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                              Written by Julia Kotlyar

                              How to count views on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram?

                              Nowadays we are all active users on at least one of the aforementioned platforms, and checking the number of views has become an exciting routine.

                              You’ve just dropped another post or video and already can’t wait to see how people react. But sometimes you may be distracted or even disappointed by the difference between views and likes, or why some posts received more views than others. It gets even harder to handle it if you’re using two and more social networks.

                              Why is an understanding of social media metrics so vital for promotion? It might seem too apparent, but let’s check it with Captain Obvious once again. 🙂

                              Knowing how the algorithms work will help you realize the actual reach of the content and you’ll be able to use this information for growing your project better.

                              How about figuring it out together? We provide you with some useful and comprehensible information and make you clear all the hidden magic processes of the leading platforms, which helps you to manage your own promotion.



                              The important thing you should remember about the count of views on YouTube is that it means to count how many times the video has been watched. For YouTube, it is crucial to count the view only from valid users and prevent growing the number of views at the expense of bots.

                              The speed and quality of counting depend on the popularity of your channel. If you have less than 300 views, the algorithm will validate the number of views quicker. You may also notice that after 300 views the counting slows down. Don’t worry! It means that YouTube employers are checking the views of your video manually to make the number of views more precise.

                              Youtube can also stop, slow down the counting or even change the result if the algorithm finds out there’s something wrong, for instance, watching the same video on a few devices.

                              One more important thing to remember: if your video contains advertising, Youtube will count it as a view, because it definitely means that a user was engaged.

                              The views of paid ad in-stream will be counted if a user will watch advertising, which lasts over 11-30 seconds or will interact with it.

                              Considering Ad in-Feed it also needs to be interacted to be counted.

                              Unfortunately, there is no exact information about the YouTube algorithm, that’s why we are able just to suppose how it works. Nonetheless, you can successfully use it to understand what is going on with the number of views under your video and at least to be sure that it’s the number of valid users, who are interested in your content.



                              So, let’s get down to Facebook. You’re still using it, right?

                              Facebook has more metrics for counting the views than YouTube, but the level of accuracy is not as high as YouTube. The main standard is the number of times someone watched the video for more than 3 seconds. It concerns Facebook and Facebook Live.

                              Facebook also offers more metrics such as the total number of video views, total number of 10-second views, and the most viewed videos on your Page. You can check this information in the “Page Insights” section under “Videos”. It’s also possible to customize the timeframe or adjust the breakdown of the video views. Сonveniently, huh?

                              Even though Instagram and Facebook both belong to Meta, Instagram’s metrics are more clear than the metrics of Facebook. There are no super elaborate algorithms that may take you an eternity to get it.

                              The video view counts if the user watched for at least 3 seconds, but it doesn’t include the video loop.

                              The Story is basically an impression and that’s why it counts every view, even if it’s swipe-away! You can also see more specific view metrics if you’ll take a look at insights stories and choose different options of “Reach”.



                              And last, but not least (definitely not least) – Reels, which became lately extremely popular. It is completely earned by being a convenient tool for business, and self-promotion as well. If you use Tik-Tok you may already be acquainted with that. The Reel’s views are counted in the same way, which means it counts every view, starting with a millisecond, and in addition – repeated views and loops. The only difference is that your own views are influencing the final number. So don’t get very excited.

                              Also, a kind reminder: not only views are vital, but the whole performance – likes, comments, reactions, shares, etc. Lots of your stories may be swiped away (sad truth), and the user’s interaction will show you how much a potential customer is involved and interested in your product.


                              Imagine being in a street market trying to sell some stuff. In medieval times this would have made you scream and shout out witty utterances to shill customers. Now you don’t have to do that. One click on “Post” and voila – you can just chill and wait. But it is still worth knowing how many people heard of you.

                              That’s it!

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                              William 15.04.2022 at 13:15

                              This topic comes up sometimes too.

                              Michael Sarota 15.04.2022 at 17:29

                              I often check views and statistics. I consider it very important.

                              Nina Tovarina 16.04.2022 at 05:39

                              Just at the stage of promotion of the YouTube channel. I’m still learning all these things.

                              Joseph Siter 16.04.2022 at 10:23

                              It was helpful. Thanks for the material!

                              Luka Lorenčič 16.04.2022 at 15:28

                              It turns out views are a decisive factor? There’s probably a lot more to consider in this case.

                              Robert Rarity 16.04.2022 at 20:03

                              A lot of useful information. Great post guys!

