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                              “30 under 3D” or 30 best 3d video companies to know about

                              Nowadays 3D animation can affect your business drastically. Many projects proved that their products have been taken to a large extent once they decided to use 3D video with its impressive visual effects.

                              3D animation videos statistically help products to convey the idea faster than any other type of video. The visual beauty of these videos and the precise portrayal of the products or services make people easily understand the gist of the subject. Admit that a clear understanding of your services links a person to the moment when he or she is more open to using it.

                              And..this is exactly what helps the audience to be engaged, interested in the product. Meanwhile, your product becomes a valuable object worthy of people’s attention.

                              The position of 3D videos as a tool for marketing is increasing every year. Considering such circumstances, we asked ourselves:

                              What are the best companies in this sphere?

                              – Are they focused only on making 3D videos?

                              – What do they say about their own services and how they position themselves?

                              With all these questions swirling around in our heads, we quickly understood one thing: we have to do research. As we always do 🙂 Thus, we have seen hundreds of companies, looked at their videos and received lots of answers. And we are ready to share it with you!

                              So, let’s take a look at the 30 best 3D companies and learn everything important about them. Starting now!

                              30 best 3D companies


                              Art&Graft – a stunning London-based company that is entirely focused on producing 3D animation in a wide range of mediums. Their clients are usually extremely huge brands, including Google, Cartoon Network, BBC, Apple.

                              Partly because their target is wider than just commercial videos: they make everything from event videos to explainers. This video is a great example of amazing visuals, stunning script and perfect choice of background music. It is actually pure art.

                              A small team of professionals usually renews, because once in a while the company is looking for a new professional to join the team. These guys see 3D animation as a constant way toward perfection, since “the borders of fantasy always should be pushed and extended, and one of the ways to do that is to create new examples of wonderful 3D videos”.

                              Quote from the guys Art & Graft

                              Explain Ninja

                              Explain Ninja – a video production studio that is focused only on one genre of animated videos – they create exclusively animated explainer videos for companies. Their team is incredibly big and includes animators, producers, scriptwriters, directors, voice-over artists and other staff, they managed to achieve an amazing level of product portrayal in 3D videos. This is the studio that works impeccably with goals like “to increase brand recognition through video”.

                              Here you take a look at their video and get how wide their illustrative services are.

                              They have a rather interesting pricing system. It includes five packages: micro, basic, standard, pro, and business. Each of these includes different services and the price itself.

                              Passion animation studios – a large company with an extremely huge experience behind its back. With over 30 years of experience in the animation industry, these guys managed to create videos that are widely known and changed the nature of 3D for sure.

                              Their services are not limited by one type of animation and with a big team of creative professionals, they have more styles to cover. Take a look at this minimalistic piece of animation.

                              SHOOT YOU

                              SHOOT YOU this is a video animation and production company based in London. As you can see, this company is not limited itself to 3D animation and yet they manage to be one of the best in the industry.

                              "We can see the future of 3D animation as one of the leading genres that not only help brands to thrive but also makes people admire wonderful visuals and enjoy it" - SHOOT YOU

                              SHOOT YOU

                              Their team includes more than 50 employees. They also provide additional services, including digital and content marketing. That is why they call themselves the clients “media partners”.

                              The words of the staff of the animation studio SHOT YOU


                              Explanimate – as you might already get from the title, the company focuses mainly on explainer animation. But… actually, they are more than that. Even though the team consists of less than 10 people (!), they specialise in everything from explainer videos to television advertising and commercial videos. Whether it is a cartoon animation or realistic video they always push the genre forward. Here’s what they say about themselves and the core of animation:


                              The DVI Group – an established brand among animated video production companies. These guys have a 20-year history that handed them an amazing reputation. At first, the company was only a video production studio that focuses on a variety of different services, including computer animation. However.. they evolved into something much bigger – an animation agency that creates unique, easy to recognise videos and also produces both digital and print content.

                              The company offers a wide range of video production services: from live-action filming, including 2D/3D animation, to billboard design.

                              Take a look at one of their works over here.


                              Webdew –  a creative video production company founded by Danish Wadhwa in 2016. The company that grew extremely fast and just in a few years has been able to reach a higher level of animation making. No wonder – they have a professional team of more than 50 people in the team. Their main area of expertise is 3D animation videos.


                              Sparkhouse – a video production company that creates extremely different and engaging videos that helped many clients to accomplish their goals. The team consists of 20+ professionals.


                              Veracity Colab

                              Veracity Colab –  a top video agency that focuses on a variety of animation genres. 3D videos are their main genre.

                              Veracity Colab

                              Take a look at their animated videos here.


                              Epipheo is a Cincinnati based video production agency. The team consists of 60 people who among others specialize in 3D animation. They create in different animation styles – from cartoons to commercial videos.

                              To be honest, it is the studio with one of the most interesting positionings we have ever seen:



                              BuzzFlick is a 3D Animation Company located in Dover. Their portfolio is full of wonderful works in 2D or 3D or, sometimes, mixes with other animation styles.

                              The team members say that “among many languages that animation “speaks” to the viewers, 3D – is a kind of lingua Franka. Everyone loves and understands it.”

                              Here’s how what they say about their mission:


                              Indigo Production

                              Indigo Production everyone knows these guys. Well, everyone in New York, where this company is located.

                              What are they creating? Commercials, explainers, business-oriented videos in the 3D Animation Video Production business.

                              Indigo Production portfolio says one thing: everyone knows them in New York and… around the world. They have been working with  Samsung, Givenchy, The New York Times, Harvard, Columbia University, Vice Media, IBM, the United Nations, Rolling Stone, Sony Pictures, Anheuser-Busch.

