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                              12 best practices for killingly successful TikTok video ads

                              12 best practices for killingly successful TikTok video ads

                              Phone in the article TikTok video ads

                              When it comes to TikTok there are only two types of people: those who still ignore this social network and others, who wisely use it to improve their personal brand or business. It’s high time for you to get informed about the inner Tik Tok world because the official 2021 statistics show that there are more than 800 million TikTok users in almost 150 markets around the world. Moreover, the average TikTok user spends almost 52 minutes per day surfing around the vids, thus, it’s a great opportunity for your brand to have a little everyday facetime with your potential clients. Here are some tips and fresh ideas for you to create a brand strategy on TikTok and make a million views vids for your brand.

                              1. Get people emotional about your goods

                              In TikTok, it’s a real value! No matter what your business is about – whether it’s a product, service, or an app, there is a way to reach your audience on the platform. You should create realistic short videos that “speak” to people and make them closer to your product. Show real people and real-life situations, tell stories that will encourage users further interest in your product.

                              For example, Simmons is the 150-year-old mattress brand that saw massive community engagement when it launched the #Snoozzzapalooza Hashtag Challenge inviting people to live out their stage-diving festival dreams right from their beds.

                              #Snoozzzapalooza Hashtag Challenge in TikTok

                              2. Give value

                              Educational possibilities of explaining videos, tutorials, life hacks, and routine types of videos are extremely popular and often get to the recommendation page, as they are mostly seen till the end by the users. When it comes to TikTok educational videos have high demand, because of their shortness. Here is a great way to use such types of videos for your TikTok as in the example shown below. That famous chief got almost 8M views on a cooking video.

                              Cooking video in TikTok in the article TikTok video ads

                              3. Encourage people to watch your TikTok till the end

                              There is an algorithm that will show your videos to more and more people if the first group of users that saw your video on TikTok watched it till the end. On the other hand, if your video doesn’t get good engagement rates from this first group of users, it most likely won’t be shown to other people at TikTok. Algorithm ranks it as irrelevant.

                              The main rule here is to draw users’ attention from the first couple of seconds while asking questions in the description or overlay captions as “Wait for it” or “Don`t miss the end”. As well you could use a loop-trick when the end of the video goes seamlessly to the beginning. Use curiosity, confusion, or suspense.

                              Here is a great example by a famous designer @gunnardeatherage that engages his followers to see how he creates the dress. 12.8 M views as well as 3M likes!

                              @gunnardeatherage in TikTok

                              4. Create different types of TikTok’s for higher engagement

                              There is no rule book for all the videos you can create, but we will spotlight most commonly used.

                              TikTok Trends: 

                              Such videos are usually created around a popular song, trending news, or set of moves that are interpreted by the users. You can find the trending hashtags on the “Discover page” and join the challenges. That will help you to get more impressions from your vids.

                              TikTok Duet Videos: 

                              This collaborative feature in TikTok allows users to add their answer to someone’s original video. Duet types of videos could be collaborations, or remixes – whatever works for your TikTok.

                              5.5 millions likes on a video below. Check it!

                              Animation videos: 

                              There is a great animation community on Tiktok. The platform is known for videos that are short and funny, so most of the channels have a great sense of humor. Even though animated channels are in the minority, there are a few channels with millions of impressions like @noodle_and_bun. The channel makes cartoons for all ages and has 3.7M subscribers and  36.3M likes on their videos.

                              Animated channels @noodle_and_bun on the TickTok platform

                              5. Create Series of Content

                              That’s a simple engaging tool for your TikTok. Your viewers would stay tuned and follow your account to see the other parts of the content. Let’s imagine that you are a person who owns an animation studio. In this case, you can easily create 3 connected parts of an animated video or a cartoon and post them one by one.

                              As in one of the @gunnardeatherage videos that got more than 1M views,  where he creates a popular cinema dress. Go and check part 1.@gunnardeatherage videos

                              6. Use general hashtags to mark your niche and get your target audience

                              Hashtags are an important part of TikTok algorithms, due to the TikTok list of recommendations for users. When you use a hashtag, TikTok will show your video in the  “For You page” to people who have completed, liked, or shared other videos that also used that same hashtag. Figure out what types of hashtags work for your videos and always include them.

