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                              Top 5 Ways To Use Interactive Video

                              Top 5 Ways To Use Interactive Video

                              Interactive videos become more popular and demanded nowadays. With the flexibility of video formats, you can use it both for informal and formal presentations. They give viewers the possibility to influence the direction of the video by answering some simple questions, clicking on the objects on the screen. And all these things have much to offer to attract more attention of the people to the video making it more impressive and effective. Seeing a good and promising start, the viewer thinks that continuation will be interesting enough so they are widely used for different purposes.Cat astronaut in an article about Interactive Video


                              For learning about new things direct involvement in the content, its quality and amount are very important for people. The atmosphere of the game and the realization that your own decisions affect something help to study faster and more effectively. Also, the visualization of the learning subject allows students to memorize complicated things and concepts better. Interactive videos can help to make the information less time-consuming. For example, it is possible to cut into pieces your presentation so that a small video contains the answer to a certain question, which will be the title of the clip.


                              Interactive marketing video creates a great opportunity for companies to promote their products in modern ways. Solution dependent clips add more interest to possible clients. Also, interactive videos, at first sight, seem to be short (it is important when you are trying to expand your audience) but the total time the customer spends on watching and discovering new features is increasing. And the reason for it is a unique format – additional videos after clicking on the screen hotspots. There are numbers of interactive marketing examples and the most popular are:

                              • Stories. Choosing certain objects on the screen, a person is developing a story in the way he likes it.
                              • Quizzes. Give people a chance to express their opinions on different products and events. It is a great opportunity for you to collect some statistics for marketing researchers.
                              • Infographics. Popular with today’s companies they contain less boring texts but more pretty-looking pictures, charts, and tables.


                              You can use interactive videos to improve the quality of the content. Give the audience a chance to choose what to show next, what to do in a few minutes, where to go today and so on. Moreover, you can organize visual interactive tours so that users can get more excitement from watching your interactive video. Don’t waste the possibility to give more entertainment to people.


                              For big companies, it is really hard to find employees, especially when we are talking about big numbers. But using modern solutions for such problems, companies can make an interactive video for these processes. Clips make much easier to find people who want the jobs, test them and their qualities, get to know a bit about skills and wishes, shortly speaking, prepare employees for the main interview in the office.


                              Among a huge variety of genres of computer games, there are some that include elements of the interactive cinematography. Skillfully added to the game, these features can diversify the gameplay a lot, creating high-quality images and videos.
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                              Probably after reading this article, it may be interesting for somebody to know how to make an interactive video. So here are short instructions:

                              1. Decide what app you are going to use, download it if needed.
                              2. Upload a video to the program or write the address of the video from the browser.
                              3. Choose the way you want to make the video interactive.
                              4. Fill in all the forms and add timing when it appears.
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