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                              How animated video on a landing page can boost your website performance in times

                              Online videos are what the world deserves. Never was the time when we could see so many of them, having an option to choose between any mood shifter.

                              With everyday access to a mass of funny, cute, interesting or just exciting stuff, we feel like it is easier to live. And gives us a possibility to invent an art of procrastination 🙂

                              However, if we look at this from the perspective of marketing, videos will become way more than that — it gives engagement, conversion, and, finally, more results. So it is more than just a procrastinating thing, it is a way to help people choose the right product for their needs and navigate in the dense world of online products and services.

                              Video on a landing page is a real way to surprise a viewer just before he or she will have any questions. Landing page videos are just a perfect tool for showing the benefits and positive sides of your product in a very precise way.

                              In the era of the internet people’s needs take very precise shape. As the years pass we found out that the possibility to communicate obviously means a lot to us. Now we have many mediums for communication – in comments on Instagram, on various messengers, through the posts and video calls.

                              Later we realized that just text is not what we need online. Yeah, our linguistic repertoire is now more than just words – we have internet slang and emojis, but what is more important, we know that video covers another need we have.

                              These days people want to receive information in a visual form. And… you are getting the rest, right? Video is the most preferred form we want to hear through about… well, basically anything. Video on a landing page is just a part of this tendency.

                              Video on a landing page stats

                              • Conversion rates can increase when you use emotions such as awe and laughter – people want to feel good and associate that feeling with purchases;
                              • Almost half of the online users look for videos related to a product before they visit a store;
                              • 86% of the top landing pages are mobile-friendly;
                              • 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, and only 2 out of 10 will read the rest – they expect to see a video;
                              • 52.8% of people say they’d give up video if the page loads faster on their mobile;
                              • Using videos on landing pages can improve conversions by 86%;
                              • Users are 80% more likely to read content combined with pictures and videos;
                              • 91% of marketers feel video is more important for brands in light of the coronavirus pandemic;
                              • 86% of video marketers say a video on a landing page has increased traffic to their website;
                              • 94% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service if it was on a landing page or on the other resources;
                              • People spend over twice as long on a page with video than without, and the higher the quality, the more likely you are to benefit from positive SEO reinforcement.

                              What are the benefits of website video?

                              So, what is a website video? The definition is super simple actually: it is a short video on your landing page. It could be complemented with texts, pictures or general information on a site.

                              Here are some of the main benefits of a video on the website:

                              1. It helps to improve the user experience. If a viewer sees any information about your products or services right on the landing page, it will affect how he/she feels about the brand in general. If you can answer their questions just before they even think about it, people won’t forget about it.
                              2. Become emotionally closer to the audience. Yes, this is the way to be more bound to your prospects. Once they see another side of your brand, especially if they feel how you care about them – you managed to make that cool video for them and put it on a landing page – you are getting closer to them.
                              3. To share your values. Yes, one video can tell a lot about the company and its values. By your tone of voice, the way you communicate or maybe just literally through the words.
                              4. Just a way to differentiate yourself from competitors. Yes, you may be surprised, but not all brands use a video for a landing page. Even those that are using it not necessarily can beat you with their concepts.

                              What types of video can you use for website video/landing page-video?

                              Once we are talking about landing page video it is best to implement an animated video. Why? Animation as a medium is a way more flexible and powerful marketing instrument than another living video. It is much cheaper.

                              2d animated video – it may sound like the simplest option, but it is also the most universal type of video for basically any niche. You can use it to describe your product or just greet the viewers from any startup. It is also the best option for creating explainers for businesses.

                              3d animated video – the best option for tech or IT companies, maybe technological startups. This format helps to explain the processes in an easy, understandable way. Besides, such videos are extremely stylish, so to speak, and they can catch people’s attention very quickly.

                              Infographic video – just recently we wrote a big article full of musings on infographic videos, proving that this format can bring a lot of benefits for those who present data and information. It helps to create something like a mind map to structure everything and help a viewer to digest it quicker and in a more mindful way.

                              Character animated video – if you want to show how your product works in a more practical way with some scenery, you can use an animated character to do that work for you. It is actually the best way to make people acquainted with the possibilities that you are offering them.

                              Some examples of video on a landing page


                              An event website by Epicurrence promotes their four-day conference for creative people that want to brainstorm. All of the events are perfectly mirrored in the video on their landing page with a funny, lively narrative by a guy that is talking about it.

                              Also, take a look at the design: a bit of animation, great text and CTA  inviting visitors to buy a ticket. Just great.


                              We couldn’t leave aside this wonderful page. Partly because it just looks wonderful, partly because the video here is just as it should be: precise, short, clear.


                              our absolute leader. Just take a look at that visuals, at the video, they posted here – an amazing animation that slowly enchants you with the service showing all the advantages.

                              Audio streaming platform Spotify has created a landing page for its podcast hosting services. The main website is rather for everyone – “Listening is everything”. However, this landing page specifically targets podcasters and makes the service wider, extending the audience.

                              Both the page and the video walks you through Spotify’s using digital illustrations and beautiful, short text.


                              it might look a bit old-fashioned, but… the moment you are on the site, what would you do? Yeah! You’ll click on the play button to watch a video! After that, you can proceed to testimonials, and become the lead. 🙂

                              Why does website video work?

