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                              How to Make a Successful Animated Video for Your IT Product

                              How to Make a Successful Animated Video for Your IT Product

                              Looking to create an animated infographic video for your IT company but are not completely sure whether it is worth your effort, time, and money?

                              Marketing in the IT industry is not easy. Not many people can boast of being tech-savvy enough to understand the ins and outs of computing or software. That’s why trying to explain your IT product to viewers from different demographics and get them really excited about it at the same time can be a real challenge. This is where animated explainer video comes in, and it can work wonders to bring a complicated software product to life.

                              Why Create Animated Video about Software?

                              There are convincing statistics about the popularity of video marketing, and the figures don’t lie. Just think that video traffic represents about 80% of all internet user online traffic.

                              Besides, video content keeps viewers on your pages two times longer, and search engines start to recognize your web content as more valuable. So can you imagine a better medium for a branded message than a product video or an explainer video?

                              Explainer videos are bite-sized pieces of video content, their length is on average around 1 to 2 minutes, and they come in many styles and forms. Animated video clips are gaining popularity among IT businesses of all sizes, and especially startups because they offer a broad variety of design options, storytelling techniques, and emotional tactics to effectively communicate your marketing message to wider audiences and achieve proven results.

                              When and where should you use animation for IT product or a service once you have created your videos if your goal is to inspire potential customers? Let’s take a look at possible relevant locations.

                              • Explainer videos can be used to showcase the details of your software product or service in a simple and concise manner on landing pages;

                              • Animated instructional video tutorials are a perfect tool to educate your viewers about how to use your digital products or services if you add them to specific product pages;
                              • Marketing and promotional videos give IT companies to show off their unique brand’s personality, energy, and style, and humanize their company;
                              • You can repurpose your explainer videos for different needs, including an investor pitch, email signature, etc.
                              • Many social media platforms (like Facebook or Twitter) are video-friendly and encourage their users to share engaging video content, so you can post animated explainer videos there and make a splash for new software products.

                              How Can You Present a Lot of Information about IT Products in 2-Minute Explainer Videos?

                              Common animated video types include 2D animation that is flat like a cartoon, 3D animation that has depth and dimension, and whiteboard animation videos that tell creative stories with pictures that artists draw on a whiteboard and record their artistic process. All these styles are great for depicting something that can’t be found in the real world, explaining complex abstract concepts, intangible digital products, and complicated online services.

                              They are packed with lots of useful information presented in a digestible way. How is it possible? Most people are visual learners, and animated explainer videos combine beautiful images, charming music, and professional voiceover, appealing to different user’s senses and creating a strong impression on viewers. Many animated explainer videos include charts, diagrams, graphs, and thought bubbles present large amounts of data in a concise way and maximize viewer comprehension.

                              How to Make an Effective Animated Explainer Video for IT Product?

                              To achieve the best results, your animated video should look appealing, communicate the right messages, and resonate with your ideal customers.

                              Do your best to tell a compelling story – your goal is to establish trust and create an emotional connection with viewers, instead of using hard-sell techniques and pushing your product directly. It’s important to keep your audience engaged while they learn about your product or service.

                              • Provide a brief overview of your software product and tell what it actually does.

                              Show how your IT product relates to the everyday life of your audience and emphasize the positive impact you are making. This way, you have a better chance to make your story more memorable and make an emotional connection with more people. Make sure that your animated video looks great. You should invest money in creating high-quality video content that will stand the test of time.

                              • Define a specific problem for your users and showcase the solution to it.

                              Actually, you need to show how exactly your products will solve a specific customer problem. It’s critical to highlight the benefits of your products. Don’t just focus on the product’s features. Explain how your IT product will make the life of your target audience better.

                              • Try to keep your animated explainer video concise – not more than 120 seconds.

                              Today’s audience has a short attention span, so try to include the key takeaways in the first 30 seconds of your explainer video.

                              • Set the right tone – make sure that it aligns with your branding and be consistent.

                              Keeping the right tone in mind is important when you choose animation style, voiceover, music, and visual characters.

                              • Include a clear call to action because it’s the central component of the explainer video.

                              A good approach is an animated explainer video as a landing page. You should always inform customers what they should do next, for example, sign up for a free trial, subscribe to your email list, etc.

                              Final Word

                              If your IT company is struggling to strike the right tone with its marketing message, or appeal to a new broader audience, you should definitely use the power of advanced technology and animate your service or product, telling a convincing and engaging story.

                              Animated videos can help IT companies in many ways – improve visibility and reach wider audiences, educate their clients on how to use their product, pitch investors, engage existing customers on social media, etc.

                              No matter whether you use 2D simple animation or create a 3D animated video, you should use the best practices employed by successful brands – be interesting, concise, funny, socially conscious, and push the boundaries.

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