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                              Cartoon styles of the modern and old animation era

                              There is a vast history of animation and cartoon styles that have shaped the industry. Animation had its humble beginnings in black and white, hand-drawn cartoons. Over time these hand-drawn animations were replaced with modern technology such as computers to create full-color cartoons.

                              Cartoons are fun to watch, especially when you’re a kid. There’s nothing better than watching your favorite childhood animated shows and movies. While there is no doubt that cartoons have come a long way, they still carry the same elements which made them so special, to begin with. Cartoon styles of today and yesterday are very different in many ways but also similar in others.

                              Today’s animations tend to focus more on 3D realism, while old cartoons focus on being creative by using unique characters and plots. Although the best cartoon styles have evolved over time, both eras had their own charm that gives them universal appeal even after all this time!  It’s not hard to see how animation has changed throughout history as well as how it continues to change today.

                              However, despite all this advancement, some things have been lost during the transition between eras. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at those differences while providing examples for reference. We’ll also explore why these cartoon styles are important according to specific purposes. Every animation has its own means to ignite and attract customers.

                              2D animation

                              Cartoons were once a staple of animation styles in the 90s and early 2000s, but nowadays, it is common to see these 2D cartoons within TV advertisements or on kids’ shows such as Peppa Pig or adult series like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Rick and Morty. 2D animation is a term used to describe the style of animation that was popular in the early part of the 20th century. 2D animation is produced through a series of hand-drawn images compiled and photographed to create a film.

                              Interesting fact: It took 32 animators, 1032 assistants, 107 inbetweeners, 10 layout artists, 25 BG artists, 65 special effects animators, and countless other staff for Snow White’s production.

                              An example of 2D animation would be “The Lion King.”

                              3D animation

                              This style of animation is 3D modeling, rendering, and animation. The computer-generated imagery of the models can be created either before or during a shot through various methods such as keyframing, motion capture, and face scanning. This style is often used to create more realistic visual effects.

                              3D animation, also known as computer-generated imagery, is an animated film that uses three-dimensional models created on computers. Certain software programs can create 3D animation, or it can be achieved with relative ease by using digital video editing systems such as Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

                              "Quality is the best business plan." – John Lasseter, director of Toy Story

                              First, let’s talk about The Lion King 1994. In this animated movie, the characters look almost as if they were humans, which is a technique that modern animators use. This movie also has very bright colors. In one scene, you can see an orange sky with a very pale sun and a blue-green grassy field as far as the eye can see.

                              The 2019 remake of The Lion King has more vivid colors. Still, it retains some of those qualities from the original film, including the use of silhouettes to enhance certain aspects of the storyline. One big difference between The Lion King 2019 and its predecessor is that it has a lot more detail in every part of the animation style, such as fur texture, hair movement, and muscle motion.

                              The Lion King 2019 was done to appeal to modern audiences and give them a nostalgic feeling for the cartoon styles of the past. However, this film still has elements from both eras, which makes it unique in its own right.

                              Computer animation is one of the most prevalent 3D animations, featured in children’s films such as Monsters vs. Aliens and Dreamworks’ Shrek series. Movies use a variety of processes to achieve their end goals, but all 3D computer animations follow one process, either keyframing and motion capture.

                              Interesting fact: The first entirely (CGI) computer-generated animated film was Toy Story.

                              The result is a highly fluid movement that is able to rival the look of traditional 2D hand-drawn animation techniques like those used by Disney and Studio Ghibli. This technology has greatly improved animators’ capabilities and skill levels (in terms of digitally blending movements and certain effects) because it can be difficult to create movements that fit perfectly into a scene that can be repeated repeatedly.

                              Pete Docter, Chief Creative Officer at Pixar Animation Studios


                              Anime is one of the Japanese styles of animation that has vast differences from Western animation. They are more realistic in appearance, and they are often more detailed than their Western counterparts. Anime cartoon characters normally have larger eyes and smaller noses, which helps to emphasize their facial expressions. The anime style of animation borrows heavily from Japanese culture with mythical animals, domestic animals, and ethnic groups featured in some cartoons.

                              One of the examples is Godzilla, a franchise that features a number of monsters originating from Japan’s history or folklore. At the same time, another is Howl’s Moving Castle, an animated film by Hayao Miyazaki. A major difference between anime and Western animation is that while anime emphasizes action through exaggeration, Western cartoons exaggerate motion for comic or dramatic effect.

                              The art of anime is also different as it’s designed to be emotionally intense and dramatic instead of the physical intensity and comedy of Western animation. Anime uses exaggerated expressions and body language, such as large eyes and minimalistic clothing, which help portray feelings very clearly. Japanese shows tend to emphasize specific sounds for particular actions, whereas Western cartoons use many more generic effects.

                              Stop motion

                              Stop motion is a type of animation technique that is typically used for making animated films. The animator moves an object, holds the position until the film frame at which it will next be moved and then moves it again. This process is repeated many times for each frame of film, resulting in a stop motion effect.

                              Animated drawings sometimes have an appearance of transparency because they are drawn on paper, and magic lanterns may be used to project them onto different materials, usually either backlit translucent sheets or reflective glass. When working with clay, the animator often must alter the shape slightly to ensure a strong impression when photographed.

                              Henry Selick, director of "The Nightmare Before Christmas," "James and the Giant Peach," and "Coraline"

                              Even after computerized animation was introduced, most hand-drawn animated films were created by photographing models as though seen from a camera’s viewpoint so that the background appears distant relative to foreground elements such as characters or props moving in front of it.