                              7. Create branded hashtags and start challenges to get viral

                              How does it work? While using general hashtags, you shouldn’t forget about your branded hashtags. Moreover, encourage people to use them. That will help you to get into the Trending section and make your profile grow. The best way to engage more people is a challenge campaign, which is popular among companies like Universal Pictures, Turbo Tax, and plenty of others. Challenges encourage people to create videos around a specific hashtag usually using a specific set of moves or music. For example, if your profile is about design and animation you should start a challenge where people create their designs using your audio tips. Around 16% of all videos on the platform are tied to hashtag challenges. Warner Bros. TikTok company could become a great example – 4M views only for a few days on a challenge video below!

                              #ScoobDance invited the original creator of the viral ‘Renegade’ dance, Jalaiah Harmon, to develop her own dance for the Hashtag Challenge set to “Slide to the Left (feat. Lil SCOOB)” by Mystery Gang all in celebration of their new ‘SCOOB’ movie.

                              #ScoobDance on the TickTok platform

                              8. Do not forget about influencers

                              You can always involve more users in your account while making collaborations with influencers. But still, the best way to develop business on TikTok is to post regularly on your account and make influencer collaborations to engage a broader audience.

                              Here’s  a popular TikTok family that has posted an Amazon advertisement and gets 15M views only for a day.Family of bloggers in the article TikTok video ads

                              9. Post daily to engage your audience

                              The more you post – the higher your chances of going viral and reaching the masses are. TikTok cherishes persistence much more than any other social network. In case your posting routine is at least 1 video per day, that will definitely  lead to higher engagement levels. The more you post, the more your followers identify your account and engage with your videos.

                              Here is the girl that is one of the most popular TikTok influencers, whose vids usually  get 40-50M views per day. Her TikTok is her work, thus she posts 5-10 videos a day.Popular videos on TikTok

                              10. Have a strong bio as well as a profile picture

                              Remember that all these tips mentioned above will work for your brand only if your branding is recognizable. Do not forget about the detailed description of your profile: what is your brand about, what can you do. A lot of brands use Tik Tok nowadays to become popular because their viewers and followers make their ways to your other platforms like Youtube or Instagram. Thus, It’s important to add links for your other social networks.

                              11. Share Behind-the-Scenes Outtakes

                              When using TikTok to promote your business or personal brand, showing behind-the-scenes videos is a great way to build deeper relationships with your audience and make better engagement.

                              For example, show a normal workday at your company. Tik Tok users need to see the real people who stand behind the brand.

                              A great example is the @youneszarou video, that reached 2.2M likes on TikTok, @Youneszarou shows behind-the-scenes of his photoshoots and does it well, to be honest!@Youneszarou videos in TikTok

                              12. A bit of impressive TikTok statistics

                              In case you still think that TikTok is not the right platform for your business let us share some engagement statistics by Influencer Marketing Hub:

                              • TikTok has the highest follower engagement rates across 100,000 user profiles sampled in the online research project conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub.
                              • People downloaded TikTok 113 million times in February 2020 (and that was a month with just 29 days). That made TikTok the most downloaded non-gaming app that month.
                              • The most liked video ever on TikTok is a video showing a cute dancer twinning with TikTok star Michael Le on an escalator generated an impressive 25.4 million likes.Cool videos from TikTok, which are very popular, in the article about advertising
                              • Among 10 most popular people on TikTok, there is only 1 celebrity – Will Smith. It means that becoming popular on TikTok is much easier than in other social networks.
                              • The TikTok app has been downloaded over 2 billion times in PlayMarket and AppStore
                              • The most viewed content category on the app was entertainment content, accumulating 443.3 billion hashtag views overall.

                              To sum up

                              Speed up your decision making if you still wonder whether this social network might be worth it or not. In case your target audience is Gen Z or millennials, TikTok could be the platform for your business growth, using just your creativity and a bit of knowledge. The good news is, that you can manage videos on your own and still get high engagement rates. However, you can always find a company that will boost your account, creating different types of professional videos.

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