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                              The best animations styles for marketing videos

                              The best animations styles for marketing videos

                              Have you ever wondered, what exactly makes a great animation video? Is it an idea behind the whole project? Maybe it’s the colors?

                              Actually, both the idea and the colors are important, but critical is the style that unifies them.

                              Certain types of videos appeal to some marketing goals better than others. The same thing goes for the styles of marketing videos. For instance, some speak out to a particular audience better than others.

                              The style of marketing video is like the language you choose to speak. Naturally, it is better to make up your mind on the one you share with people you are communicating to.

                              Video styles in articles about marketing videos

                              Why? Imagine a person that should present a show to a big audience. Let’s say, in the theatre. But this actor has no clothes or wearing the usual ones and the audience gets upset. The audience feels like people who were in charge of making this show are lying to them. What would they do? Right, they will leave the room, and look for something more comprehensive.

                              Well, if you’re using the wrong video style to convey your message, the same thing might happen to you. However, less dramatic, right?

                              The trust people are founding on is your ability to be precise, interesting, and, of course, make a point. And there is no video that would do that in an illustrious manner without picking up the right style.  

                              What are we going to do in this article?

                              We are about to tell you what kinds of different styles are out there, and how to use them for the benefit of your product. If you are ready…well, continue to read!


                              A variety of video marketing styles articles about video styles

                              But there are also some other things that most types of videos you are going to make should include. What are these?

                              Quality: It goes without saying that without quality the video won’t be even appealing enough to the audience to watch it. They probably will close the window around the first few seconds. However, if you are choosing bad quality intentionally if that is the part of your message, it changes everything.

                              Positioning: basically you have to choose the main elements that easily associate with your brand.

                              Timing: it’s like the rhythm, which should be duplicated, let’s say so, the mood of the video. Also, the topic of your video is vital for timing. Some things are better to explain in 30 seconds, some demands a minute or so.

                              Let’s proceed to the styles! 

                              2D Character Animation

                              2D animation is very popular and easy to apply. It is like lingua Franka among animation styles – everyone will understand it. Why? There are at least several reasons.

                              Characters and space where they are operating are created in a two-dimensional space; perspective here is used to give the illusion of depth. It helps to convey many emotions by letting people observe simple figures.

                              Whiteboard Animation

                              One of the most used animation styles for marketing videos. The whiteboard style is the perfect way to highlight vital details that are the core of the object. This is mostly graphic on the white background, but isn’t it the best way to present the idea?

                              3D Animation Style

                              This style is probably the closest to be called “arty”. Out of the many different types of animation styles, 3D offers complete immersion into the object of a video. However, unlike the previous styles we talked about here, 3D is really expensive. Also, the production time is longer. So, if you have a somehow limited budget, it is better to avoid 3D animation at this point.

                              Stop Motion Video Style

                              An incredible way to make explainer videos. The main trick here is that the movements are actually an illusion. If you want to explain a complex topic by atomizing it into the pieces, well, you couldn’t find a better choice.

                              The only issue is the cost.

                              Live-Action with 2D Animation

                              It actually doesn’t happen often, but combining live video with animations is proved to be a great idea. The mix of the graphics and the video can easily attract a viewer.

                              If you want any of these videos to present your idea, business or some concept, you can always contact us! Our team consists of experienced professionals that made lots of animated videos over the last ten years. We know how to put your ideas and thoughts into a great video.

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                              Cristen Bisheta 08.09.2021 at 13:54

                              Thanks for the advice. I will study this in more detail.

                              Miranda Booom 07.05.2022 at 03:43

                              Great article)

                              Rote Siemester 28.06.2022 at 08:34

                              I didn’t even think that not all animation styles are suitable for marketing

                              Michelle Bristort 28.06.2022 at 13:49

                              Thanks for sharing 😌

                              Siose Fretermonhe 30.10.2022 at 14:27

                              Animation is a good marketing tool. I’m not surprised you are talking about this

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