                              Let’s take Coraline as an example with this behind the scenes:

                              A stop-motion film directed by Henry Selick. The story is about an adventurous young girl who finds an abandoned parallel world through the door of her new home. Her only company is some particular characters with eye buttons. She meets with other kids there, all without parents in this bizarre world where nothing needs to be done for them because it’s already “perfect.”

                              Indie styles

                              The art style present in the indie, low-budget cartoons is usually different from the big-budget animation normally seen on televisions. The animation style of indie cartoons is much sketchier and imperfect as it does not need to appeal to large audiences as mainstream animation does.

                              Make the audience put things together. Don't give them four, give them two plus two." – Andrew Stanton, author of "Finding Nemo" and "WALLE"

                              This difference in animation styles allows indie animators the chance to experiment with new styles and techniques that would be too difficult or expensive for big studios to carry out. One of the most popular examples of this kind of style is the show “Isle of Dogs” by Wes Anderson. The show was praised for its unique animation style, looking like it was “done on construction paper and crayons.”

                              Oil painting animation

                              Oil painting animation is not used as often today in cartoons, but it is still used sometimes. It depends on the feeling you want to evoke with the piece. Something like an old cartoon style might be better for something where the painter wants to evoke nostalgia in the viewer. Oil painting animation is an art form that offers a glimpse into the past.

                              It offers an opportunity to explore the things happening in other countries, think about what life was like back then, how it felt to live during this era. Oil painting animations are created by several artists who work together in order to create something beautiful. These works are somewhat different from typical cartoons, those who watch them fall in love with the picturesque world.

                              Mixture of styles

                              Nowadays, the combination of 2D and 3D is a new thing since it has a fresh yet unusual look. It has taken on some traditional art styles from the past while also having a modern, edgy vibe. There are many considerations that go into choosing whether or not to draw in this style. You must have an understanding of both traditional animation and 3D animation to know how to create a successful cartoon in this style.

                              Cartoons have gone through a lot of changes in terms of style. The line between animation and cartoons has also become blurred. In cartoons from the old-school era, there was a lot of exaggeration for specific emotions. In the modern era, you get a lot more accurate depictions of people’s feelings and characteristics, making them more relatable.

                              Interesting fact: Tangled stands as the most expensive animated movie globally, with a budget of $260 million over six years in production.

                              In the early decades of animation, there was a lot more experimentation with styles. In classic Disney cartoons, they drew everything very realistically, and there were no rainbow colors or abstract shapes.

                              The characters had to look believable and natural, and their clothing and hair had to flow realistically rather than having the straight lines that we know from today’s cartoons. The backgrounds didn’t consist of colorful abstract shapes either. There were actual 2D backdrops such as mountains and forests, making the cartoon seem like it took place in its own world.

                              For example, Spider-man Into the Spider-verse is a great way to illustrate the mixture of styles. The film takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is made up of live-action films and cartoons. The film has traditional 2D animation but also 3D animation to help enrich the storytelling and animated experience.


                              The art of animation has gone through many changes since the beginning of time. There are different styles that have been used to create cartoons, and each style is best suited for a particular type of show or message. Understanding what kind of cartoon you’re trying to produce will help you determine which technique should be applied in order to meet your goals.

                              • 2D animation also works best for high-quality results for TV shows or movies. However, this method doesn’t work well if you need your message conveyed quickly, because it requires plenty of setup time. The artist must draw every frame by hand before moving on to the next one. It may take longer for this kind of animation to produce results, but 2D animators are able to create highly detailed scenes that are harder with other cartoon styles.
                              • 3D animation works best for films and video games, since it is meant to be an immersive experience. The design of the characters and environment should fit into the world that you’re creating. This kind of animation requires rendering software because it’s not done by hand like 2D cartoons are. They’re most popular for television shows targeting the male demographic such as superhero cartoons or battle-related animated series.
                              • Anime work best for films typically serious or dramatic ones. These types of animations are full of bright colors and details since they’re used for drama-driven films rather than comedy like other cartoons. The classic examples would be “Spirited Away” and “My Neighbor Totoro.”
                              • Stop motion cartoon-style works best for films like “Coraline,” since it uses props and figures that can be moved and manipulated. This technique requires the audience to watch every frame carefully in order to see the movement of action on screen. You can also add real-life objects into your animations if you want a more realistic result.
                              • Pixar films work best for children’s movies because their characters are simple and cute looking so it appeals to young audiences. They use bright colors and textures—as well as fluid movements—in order to capture kids’ attention while they’re learning about new subjects such as math or science through an entertaining storyline.
                              • Indie cartoon-style works best for stories that are meant to be comical or light-hearted. This style of animation is typically drawn by hand, so it’s usually less detailed than other types of cartoons.
                              • Oil painting animation works best for films that need a historical element because it’s similar to the way paintings would be displayed at an art gallery. It takes longer to create, but you can use this style for films with strong messages or social commentary if you want them to have more of an impact on the audience.
                              • The mixture of styles, 2D and 3D works best when you need a fresh and unusual look that doesn’t fit with the other styles. The cartoon studio Rovio used this technique in order to create 3D animations for their game “Angry Birds.”
                              • Cartoon styles can vary depending on what type of show you’re trying to create, but one thing remains the same throughout the entire process: all cartoons should tell interesting stories with engaging characters while effectively conveying their message through specific techniques.

                              Different effects can be created using various types of animation, so you should choose which style is best suited for your specific project. Once you’ve decided what kind of cartoon you want to make, it will be easier for you to decide on the execution method that will work best. Contact us for a professional consultation!

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