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                              Why is animation a good fit for DeFi space?

                              Why is animation a good fit for DeFi space?

                              Have you ever wondered why moving pictures are so good at explaining even the most difficult topics? Or, to put in a bigger perspective, why are drawing pictures so good at making a variety of themes more comprehensive?

                              Well, I can tell you one thing: those who are involved in crypto space definitely noticed something wonderfully… capable of explaining things, to say so, about animated images and videos. It is time for another question:)

                              So, have you ever seen how crypto brands use animation in their work? It could be anything from simple icons to complex explainer videos. Why?

                              The answer is simple to us. The fascinating abilities of animation to make complex ideas easy to get and perceive are very useful for such concepts as a decentralized space. Clearly, to put it into words is a rather arduous task. But animation with all the shapes, colors, abstract lines, and recognizable pictures can in a few seconds perform an act of explanation better than a hundred words.

                              Animation with all the shapes, colors, abstract lines, and recognizable pictures can in a few seconds perform an act of explanation better than a hundred words.

                              Here is a quick marketing tip for you: want to make your audience bigger? Make an animated video for them. It could be an explainer about some concepts behind your work.

                              Before we continue our small talk about animation and its gift of explanation, let’s go through the concept of the DeFi first. 

                              Cryptocurrency is the sphere that promises to free money and payments from the hands of traditional financial systems that have become too corrupt. So, in a nutshell, transactions must be universally accessible to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are in Malaysia, Great Britain, or Belarus – it should be there for you, too.

                              But that is not exactly what The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) or Open Finance movement aims for. Yes, their aspirations include what we just mentioned. But DeFi is one moon gravity step ahead of this thing. They want to build a global, easily accessible, alternative way for every single person to perform financial operations. It includes loans, trading, insurance, etc. What kind of way, you might ask. Super simple: anyone who owns a smartphone and has a proper internet connection. That’s…it.

                              Yes, on this level that is it. But how does it work exactly? No, no, we will not explain this system, but… animation definitely will! Take a look at this simple video: 

                              One of the main powers on the DeFi space, DEX aggregator 1 inch, in its visuals uses nothing but animation. It could be gifs, very simple 2D videos, or just drawing pictures with the hint on animation. Why? Because it’s memorable, easily recognizable, and looks cool.

                              The DeFi space, as we mentioned before, consists of many quite hard-to-understand terms. One of these is “the pool of liquidity”. In order to explain this one, we would have to use many other terms, but none of it could be as illustrative as this video:


                              To crown it up, we’ve got to say: the animation isn’t the subject of DeFi space. It is obvious. However, when it comes to explaining this wonderful innovation to the people that are quite far from the specific terms that professionals use here, nothing is better than animation. We showed you several videos, and if you have watched them, congratulations — you take one step into the new area. 🙂

                              Even regular, not sophisticated animated videos can explain complex ideas to those who have never faced certain fields of knowledge.

                              Even regular, not sophisticated animated videos can explain complex ideas to those who have never faced certain fields of knowledge.

                              One last question for you: imagine that you need to explain some hard concepts to a wide audience. You might use a simple video, like those we saw earlier in this article. Or… you can ask our studio to make a video for you — a complex, vivid, and very gaudy video. But its capability to highlight sense and deep meaning into understandable pieces of art will the same.

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