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                              Why Do We Use Video On Social Media Marketing

                              Videoclips of different kinds take up more space in the news strips of users on social media is actively developing the capabilities of this content type for its advertisers and users. Why we use video on social media?

                              Video is an effective tool for attracting customers

                              All because of the general fact: the real efficiency markers of videos bet the usual text-graphic’s ones. This is a simple statistic: on average 3 users who prefer watching coubs or videoclips only one will choose publications of the “picture – text – link” format.

                              The best one is considered to be vertical video, convenient for viewing on a mobile screen. Particular attention should be paid to online broadcasts; their popularity will only grow. The interactivity of the format turns these videos into an effective instrument to engage the audience and strengthen the relationship between the brand and its subscribers.

                              For those who want to be in trend, we’ll give a couple of tips on creating videos for social media with high efficiency and memorability.

                              How To Make A Real Top-Notch Format?

                              Depending on the specifics of your product, we recommend choosing from the following six types of social media videos that are most popular today in digital marketing.

                              1. Overviews On Your Products or Goods

                              You can talk about the properties, methods of application, composition and other characteristics of your product. Perhaps compare it with competitors’ products. Or show how your product looks on a pretty model.

                              This format is most suitable for categories such as gadgets, cosmetics, cars and car accessories, toys. Also, reviews will help brands whose products belong to specific product categories, when you need to understand the details for a purchasing decision and sometimes to understand what a particular product is for.

                              The user first searches the search engine for an overview and selects, for example, the product that he needs, and then searches for the most advantageous offer. An online store that creates its own videos significantly increases the likelihood of switching after viewing the review to your own site.

                              1. Educational Videos

                              One way to increase user loyalty to a brand is to “form” them in one way or another, providing useful and interesting information. In what area of ​​knowledge can your brand prove to be an expert? Simple examples: for culinary brands – cooking, for brands promoting a healthy lifestyle – advice on diets, yoga and other practices, for children’s brands – tips on developing and raising a child.

                              To understand which video formats will “go well”, analyze what popular bloggers are talking about today. Among the most common queries, you will find recipes, fitness, advice for mothers, business training and personal growth training.

                              People often use social networks

                              1. Explainer Videos

                              Do you need to find the best social media videos for business? That’s an explainer video content, of course. Even if you want to sell a food processor, that’s will be needed to explain your future clients its main principles of working, merits it has and properties of each model.

                              Explainer videos are not similar to those with educational goals – that’s quite a specific genre. And it is quite common to use animation as a mean for the realization of the explainer method of video shooting and production.

                              1. Video Diaries

                              Take a look at your plans: maybe there are some activities you can perform in the video format. It can be an exhibition, a sponsorship expedition, a festival or a special project.

                              Interesting reports, interviews or broadcasts of the event will allow you, firstly, to maintain online activity, and secondly, create a “loop” of views after the event.

                              1. Customer Reviews

                              The best way to gain the trust of your clients is to show persons who are loyal to your company and employees who work in the company. Video on social media marketing that includes feedback of the clients perhaps one of the easiest production formats suitable for this.

                              Video reviews are suitable for businesses that have a long sales process (consulting, etc.) and the deal depends on how much the company will inspire confidence in the client.

                              1. Video Compilation

                              There is a narrow category of brands whose users themselves create a lot of content. These include, for example, video recorders, quadrocopters, applications for video recordings, “action cameras”. If you are lucky enough to promote such a brand – analyze what your audience is shooting and push it to create more. Let them do it for you! Your task is to select the best and share it with all subscribers.

                              1. Feature Video I.E. Clip or Whiteboard Animation

                              Perhaps the most difficult format to implement. It includes viral videos, branded TV shows, unusual integrated videos. For a successful implementation, it is necessary not only to come up with a bright, original idea but also not to “fail” at the stage of selecting actors, method of production, locations, editing. Animated videos fall into the same category, for example, all the same, explainer videos. And it’s really a good idea to turn your feet to the social media video production company. And for getting the best results in SMM it’s obvious you have to combine some kind of genres to produce really original, interesting and quite productive video content.

                              But exactly the 6th type of video content is sometimes able to become a real breakthrough in the success of a brand. Therefore, to refuse this type of video for your site is definitely not worth it. Perhaps it’s your video that will become viral in the global network and will win the billionth audience.

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