                              Bella Daster 17.04.2022 at 08:17

                              Cool Article)

                              Sasha 17.04.2022 at 14:15

                              So many new features on Instagram. It looks like they are seriously engaged in their promotion.

                              Michael 17.04.2022 at 15:57

                              Views and truth matter. Luik for the topical article 🙂

                              Phillip 18.04.2022 at 02:02

                              Never thought about views. Now another headache has been added 🙂

                              Everetta 18.04.2022 at 05:12

                              Very simply explained everything about the views. Good article!

                              William Simona 18.04.2022 at 05:51

                              Never understood any of this. But you can explain clearly. Thank you.

                              Kevin Blavin 18.04.2022 at 08:28

                              If you wind up views on YouTube with the help of bots, you can only make things worse. YouTube does not like this and can throw it at the very end of the list.

                              Daniel Titure 18.04.2022 at 10:03

                              I have several thousand views in a few days. It is clear that the calculation takes longer.

                              Darren 18.04.2022 at 10:46

                              I like Reels. Nice update on Instagram. It looks like TikTok.

                              Willisa Manort 18.04.2022 at 15:04

                              It seems to me the easiest way to work in YouTube. And what. There are no blockings. The field for activity is huge.

                              Thomas Frimaco 18.04.2022 at 16:50

                              I like Instagram better. Stories, Reels, and other features help make content diverse.

                              Patrick Frithera 18.04.2022 at 16:54

                              Each job has its own nuances that need to be taken into account. Thanks for helping me find out about them.

                              Tereza Liege 18.04.2022 at 17:42

                              I love reading your blog. You are progressive and modern. What you need right now to relax.

                              Rodrigo Satery 19.04.2022 at 21:03

                              Thanks for sharing 🙂

                              Glen 19.04.2022 at 03:14

                              How does knowing how many seconds your video was watched help?

                              Vova 19.04.2022 at 04:44

                              This means that you can buy views on Facebook, and this will not affect the overall statistics. Did I get it right? 🙂

                              Charles Bortone 19.04.2022 at 14:04

                              It was educational.
                              Thanks for the educational content!

                              Cedrick 19.04.2022 at 15:04

                              I always analyze views. Allows you to understand what content is more interesting to users, and what is not so interesting. Necessary work for those who want to do everything qualitatively.

                              David Serkan 19.04.2022 at 16:05

                              A study investigation layout generally includes qualitative techniques, however quantitative approaches are actually sometimes also used. Case history are good for illustrating, contrasting, assessing and also knowing unique aspects of an investigation trouble.

                              Melissa 20.04.2022 at 03:20

                              For more than a year I have been posting videos on YouTube, but the views do not interest me. I do it for the soul.

                              Anthony Frickter 20.04.2022 at 03:36

                              True, Instagram is easier in such matters than Facebook. But Facebook is considered a more serious network. More professional.

                              Robin 21.04.2022 at 05:42

                              Reels is a cool thing. Thanks to whoever came up with this 🙂

                              Teresa Glod 21.04.2022 at 12:25

                              I understand. Thanks for the clarification.

                              Samuel 21.04.2022 at 18:34

                              Now I would like to know how to increase views. If there are any working methods. Please share.

                              Hloren Mamalix 22.04.2022 at 12:46

                              We post our videos on social media just for people to see. We don’t make money like that. That’s why they never checked the views.

                              Barney Dione 22.04.2022 at 14:45

                              It was quite interesting to know your opinion on this topic.

                              Kenneth 23.04.2022 at 08:03

                              I have already studied the information on the topic. And I can say that your information is reliable.

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                              Useful content for your blog!

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                              You have everything you need for my channel. Thank you!

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                              Great article. Just what I needed right now.

                              Harry Grothems 24.04.2022 at 01:05

                              Very interesting. As a beginner blogger, I appreciated

                              Elena 25.04.2022 at 21:38

                              So much hassle with all this. But the result is definitely worth it.

                              Gerry Monthaus 07.05.2022 at 17:32

                              Never tested this option. Now you have added my work)

                              Michael 11.05.2022 at 16:16

                              I pay attention to the views, all the statistics. And because of that, my views and engagement have grown.

                              Thomas 15.05.2022 at 18:21

                              Thank you. As always, what you need and on business.

                              Thomas Westerma 18.05.2022 at 22:31

                              How much does it take to run your channel with video. I used to think everything was easier

                              Thomas Sumoereet 27.06.2022 at 22:34

                              Actually information!

                              Marietta Eshter 28.06.2022 at 22:48

                              More and more details are revealed in this work

                              Orien Bliste 08.07.2022 at 13:36

                              What other indicators should be monitored on social networks?

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