                              Indigo Asia Production

                              Studio B Films

                              Studio B Films – 20 years of storytelling. This is exactly what you will see on their landing. And that is completely true.

                              Studio B Films is a 3D animation studio that has a rather wide focus – everything from motion graphics, to traditional explainers. What about the software they use? Blender, Cinema 4D and motion blender.

                              Studio B Films

                              Grumo Media

                              Grumo Media is an example of a wonderful 3D company that focuses almost entirely on making 3D videos. There is actually a link between these things – many 3D companies concentrate exclusively. They use different software to create animation, including well-known Blender.

                              Grumo Media

                              Spin Creative

                              Spin Creative has a quite clear motto:

                              Spin Creative

                              That’s wonderfully easy to see in their works. Besides 3D animation, they produce a great variety of other videos – including real shooting. It goes without saying that they have a big team of professionals that are top-notch masters.

                              Creating animation they use software like Cinema 4D, Modo and Lightwave 3D.

                              Blue carrot

                              Blue carrot offers a wide range of computer animation services. Mostly they focus on explainers. Take a look at this video to grasp their amazing approach to animation.

                              The company’s animators use Blender among other software.

                              Blue carrot

                              Bottle Rocket Media

                              Bottle Rocket Media is a video content agency from Chicago. Their team is rather small – 10 people only, yet highly creative and versatile. Over decades in the market, they have an impressive portfolio of different works including 3D mixed with other animation styles. Over 200 employees make it work.



                              Tatostudio – a less known, but highly impressive studio from Poland. Why? First of all, they focused on 2D, 3D and creative design – which is a highly interesting blend. We found them extremely engaging – partly because the team seems to be very unusual for the 3D company as we used to see these in our sphere.

                              BluBlu Studios

                              BluBlu Studios is a design-driven animation production company that offers a variety of video production services since 2014. Their team of 30 members specializes in 3D animation, commercials and explainer videos. “We will blu your mind” – they say on the main page of the site. And they really blu the minds of their viewers.

                              BluBlu Studios

                              Kyro Digital

                              Kyro Digital is a production company located in Mission Viejo, California. The team consists of 17 specialists. Kyro Digital is exclusively dedicated to ensuring that clients can get a unique video that meets their expectations.

                              Kyro Digital


                              IdeaRocket is a video production agency based in New York. “Put your message into orbit with your animated video”, they say. And that’s extremely beautiful and engaging..They have a team of  10 professionals that work in a variety of styles. Just take a look at its range!


                              Stylocreative – one of the handfuls of studios that make 3D videos using a minimalistic approach. They have created many wonderful design-driven works that fit into the category “stylish”. Take a look at their works here and enjoy!


                              Darvideo animation studioa studio with 10+ years of experience in animation making that surprises clients every time they finish another project. A big team that consisted of over 200 people managed to finish a great variety of projects in basically every type of animation.

                              The company films

                              The company films – an award-winning company that can make real masterpieces in both real shooting on computer animation. The wonderful 3D works they produced is hard to overrate – it is pure art.

                              The company films


                              Wyzowl – a distinguished animation studio from the UK that not only creates lots and lots of amazing 3D animation videos but also provides interesting content on animation. They offer worldwide services and have already completed over 3000 videos.

                              Two animators

                              Two animators – a rather unique animation studio that is leaning towards puppet and cartoon animation, besides creating 3D works. You can’t say you’ve seen many such studios – it might be one of a few, but the definitely extremely interesting one.

                              Calabash studios

                              Calabash studios another magicians that can bring you extreme emotional and visual pleasure. They are also a more cartoon-kind of a studio that enhances the powers of 3D videos with the help of other styles, simply mixing them. Make sure you check their works.

                              The little wild ones

                              The little wild ones – a very… cosy animation studio. They describe themselves very humbly: “The Little Wild Ones is a design-driven animation and motion design studio based near London with a passion for character-driven brand storytelling. We create 2D & 3D video content to engage, entertain, and delight your audience”. One of the best studios that create 3D animation for various purposes.


                              Animazzio – a wonderfully creative team of animators that offers amazing works. They tend to be close to clients intentions and seem to check with them on every stage of the process of creation.



                              Ydraw – or “animation video to tell your story”. As simple as that and yet wonderful and engaging. A fun team of animators is also very easy when it comes to communication.


                              A few additional questions

                              How much does 3D animation costs?

                              Usually, the cost of video depends on the length, style and scope of the video production service. However, the cost among companies you read about in this article for 1 minute 3D animated video goes from $7,000–$9,000.

                              How long does it take to create an excellent 3D animated video?

                              Creating a great 3D animated video computer animation agency can take from 4 weeks to a few months. It depends on editing and additional services video might require.

                              How long does a studio answer?

                              Usually, studios are quite busy and they answer within 1-2 days.


                              • 3D animation still is one of the best tools when it comes to shaping visual statements. It is extremely eloquent, it conveys emotions incredibly well, and its expressive abilities are exceeding many other animation styles. No wonder it has become a trending format.
                              • We have listed a variety of studios and not every one of them was in any way similar to the other. As we see, many companies focus entirely on animation, but there are those that work in many video production spheres.
                              • 3D animation could cover very different purposes – many companies from this list produce explainers, but even more provide design-driven videos that are better to use for minimalistic spheres – eco-friendly startups, for example.
                              • The ability to both portray exactly some sphere and use visual metaphors to convey its connotations and hidden meanings make this tool inarguably among the best ones.

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