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                              Music Animated Videos and Lyric Videos

                              Music Animated Videos and Lyric Videos

                              Everyone likes music, and all people love cartoons, so it was a great idea to combine the two and create fascinating music videos that are based on 2D and 3D animations.

                              Animation is a versatile format that is limited only by the creator’s imagination. It can be used to create really stunning music animated video clips as well as lyrics videos that can easily catch audiences’ attention and make the video more memorable. The first animated music videos appeared in the 1980-s, but today, due to the coronavirus pandemic, both of these formats have become very popular trends, and a lot of animated music videos and lyric videos have been released recently, and they get more views and shares on social media platforms than audio releases.

                              Tha Native - AGA Hip-Hop Animated Lyrics Video

                              Music Video Animated Clips

                              Music videos are made to promote a singer or a song and to give them extra air time. They are often as important as songs because this way, artists can increase sales and boost awareness. Animated music videos are increasingly popular these days; artists and bands often add them to their websites and use them on social media to showcase their songs online.

                              Music animated videos are a staple and a go-to for those artists who don’t want to appear in their own clips or those who don’t have time to turn up for a video shoot for one reason or another. In recent years, animation has become a lot cheaper and easier to produce, so the number of interesting cartoon clips has skyrocketed, particularly among artists who are on a tight budget.

                              Why Do Animated Music Videos Work?

                              First of all, there are no real rules or guidelines when it comes to creating music videos because they serve to complement or enhance the song. So most animated music videos are rather abstract and freeform, and their goal is to illustrate important ideas that the performers want to communicate to their audience. Music animations are visually appealing and have unique elements that can make them look like short films on their own.

                              Music animations are visually appealing - animated music video

                              They offer great opportunities for artists to convey abstract ideas and themes of their songs and make a powerful impression on their audience, connecting with people on an emotional level.

                              The benefits of creating cartoon music videos are obvious as you are limited only by your imagination. It’s possible to easily draw anything you can imagine and animate it to tell an engaging story that will entertain viewers. In comparison, shooting live videos involves a lot of hassle connected with hiring actors, creating special effects, logistics, etc.

                              Want your music video to depict alien life on another planet or pre-historic creatures on Earth?  No problem. No matter how grandiose or visually challenging your creative ideas are, you can easily implement them in cartoon music videos. It will be no more complicated than depicting a band performing a song in a room. And if you tried to shoot such scenes in live videos and make them look realistic, it would be extremely expensive or even impossible.

                              The girl listens to music - music animated videos

                              How to Create an Animated Music Video?

                              In the past, animations were very expensive and the process was slow. They required teams of artists who needed to work for many months or even years because had to draw and paint each cell or every single frame by hand. But these days, everything has changed. Animators work on computers and use sophisticated animation software programs that make their work easier, and the entire process is rather fast. Today, even amateurs can try to create simple animations in their spare time just for fun, although if you want to create a good cartoon music video that will stand out from the crowd, you should definitely hire a professional animation studio.

                              Today, professional animators use a variety of techniques to create beautiful animated music videos that are capable of making a strong impression on viewers – 2D and 3D animations, stop motion, rotoscoping, claymation, and kinetic typography. But as there are no set rules, the process will be different for each individual piece, but typically everything starts with discussing the idea of the video and the message it has to convey and creating a script or a storyboard. The production time varies and it about 7-12 weeks – it depends on the length of the video, complexity, and visual style.

                              Talk2u Explainer Music Video

                              Animated Lyrics Videos

                              Lyric videos are very popular these days, and both established and beginner musicians use them to promote content and explain lyrics. These are videos that display on-screen the lyrics to a song as it is being played and provide listeners with an easy and engaging way to follow what the song is about.

                              Lyrics video animation differs from animated music videos as its goal is to display the lyrics. In recent years, animated lyrics videos served as teasers for forthcoming live-action videos, but today, they are more elaborate and often serve as main music videos.

                              Animated lyric videos use different types of animation from motion graphics to kinetic typography, and they can help turn an average song into a work of art. Moreover, animated text can represent the emotional elements of music.

                              Wondering why you should make animated lyric videos? Many fans love to know song lyrics and to sing along, but oftentimes, they might mishear certain words and that can translate to mistakes on lyric websites. If an artist posts a lyric video, it can help ensure that the right lyrics are there from the very start. It’s a simple way to provide fans with lyrics to help them memorize them. Besides, attention-grabbing animated lyrics videos tell a story and convey the meaning of lyrics in a meaningful way. Lyric videos combine audio and visual aesthetics and allow beginner artists to attract attention to their music and grow their audience.

                              Features of lyrical videos

                              This way, listeners can find a deeper meaning in song lyrics and relate to them. But today, many people are also looking to make their own fun animated lyric videos for karaoke night with friends.

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