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                              Brand presence online: how to build effective visibility

                              Brand presence online: how to build effective visibility

                              Try to remember the last time you were looking for something online – maybe headphones, something for your home, or clothes. You’ve probably started examining what is out there among brands. You found several of them and compared each one by looking at the reviews, quality, and other important features of the product. You may or may not notice that some brands were higher, and the number of mentions about them was bigger. This is not a coincidence but a consequence of an effectively-built online presence.

                              The Internet is the only place where people look for products and various goods. To be precise, 97% of customers would spend time online learning about brands and their products before making a purchase.

                              This must tell a lot to the brands about building marketing strategies. You might have a fantastic product and creative team, but to complete the picture, you have to work on your brand presence online. Some companies win customer’s attention and loyalty because they were more convincingly present when people started browsing for the products. Customer’s purchasing decisions basically depend on what can make them sure that this is the right thing to buy.

                              The basic definition of online presence is the following: how easy it is for the customer to discover various brand pages online. It includes all of them: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even Amazon. If you are visible, it is more likely that you receive more orders and will get more clients. Well, because they see you and they become interested in your products. Experienced customers understand that establishing a visibility brand has to work hard. Despite significant advances in making products, some brands that aren’t working on their online presence get less attention. If the brand is present online – on many platforms and in many ways – a customer wouldn’t doubt the quality of the product.

                              What are the benefits of online visibility?

                              There are apparent benefits of online visibility. A specific function that online presence is carrying in a marketing strategy is conveying a brand message and statement – “the brand is worthy of trust.”

                              First of all, you’ll be in the line of those who will convince a customer to make a purchasing decision. On the other hand, if your brand presence is weak and unstable, you’re not reminding yourself enough, people would naturally forget about you.

                              You will find new customers easy. The more attracts even more – this is a rule that never fails to be proven in every marketing industry. If you were able to get some loyal customers, you would have more of them due to the nature of sharing opinions on the internet.

                              The more people see you, the more reasons they have to trust you. Such brands are highlighting stability, and it is something one always trusts.

                              Reputation is fueled by effective visibility. What do people say when they respect some company? They won’t talk only about products. Maybe not fully aware of it, many of us price brands for their presence because this precisely what leads to everything associated with the brand.

                              This isn’t a secret that if you are on top of some marketing niche, you will affect customers’ choices. Online presence is a part of the aim.

                              How to build a brand presence?

                              Work for your target audience

                              You won’t deny that no brand could even think of suiting everyone’s needs. Even in one industry, many audiences slightly different. And one brand can’t fit all of them. Learn who your audience is – what the average customer needs, looking for, find preferable, or so. Understanding these things will bring you in a closer relationship with the customers.

                              Besides, if you know your target audience well, you can manage to be present mostly on websites or social media where they are spending time online.

                              Social media

                              Don’t underestimate the power of every popular social media and aspecially animated video content. Generate different content for all of them and be there regularly. Social media presence creates the very basis of an online presence. When a potential customer is looking for a product, they probably start with social media pages.


                              Search engine optimization is literally an engine of hidden promotion. Algorithms are changing very fast, offering a more personalized experience to every user. The best way to appear online is by applying working SEO strategies.

                              Excellent SEO can deliver visibility to your content or can make google place you on top of the search.

                              Provide free content

                              Before you can make a profit out of your brand, consider giving out something valuable for free. What is the best thing you can offer for free? It is definitely high-quality content. If you can provide people with what they really need or, at least, could find a use of, you’ll get attention.

                              Guest posting

                              A great way to make people interested in your brand is to share very well made content on friendly blogs. Guest posting is still something that could help you to be more present online and find new customers.

                              The only thing you should know is that your shared content has to be really, really good. Exceptional quality is required.

                              Create an email list

                              Email marketing is one of those things that works very well for our task. The nature of email lists is regularity. So, the brands engage with customers once in a while – every week or month.

                              The argument here is that the experience of receiving reminders and news from an outstanding brand couldn’t be harmful to a brand. On the contrary – it will create a connection between customers and a brand.

                              Create a narrative of the company

                              We always hear about the importance of stories today. No, it’s not a fashion, it’s even not something temporary. People literally think with the stories as a tool to understand or to explain something to themselves. The background story of your brand is essential just because it will help your target audience to get you and identified with the values you represent. Isn’t it the basis of a trustful relationship?

                              Show online activity

                              To be engaged in online activity is not only posting regularly; there is much more to do. It would be best if you were quick at responding to commentaries, to answer a question or even gently interfere in conversations that might touch you the industry your brand is representing.

                              Produce lots of content

                              Your audience probably spends more time on certain social media pages. Focus on these pages and create a lot of content to post there. The reason is simple. It is not the case of creating animated video ads content for content. The thing is you need new, engaging content to show up online. Otherwise, how are you going to maintain an online presence?

                              Online presence’s main characteristic is a strong presence on social media. First and foremost, a brand should seek excellent content. A relation between our subject and content is inherent.


                              If your marketer skills are good enough, you would never deny the power of advertisement. This is a vivid and most oblivious example of online presence – to show up with ads at the top of the search, on YouTube, or Facebook. There are two types of advertisements you may consider – social media ads and search engine ads. Both can be very helpful.

                              Consider using influencer marketing

                              With the rise of individual Instagram pages, the term “influencer” has become very popular. The most popular pages that are engaged in your industry might be beneficial to keep your online presence. It is also a great way to promote a brand and its products.

                              Many people are looking for influencers to learn about some kinds of products. So, if you can show up in an influencer’s review, your online presence will be firmer and established.

                              Engage your brand in the community

                              Community includes influencers, blogs, podcasts, other brands, and more. The more places you can highlight your own content in or just be mentioned by someone is better for you. Relationships inside the industry can help you to be present for different audiences.

                              Another view, and a compelling one, is that in such fashion brands support each other, establishing a strong mutual presence.

                              Analyze your own strategies after you applied them

                              It is similar for every business – you should know what worked and what was only a try that didn’t work. Revising your strategies is vital because that’s how you learn what your audience enjoyed. In order to test your results in a particular area, choose one thing you want to test. Track the results and compare them to other metrics you have.

                              Please don’t get into a rush with it, though. To test results, you have got to let them become results. This means to apply them for a while.


                              Marketing operates according to specific rules. Among the vast requirements that successful brands find out to win a customer, an online presence is one of the most important.

                              Having a strong brand presence online will make your brand higher than you could even expect. It sets you apart from those who happen to be competitors in the industry. Invisibility is a barrier to overcome for a brand to become competitive in the field.

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