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                              What You Should Know If You Create Animated Characters?

                              Making videos usually seems to be an effective form of dealing with clients or publicity. Doesn’t matter what your purpose is – an interesting video format will probably take a lot of people attention. But to make a beneficial and satisfying short movie you need to decide with some details of the content. And among them, there is a character. Usually, it is a person or a thing presenting some material. And for the better interest of the viewers, a character should be animated. So how to make animated characters?

                              There are some essential steps you have to complete to create animated characters:

                              • Think about your future figure. Ask yourself some questions like « What it will be? A person, an animal, a book? »; «Is it the main character or a second plan type?» and so on.  Focus on what you are going to do and imagine the first sight of a video hero. It is necessary to understand what type of personality and behavior is a suitable one.
                              • After deciding about the origin of your future masterpiece, visualize it. Maybe this stage is more difficult than the first so be ready. Prepare some variants of possible appearance with their own style and details. Also, while bringing a character to life, take into account the purpose of creating this figure and its future actions.

                              (But it is even possible to skip this stage if your animated character is a simple example and doesn’t have a special and complicated look).

                              • Colors. Yes, they are important! Using different colors an animation character designer can emphasize certain aspects of a unique personality. A perfect mix of tones can make viewers to remember the individual and keep him in mind for a long time. But be provident, changing colors of the character may be difficult so choose the most suitable tones.
                              • Story. An interesting origin of the individual can attract more people and arouse a variety of feelings. Empathizing the character is important because people get more concerned. Or maybe you want to keep the background in secret to set up a mystical atmosphere around the figure.

                              Be careful, some video formats don’t combine with storytelling like with an unnecessary thing.

                              • Simplicity. Often well-drawn and detailed characters are not as memorable as the simple ones. The animated character design may be uncomplicated but attract more attention because of its simple and easy-to-remember appearance. But anyway animated figures should be distinctive so don’t let an absence of complications spoil the total representation.
                              • Accessories. Animation character design includes a variety of things that will be helpful to present your character in the right way. It is possible to accentuate some unique features and interest people to a certain product.

                              Take care of other angles in order to diversify the content. Even if the character is flat and made in 2D, it is still available to turn him around. In this way, viewers are able to see more details, especially, if some of them were poorly visible or hidden away.

                              When the total character design has been finished the next stage is waiting – animation. Decide what the hero will be doing during the video so that you could create correct and good enough for the audience animation.

                              Additionally, to the information above here are some tips about styles:

                              1. For mass audience and entertainment, the perfect type will be simple and funny. Let people enjoy the common design. Usually, the majority of people have already seen this type of animation and liked it because it is used in comics, magazines, and books. Another advantage is the high quality of animation. The simple design gives more possibilities in the animation because of its easy anatomy and appearance.
                              2. For educational purposes, you do not need a serious animation because the emphasis is on the material, not character. But the association with a good-looking character helps to memorize content better.
                              3. A complicated design may be helpful to promote some products or services. The availability of a lot of things and details attracts more attention to the audience because humans want to explore. To make people paying attention to a certain object, highlight it on the total theme.

                              I hope this info has been helpful for you. And good luck with creating animated characters!  

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