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                              How to handle ads on social media?

                              How to handle ads on social media?

                              Social media ads are an essential part of working digital marketing strategy. It’s one of the pillars that might fuel your project or slow it down. Here we are figuring out how to handle it properly. In this article, we want to talk about all the essential things about advertisement on social media. It includes the reasons for choosing a particular social media for ads, how to handle it properly, who can help you with the whole campaign, types of ads and more. If you are ready to dive, we would like to start as well.

                              Newcomers in marketing only thinking about starting social media campaign. Those who were in marketing for a long time launch a social media campaign on main social media. We suggest that the smartest way to use such a powerful tool as a social media advertisement is to learn which one is suitable for your business and the audience you target.

                              It is fair to notice that social media marketing is a very rich field to choose from. Not only an extremely powerful instrument to promote your products and services, but a great to communicate with those who already follow you. People get the idea about a brand not just from its product. In the modern marketing world, many things matter – how you respond to critics and criticism, how to communicate with the audience, how present your brand identity. A proper advertising campaign has a lot to do with each of these points. People will perceive you through these lenses as well. In plain words: advertising is an essential part of a brand image.

                              What can you get from nicely built social media marketing campaign? First of all, you can reach your target audience, which is one of the strongest reasons to work thoroughly on your marketing plan. You can boost sales and traffic to your website, which will help you to get brand awareness. One thing always let to another. After all, there is no way to get through everything without proper social media marketing campaign. Social media ads are evolving with social media platforms. It means that everything becomes more complex.

                              When you start figuring out where exactly to place your social media marketing you should think about how much you already know about your audience. It’s quite simple: if your audience is young, they probably would stay on TikTok or Instagram and you have to focus your efforts there. However, we recommend relying upon strict data: investigate how your audience reacts to your posts and what they like. Marketing, in many respects, is a thing that needs and demands certainty.

                              With Facebook, it’s quite different. It is definitely less popular than it was before, but people still use it. Facebook advertising is an important way to connect with your audience quickly. Once people would see your ads – whatever form it will happen to have – they might get interested in your brand.

                              As everywhere – on every social media – algorithm on Facebook also changing from time to time. It may be a challenge to connect with your audience in the way you want it to do. But Facebook developers are smart to make its ads target audience-oriented.

                              Even though Facebook and Instagram are both created for quite different audiences, it has one thing in common: Facebook owner also have rights on Instagram.

                              When it comes to advertising, one way or another you will stumble some similarities between them. Here is such a case: you can create Instagram ads right through your Facebook Ads Manager. However, those who are advertising on both of them get a lot of benefits.

                              Let’s try to understand first the nature of these particular ads. The question we find essential is the following one: why ads serve ideas they present and people who watch them? The idea that advertisement should encourage people to make a purchasing decision is right, but not precise. The most important thing is the value that you provide for a customer. Consider your ads as a tool that is so much more than just commerce. We are here to inform you that in the very nature of ads is to convey the value first and to highlight the idea. That what matters the most.

                              Who can manage to work with ads properly?

                              Except for the company itself, there are three cohorts that can handle working on your ads. Each of these possesses different expansiveness and scale, as well as a way of thinking about the task. So, you can work with in-house specialists, freelancers or digital marketing agencies.

                              Why not handling it by yourself, you might wonder? Well, even though your company can manage them alone, there are much more to be done except for this. Due to the scale of your business, the number of things to be handle will be growing. That doesn’t have to hobble you. Therefore, it is better to turn to professionals.

                              In house-specialists

                              We will be starting with in-house specialists, but only in order to emphasize that this group is the least expert. The main disadvantage is their lack of perspective. We recommend using in-house toolbox that does not require an additional team to maintain it. It’s a more efficient approach to your advertising campaign.


                              Freelancers are usually self-taught and more flexible. Since these people are usually excellent professionals, you can count on vast knowledge that intersects in different areas. The main problem is next: it is quite hard to find the best freelancers because they are usually busy or even work on several projects. Besides, you should test them – simply to understand whether their abilities good enough to meet your demands. The solution is to hire freelancer not to run your project, but only to make a strategy for it. That will save you money and allow to stick to a plan.


                              The agencies don’t have a spotless reputation. And that’s normal because you should consider a particular agency to understand whether they can provide you with something you are looking for. The main disadvantage of agencies – and that’s something that only freelancers can provide you with – is a general inability to change working approach to each client. Why you should look at each agency closer, before actually picking up one?

                              There is a chance that you may come across a team with a policy that tends to build a working strategy based on client expectations and specific demands, instead of quite mindlessly following their own style of handling work. The more carefully agency is scrutinizing your project, the more chances they represent what you really need.

                              Among serious disadvantages are price, an obligatory to sign a contract for some time without results guaranty and general approach to all of the clients. You don’t know if a particular agency can really handle your project and what have in mind, but you have to sign a contract. And that is quite limiting you.

                              At the same time, there is a number of agencies that have a different approach to each client. This what you should be looking for. Their personal philosophy excludes the possibility to work on several projects at once. So, you have more chances to get work that will be done properly.

                              A lot depends on your budget and willingness to be patient enough for probable flaws. We strongly recommend avoiding at any cost traditional ways of handling the subject of this article. Your business is probably unique – so, you should think rather unconventionally to make it work. Hopefully, our hints may give you an idea of how to move.

                              Types of advertisement

                              Image ads

                              The most famous type of ads and, at the same time, the one that is always will be good enough to include in your advertising strategy on social media. If you wonder why is that so, we can explain it easily. The thing is about images is quite obvious – they attract attention. Our world becoming more and more image-oriented. You might actually have heard that people are visual creatures and they perceive the world through images more than verbally. This is one of the reasons why images in advertising strategy on social media is one of the best choices. It is not new, but its variations are changing.

                              Video ads

                              Moving images is quite an improvement on still images. Video is gaining more popularity than ever, beating even its younger fellow which we’ve been talking about in the previous chapter. Video is suitable for stories and posts.  Unlike just images, video is a good way to show your work or team dynamically.

                              Video poll ads

                              If you want to increase brand awareness, use video polls. It could be more effective than simple videos. Facebook embed is not a long time ago, so it’s still fresh and ready to be used.

                              Slideshow ads

                              The first and foremost thing that advertising is intending to hit is attention. As simple as that. After all, in marketing everything about getting attention. Slideshow ads offer a very simple and straightforward way to create short advertising from a collection of media you already have. It could be anything –  photos, text, or videos.


                              The times when social media platforms were only to share something with friends have gone. It is a vast space now where everyone can look for various products and services, interact with brands in order to find what is suitable for them.

                              Advertising is one of many ways to reach your target audience and talk with them about what is it you have to offer for these people who follow you.

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