Netflix is ​​cool. All the movies I’m watching right now are from them. They are now at the peak of popularity.

                              Lesli Cant 18.09.2021 at 12:50

                              Indeed, they are involved in so many projects. Seriously set to work.

                              Nellie Williams 18.09.2021 at 13:35

                              I love watching everything from Netflix. They are cool. Thanks to this article, I know interesting facts about them. THANK YOU)

                              Merry Tickrest 22.10.2021 at 13:47

                              How many things are produced by Netflix now. I have noticed this trend for a long time.

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                              Very interesting article 👍

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