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                              Written by Julia Kotlyar

                              10 Best Examples of a Product Animated Video

                              10 Best Examples of a Product Animated Video

                              Businesses around the world are always in need of finding ways of showcasing their products and services using the latest techniques and tools available in the market. One such way is through taking the help of specialized technology to create Product Animated Videos. These videos are perfect for introducing and familiarizing your products and/or services to your potential clients. With the help of product animated videos, you get the freedom to convey complex ideas in a simplified manner. In addition to that, product animated videos have the capability of keeping the audience entranced. You can make a lasting impression on your audience using unique hooks and storylines to keep them attached to their screens.

                              In 2021, more and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon of producing such mesmerizing product animated videos. These videos help create brand awareness. All types of brands either mainstream or small can take advantage of such marketing strategies. Such animated videos need to be able to strike the right tone with the audience for them to be successful. Nowadays, customers are exhausted with watching obvious advertising and promotions being executed left and right. They are looking for something interesting and captivating, and animated video marketing happens to be just that. Product videos are not only a good option for investors or partners but are also a good fit for the clients. They can connect with the audiences on an emotional level better than any other medium and can transfer information faster.

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                              To make your product animated video standout you can incorporate brand logos, slogans, mottos, and other brand colors that are unique and associated with your business. This will motivate the viewer to continue paying attention to your brand specifically and personally connect with it. Furthermore, the type of music you choose in your video and the script that you select for your voice-overs can make the video even more memorable for the audience. If you include your company’s story, mission, and values you would have a better chance of keeping your audience glued.

                              So, if you want further inspiration to help you decide if you should be including Product Animated Videos in your marketing campaigns, we got you covered. Below you will find a list of the 10 best examples of a Product Animated Video that we have compiled for you. You’ll notice that the videos we have included in this article are not only interesting and simple but are also funny enough to keep the audience hooked.

                              1. Enjoy vitamins for your health

                              You can let your target audience learn more about your product and here is an example of how you can do that created right here at our studio, Darvideo. Our studio created this Advertisement for one of our clients and made use of colorful 2D graphics in it. In this commercial video, we adopted a new-age practice to make sure we grasp the attention of our viewers from the first second of the product animated video. You can watch the video here.

                              2. Meet Google Home by Google

                              The next video on our list is by Google. They have presented Google Home in the following short animation video to their consumers. The video not only introduces its audience to the product but also displays its many features keeping the audience hooked till the last minute. You can watch this unique and colorful product animated video below.

                              3. Work, simplified by Slack

                              Slack developed by Slack Technologies is a communication platform featuring numerous chatrooms that enables its users to operate various types of business departments in one application. In this product animated video, Slack used numerous on-screen graphics and made use of fun and bold character animations. It shows the users how easy life can be if they switch to Slack through the amazing animation techniques. You can watch the video here.

                              4. Delivery Dance by Grubhub

                              The other video on our list is this unique and fun-filled video by the food ordering company Grubhub. It has all the vibrant touches of a great animated video that make it an exceptional product animated video. The commercial shows its viewers how they can take advantage of the Grubhub Perks. The characters keep your attention right on the screen by being downright hilarious through their moves and dialogues. You can watch the fun-filled video here.

                              5. Braun Animated Commercial

                              Another interesting video that we selected for this list was created by our in-house animators for Braun, which is a German consumer products company. We used basic 2d animation for this product video and relied on a script to convey our message. Darvideo was responsible for drawing the illustrations, writing the scripts, and animating the video. Through the video we let the audience know how quick it is to get work done when you have Braun products assisting you in your day-to-day chores.

                              6. New McDonalds App Commercial

                              Another video we chose for our list is this 2D motion graphics product animation for Singapore’s McDonald’s App. The graphics used in this video display the character using the app and explaining all the different features of it. This is a great way of not only advertising your product but also letting the user know how to use it. You can enjoy the video here.

                              7. How to save on calls? Cheap International Calls through Yolla

                              Our studio created the following video to present to the viewers Yolla, an app for HD quality international calls. The audience learns about the exciting offers that they can avail themselves once they get connected to the app through this animated video. We made use of 2D graphics with character animation for this particular product animated video. You can watch the video here.

                              8. Airtable

                              Airtable, a spreadsheet-database hybrid was found in 2012. This product animated video created by Airtable themselves makes use of animation and transitions to teach its users about the benefits of switching on to Airtable. You will learn how easy it gets to manage work through the use of this database. You can watch this informative video here.

                              9. Hybrid Cloud Flexibility by Microsoft in Business

                              Microsoft has established its name in the world for quite some time but even after being so well-renowned, they need effective product animated videos to educate their users. This video unveils to the audience Microsoft’s enterprise cloud solution through smooth animation and voiceover that really manages to holds the attention of the viewer. You can watch the video here.

                              10. Plastic Processing

                              The last video on our list is this product animated video about a filter for recycling plastic products. In this video, our studio used 2D graphics to educate the audience on the intricate details of the complex process of recycling a mixture of plastics. We advertised the FUNDABAC® candle filter to our audience and how it makes this complex process significantly easier. You can watch this Product Animated Video here.

                              The world of Product Animated Videos has a lot to offer now. You can simply feature your amazing animation in the form of an animated video. The use of voiceovers or narrations can help you further in relaying your story. Creativity knows no boundary when it comes to Animation and Darvideo can happily assist you in your business ventures by creating interesting product animated videos for you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further queries.

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                              Impressive! The videos look great!

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                              I think such videos sell a product better than anything else. No wonder they say that video is better than a thousand words)

                              Kamran Khan 14.09.2021 at 19:42

                              Animation is a method in which figures are manipulated to seem as moving images. In traditional animation, images are drawn or painted by hand on transparent celluloid sheets to be photographed and exhibited on film. Today, most animations are made with computer-generated imagery (CGI). I am a Motion Graphic Designer with exposure in Art Direction, Graphic Design, Compositing and Video Editing.
                              My short addition.

                              Tucson Norris 17.09.2021 at 07:09

                              Still, the animated videos are one step ahead of the usual ones. They have more expression, emotions, brightness. They are more popular with viewers than regular videos with real characters. I’m for animation!

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                              These animated videos look great!

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                              Videos from the article look original!

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                              This selection is rightly called the best. This is true.

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                              I think now without quality advertising you will not sell your product. Now the whole world revolves around the media. People mostly buy only advertised products.

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                              Video may be used to humanize your business, educate people, advertise products, and much more.
                              So using video is really a great idea.

                              T Cuyspo 01.10.2021 at 11:52

                              You completely convinced me. Animated video is what our company needs. Your examples are pleasantly impressive) _

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                              Well, the videos are really good. There would be more such articles about different video topics.

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