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                              Instagram Live: why is it the right time to make your social video?

                              Instagram Live: why is it the right time to make your social video?

                              In this day and age, Instagram Live is gradually becoming a more common mode of connecting with your audience and a significant number of people and companies utilize it in the quotidian.

                              The famous update of the Instagram application caters you to a  feature of carrying out live streams and being directly tied to your users in real-time.

                              Also, it is a good approach to lure new followers by demonstrating your way of life, your environment, sharing your impression, or by tripping down your memory lane, whatever you want! In other words, appeared a great implement through which you can easily make your audience soak up every interesting moment of your life.

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                              In addition to this, it’s quite a swell way to kick off constructing your brand. You have all the tools you need at your disposal to create a prosperous tactic of streaming startup videos on Instagram.

                              How to use it? 

                              If you are still trying to get the hang of all the advantages that Instagram Live has, it is necessary to plunge into learning how to use it correctly and how to make from it a lucrative business.

                              In order to help your business to attain all-round development, you ought to create a marvellous Instagram Live content.

                              One of the things that can lend a hand to you to secure those all significant views is promoting. To reach these results you could share your Instagram stories that indicate the time and date of your Instagram live, through the medium of countdown stickers by which you can encourage your followers to click it and set up a reminder for when the countdown ends. It is important to do it on a regular basis and in a preliminary manner.

                              Through Instagram stories, you are allowed to narrate a bulk of information that the audience can expect and call them for sharing some questions in the comments before they get into the swing of the broadcasting.

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                              To commence streaming at the right moment is one of the simplest ways to make your Instagram live a little bit successful. All followers of yours who are available at this time will be alarmed by an in-app notification when you start the broadcast.

                              A few tricks to become aware of your audience

                              But if you are wondering -“How can I find out when my audience will be online in advance?” – there is a pretty easy answer. The key to solving this problem is to learn historical data trends to comprehend, at which time your followers tend to hang out on Instagram.

                              There are several ways to do this. On the one side, you can check out your Instagram Insights, where you will find some details when your followers are most active during the time of day and day of the week or even month. Furthermore, you can take a look at your Later Analytics to have much more detailed information about your audience.

                              Having a well-thought-out and clear content plan, that you always have to abide by, is one more keystone for success. It is an essential part of any video content to have everything planned, in anticipation that helps the people to have a clear perception of what you are going to cover on Instagram.


                              In addition to this, it definitely provides you with avoiding any inconvenient moments and pauses that can appear out of the blue during your broadcasting, and also it can help you to discuss all the important topics and points for your business. In other words, you have to feel comfortable with the flow and know every phrase inside out that you are going to say during each phase.

                              The structure

                              The structure that comprises the introduction, middle part, and conclusion, plays one of the fundamental roles of planning your live stream on Instagram. That´s similarly important to pick up what type of format you would like to follow, and of course, it is recommendable to get this clear before your broadcasting in order to make your translation as professional as it is possible.

                              Inviting other persons to your stream in a split-screen, sharing your camera screen, photos videos or just turning the camera on to let your followers  see everything that occurs is a good approach to carry out the broadcast in a manner more professional too.

                              A well-chosen place can be a crucial factor of how professional your live stream looks, and you can receive feedback from others concerning the quality of your broadcast. It depends on what the place you will select and consistent with that you can obtain miscellaneous comments, good ones, or not so. Greater emphasis on how your backdrop looks is needed in order to make your stream more attractive to users on Instagram. Sometimes, that would be enough if the wall behind you will be furnished with minimal white settings and some pictures or plants. It will create a certain coziness to compare a wall plastered with different decorations, photographs, or some posters.

                              Video recording for Instagram

                              Another essential element concerning your professional live stream is lightning. In addition to this,  working with colors permits you to spice up your broadcasting. There are plenty of different colors that you can implement in your live stream, starting with brighter and ending with murky or just even dark colors. It depends on what type of brand you possess, so you can think about what shade of color is the most appropriate to your brand.

                              But, there are no qualms about the best light during the translation of natural light from a window. Almost instantaneously, you will observe the betterment of the quality of your footage, that would look more professional than using a flashlight or shooting inside. And consequently, this type of light is perpetually thought of as an ideal option for broadcasting.


                              Exist plenty of explanations for starting the broadcast on Instagram. Putting a special emphasis on the important things can lead you to the solution of making your live stream centered, productive, and meaningful.

                              This might be creating a publicity stunt of realizing a product or a transmission of information following some important companies´ updatings, conversation with customers in real-time, or getting feedback during the translation from them.

                              To put it in a nutshell, if you have clearly established goals, it will be possible to convince that your Instagram Live content plan is totally supporting them.

                              If your goal is comprised of returning traffic to your website you could do this by requesting your member of the team to lend a hand you in order to submit a question in the process of live streaming that includes the link and you can share it with your audience on the screen.

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                              One piece of advice: it is recommendable to keep the links more catchy and short due to the fact that clicking on the shared response sticker is prohibited.

                              Subsequent to the ending of broadcasting on Instagram you can continue gladding the eyes of your followers by sharing your live stream to your stories for 24 hours, tapping on the icon ‘’save’’.

                              But take into account the fact that as soon as the broadcast ends only the video will be saved, but not comments and likes. And after the saving of your live stream you can take advantage of utilizing it for IGTV edit. At any moment you are able to repurpose this content into quick clips for your Instagram stories.

                              To crown it up, going live over and over again can be a good approach to develop your business and you have a lot of opportunities to catch your followers´ eyes and commence building your own brand. Additionally, you automatically grab a spoon to attract more and users of Instagram.

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