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                              How To Start A Tiktok For A Brand: Best Content For Your Brand’s Page


                              It’s 2021! And even if you’re not on TikTok, you’ll probably know someone who is. If your brand wants to be a part of the conversation, then read this blog post and learn how to start a TikTok for your business.

                              I know what you’re thinking. “I’m a business owner, not an influencer.”  Well, TikTok is all about the live feed, and there’s no better way to show your customers everything happening with your brand than by streaming it on TikTok for them. Here are some helpful tips on starting a TikTok account that will be perfect for your company!

                              If you’re looking to start a TikTok for your brand, it’s essential to make sure that the content is engaging.

                              Tips To Follow When Building Content For A Brand On TikTok

                              1. Create a strategy: before you start uploading videos, think about what type of content would be best for your brand. Maybe you want cute pet videos like @petco or funny animal memes like @peta? You can also post behind-the-scenes footage from events or updates on new products coming out soon. The trick is to figure out what makes your business unique and then develop creative ways to showcase this in short video clips.

                              Screenshot of a video from TikTok with a dog in the article How To Start A Tiktok For A Brand@petco’s video on TikTok

                              2. Consider who’ll watch: There are over 500 million users on TikTok. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure that the content you create aligns with the company’s vision and engagement. Creating engaging posts will help grow an engaged community of followers that are interested in following your brand’s story.

                              3. Think about your brand’s voice and what topic you want to talk about.

                              4. Use the app for a few weeks before posting content so that you can get familiar with it.

                              5. Be creative so that you can stand out from other brands. Mix things up, be different! Try using live video or creating a story like one of those old school photo booths where people put their head through the hole & take pictures while they are inside saying funny things as if they were taking photos at prom (a mixed media approach).

                              6. Keep it simple but also have fun by putting some effort into each post – make sure every picture is cropped well and has proper lighting; the text is easy to read; you can see what it’s about.

                              7. Keep your content relevant. Talk about things that are happening in the world at this time. Talk about trending topics on TikTok right now, such as #TacoTuesday.

                              Screenshot of a video from TikTok in the article How To Start A Tiktok For A Brand: Best Content For Your Brand's Page#TacoTuesday video on TikTok

                              8. Be consistent with posting, so viewers know when they will be able to catch your next post – TikTok have a 24-hour window before posts disappear, so if there’s something timely happening that day where people might want more info from you (i.e., news), make sure not to miss out by rescheduling the post for later.

                              9. “Repost” other brands’ good content too! Just search “repost” under browse video tags or explore popular hashtags like #bestvines, #memes or #news.

                              10. Optimize for the platform. TikTok is all about short videos, so your content should also be short and sweet (less than 30 seconds).

                              11. Change up the format of your posts to keep them interesting. Consider using other forms of content, too (like Vines). The aim is not to miss out.

                              12. Use filters creatively. For example: if you’re posting a TikTok or a Vine, use the black and white filter to make your post more visually appealing.

                              Black and white video in TikTokTikTok post using black and white filter

                              How to Win followers and turn them into Customers

                              • Be mindful of the types of videos you are posting. There is a type for every occasion, and your business should have one too!
                              • Ensure that the content posted on TikTok aligns with what people love about your brand. Avoid posting anything outside those parameters.
                              • Use hashtags to make it easier for people to find and follow your page. For example, use #tiktok or #branded content to get more views from other accounts following these tags! Hashtags are essential on TikTok. Put them in all of your posts if you can.

                              Hashtags in TikTok in the article about TikTok MarketingHashtags in TikTok

                              • If you want inspiration, you should also look for other businesses already on TikTok and do well. You can also try watching some TikTok Live videos streamed right now to see which ones seem like they have the most engagement from followers.
                              • Keep tabs on how many views/followers you get a day; this way, you know if things need to change for them to grow or stay where they are at.
                              • Giveaways and contests will generate more interest in both the TikTok account and current followers and potential customers who might not follow yet but will do so with the interest of winning.
                              • Respond to comments and likes from followers whenever possible promptly.
                              • Keep the brand voice consistent across all platforms; this includes social media accounts as well!

                              Keep the brand voice consistent across all platforms; this includes social media accounts as well! - in the article about TikTok Marketing

                              What Is The Best Content To Post For Your Brand On Tiktok?

                              1. Show behind the scenes the making of a product

                              Talk about the process of developing a new product. You can also showcase how the delivery process is done or what happens when an order arrives at your desk.

                              2. Tell a Story 

                              You can tell a story of how the company came to be.

                              You can also tell how a particular product was discovered.

                              Tell them what problem you are trying to solve and the solution that you want to give to your customers.

                              Introduce your company and the people behind it.

                              Share about your team, their roles in the business.

                              Tell us more about yourself as an individual person.

                              Share why you started this brand or why you love doing what you do so much? What was life like before? Where did that inspiration come from?

                              3. Educate your audience

                              One of the best ways to succeed on Social media is to sell by not selling. What do I mean by that, instead of selling your product, educate your audience on matters concerning the same? For example, if you are selling home decor items, you can educate your audience on tips for home keeping. While doing this, more people will discover you and, in turn, learn about your business.

                              In other words, stop selling and share value.

                              Video in TikTok in the article about TikTokVideo in TikTok

                              4. Show your routine at the business

                              What is it that you do to keep your business running smoothly? What are some of the challenges you face while working? When you do this, your audience will be in touch with your human aspect and easily relate to what you are selling. What is next on your to-do list? What do you aspire for in life? Share this with your audience as well.

                              5. Host a Q&A Session

                              This way, your audience will be able to ask anything they would like and get it answered in real-time while maintaining the relationships that you have built with them! It will also grow your audience.

                              6. Connect with the TikTok community

                              You can do this in several ways. One, you can have a stitch or a duet with someone from the same niche. You can also take part in a challenge or start a challenge within your business. For example, if you are in the business of shoe selling, you can begin a “#who wore it better”challenge with a hit song.

                              7. Share tips and tricks

                              If a hack you know relates to the product you sell, you can share the tips. Also, if the product you sell needs assembling, you can show the audience how to make the product.

                              TikTok Product VideoTikTok Product Video

                              In conclusion

                              Anyone can start a TikTok for their brand. It is easy to do, and the engagement rate will be high!

                              The best thing about starting your own TikTok page is that it can help you connect with the community differently. One way would be if you want to have a stitch or duet with someone from the same niche, then you should look them up on TikTok and contact them via DMs. If that does not work out, there are many other options available such as taking part in challenges or starting one of your own -for example, “who wore it better.” You could also share tips and tricks related to products they sell, like assembling works: which pieces go where? What tools can be used?

                              When it comes to the content of your TikTok, you should know that certain things will get more likes. People love animals and children, so if these elements happen to be part of a video, people will definitely watch it. Additionally, taking pictures with friends is always good because it’s something many people can relate to – they might even see themselves somehow!

                              Interacting with other users through comments or DMs has proved fruitful for everyone involved and gives them an incentive - in the article about TikTok Marketing

                              Lastly, interacting with other users through comments or DMs has proved fruitful for everyone involved and gives them an incentive. You could also post videos without talking but only have music playing during the clip and leave questions at the end for viewers, such as “what song do you think this is?”. If you want to know more about on-brand content creation and TikTok marketing strategies. Visit our blog and learn more!

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