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                              What Video Marketing Strategies Worked In 2019?

                              For the last several years, we have learned that using a video is the best way to build a marketing strategy. This trend has completely changed the way marketing looks today. For both consumers and marketers, video is the primary medium for perceiving and sharing ideas, concepts or information. As we know:

                              It has been proven that text, e-mails and fractionally infographics have become a part of marketing history. These tools are old-fashioned, and not efficient anymore. According to statistics, social video posts can lead to 1200% more shares than text and image posts combined. Unless, you find a way to implement text and immobile images in your video. That would work best.

                              Video marketing strategies and tricks that are efficient

                              Every new trend must be questioned on the matter of its efficiency. What is working in 2019?

                              It is hard to say so far, that some videos are doomed. Video now is a big part of blogs, and entirely makes up vlogs. In content marketing, vlogging is a huge trend. What is working in these videos is authenticity, and an original approach. People are able to attract, and more easily find like-minded people to watch their content.

                              Promo videos are an essential part of displaying a product or service. The primary purpose of the promotional video is to show your product and explain its benefits for the customers. If you think about it, the main reason why it has become so important in marketing is quite simple: to attract customers.

                              Corporate storytelling is another successful idea. It is one of the tools that make video work for marketing purposes. It must be wrapped in a convincing, well-made narrative structure and connected to the problem that the targeted audience is facing.

                              Animated videos are growing in popularity and usefulness. There are plenty of reasons to use animation in a video. It is great for increasing brand awareness, and to tell a story unconventionally. The animation is one of the strongest video marketing strategies in 2019.

                              The types of video content

                              Video marketing tools that are in high demand for social media are augmented reality videos,  live videos and 360-degree videos:

                              • Augmented Reality Videos are simple and extremely efficient things. It is deploying virtual images over real objects. This approach increases audience engagement and creates an immersive experience.
                              • Live videos are becoming one of the preferable forms for the audience to learn about a company and the minds behind one. Live streaming services today not just a popular trend, but necessary to keep in touch with the audience.
                              • 360-degree videos shows the essentials  and keep the customer’s attention. It has all the tools to engage the viewer’s attention with the product. If you can control your visual perspective, then it controls what your viewer is paying attention to and maintains their focus on the product.

                              Do not forget to add subtitles. For one reason or another, only 85% of videos are watched in silence. Therefore, it is almost necessary to add subtitles, so your videos can work with no sound.

                              Common video marketing flaws

                              Quality is king. There is a common superstition in the digital world and to marketing strategies in particular: that quality is the most important thing. Well, it’s not entirely true. Quality is what must be there, but it is just a part of the approach. Quality is wrapping paper for the content—something that beautifies the message.

                              Controversial content. It is all about the integrity of the narrative structure and understanding how fragile some topics can be. If you recall the backlash that happened to Hyundai in their commercial where a man was trying to commit suicide, you’ll understand the idea. This approach led to an outcry from the consumer base and the company had to make apologies.

                              Too long videos. A short, understandable message works best. Thanks to marketing research, statistics speculate that 33% of your audience will probably stop watching your videos after thirty seconds, 45% will hold on one minute, and the most of viewers— 60%—will stop around the two-minute mark. As it turns out, the art of engaging the audience nowadays interferes with your ability to choose the ideal length for the video.

                              To repeat information in the video content from the website. It is a good way to show bad taste. Your video must convey some new information, but still inherent to your main ideas.

                              Human beings are visual creatures. The brain can see images that last for just thirteen milliseconds according to researchers. This, and many other studies, are helping us understand the success of video marketing. In the end, we can see that consumers will use video marketing as a way to make purchasing decisions.

                              It is important to note that this tendency should not be exaggerated. The trend is working in this manner, but the best effect can be seen in combining different approaches. Maybe the reason video marketing is not slowing down at all, is due to the different variations. Viewers are hungry for high-quality content that is both engaging and informative.

                              Someone said that pictures are worth a thousand words—video content as twice as good as this. You are getting double the effect by not only seeing, but hearing about content as well. Video marketing is a useful tool to convince and engage the audience and makes it highly effective to promote your product. Why don’t you try it out and see if it works for you?

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