                              You might be asking yourself right now: how exactly an animated video on a landing page can help me? Well, don’t worry, we have all the answers. Let’s summarize them here:

                              • Prospects can receive all the important answers before they even reach you. So it might help them to decide faster.
                              • Google ranges the pages with videos better, and it will help to boost your page in the most popular search engine.
                              • People are looking for a video. You might cover your page with the text, but 8 of 10 people will skip what you wrote. Well, those are just odds, but… check out the statistics.

                              HubSpot’s survey:

                              “Our recent survey of over 3,000 consumers explored the type of content and channels that best attract people’s time and attention. The clear winner is video, with interactive articles and social content emerging as close contenders.

                              This trend toward video has been in the making for some time now. What’s different is that millennials, an age group which roughly spans 18 to 34, aren’t just buying sneakers and gadgets anymore. Increasingly, millennials comprise a cohort of people purchasing homes, baby clothing, and B2B software. And their strong preference for video, social, and mobile-first content has implications for marketers working across an expanding array of industries”.

                              How a video on a landing page used in the different niches

                              A video on a landing page may work differently depending on the audience and the niche. Let’s take a look at some of them:

                              Tech/IT – you always have to show what is the concept behind your technology, how are you planning on using it, and what are the benefits for the customers.

                              Usually, video on the landing pages in this niche helps users to understand the aim of it.

                              Medicine – depending on the nature of your product, it could be addressed to the people who are using medical stuff as a product – in order to care for their health – or to professionals from the industry. Healthcare professionals may consider buying the product and investing good money in your product since you managed to inform them the moment they visit your landing page.

                              Extremely narrow industries such as lawyer projects can use a video on a landing page as a lead generation tool. Many projects can’t attract clients through traditional ways and using video on a landing page might be a help. Actually, 84% of video marketers say video has helped them generate leads during the last year.

                              Blockchain apps and technologies – probably nothing would work better for this new niche. Trying to explain technical actions through text isn’t easy. It’s even harder to understand in most cases, especially when we are talking about innovations, especially financial innovations.

                              Comment from our Marcus Taylor, CEO of BrokerNotes and Leadformly on adding a video in a landing page

                              16 percent of all visitors to the Leadformly site watch the video, which has increased not only on-site engagement but the number of paid signups we receive by 34%. Anecdotally, we’ve also seen a reduction in customers signing up to use Leadformly who didn’t understand the product or may not be a good fit, which consequently helps to reduce churn and support bad-fit customers.

                              Checklist for an effective video marketing campaign

                              If after reading all of this you’re wondering how to get started with a landing page video, we have prepared:

                              • Explain why your audience needs the solution;
                              • Show and explain what could be the solution;
                              • Show how exactly your product can solve these problems.

                              These three simple steps can change the viewer’s attitude in a minute. A video on a landing page can change.

                              There are also several approaches you can take to improve the effectiveness of the simple presence of a video on your landing page. Let’s take a look at them:

                              Use an enticing thumbnail

                              A thumbnail is a vital thing that can drastically affect. Make a friendly thumbnail that can catch attention. What should it include?

                              A close-up of the main object of the video;

                              An image that can convey emotion;

                              An image that can show what the video is about;

                              Consistent style.

                              “Video landing pages help businesses convey the value of their products and services to viewers. If you’re selling something that is very niche or quite complex, a video landing page is an especially practical and engaging resource to make concepts easier for your prospects to understand.”

                              Align video with page content

                              Consistency is always a thing. Make sure the video looks similar to the general design on a landing page and can be “on the same page” with the text.

                              Make sure the video is optimized for any device

                              Yes, as easy as that. Your video should be opening on mobile devices as well as pc. Use professional hosting and make sure your video is not too long.

                              Autoplay is off

                              The worst way to provide a user experience. Don’t force your prospects to interact with content. Let them discover it on their own.

                              Include a call to action

                              An obligatory point that should lead a person to a decision. So just don’t miss it. Call to action on a landing page is almost art. Here’s how to make it flawless:

                              • Keep it short, only under  four words;
                              • Use verbs that describe an action, like “Get” and “Subscribe”;
                              • Use language and tone of voice that is close to your brand identity;
                              • Allow yourself to be as direct as possible.

                              Besides, make sure you stick to your goals. Here are a few questions you have to ask before:

                              • Do you want the person watching it to proceed to another link?
                              • Do you want them to buy your product?
                              • Do they suppose to sign on you?

                              Taira Sabo, Wix Blog Writer:

                              “After you’ve set up your business and successfully created a website, it’s time to start capturing leads. So, what’s the most productive way to gain valuable information or engagement from your site visitors? Landing pages, aka LPs. Why? Because they are an extremely effective form of digital marketing.

                              The best way to determine which elements your landing page should include is first, to understand which are more likely to convince people to convert. Second, check out examples from other companies to better understand the visual elements. After that, you can use a landing page builder to generate an effective landing page of your own.”


                              Video now is an integral part of basically any marketing campaign. And that’s no wonder – from 2016 41% more companies started using a video in their marketing plans.

                              A landing page video is the only medium so far that can nail two main operations people are looking for: it showing and telling at the same time.

                              Thus people get a much deeper view of a product.

                              They can look at the product from every possible angle, maybe through character animation get a very real experience of it would be to use a product.

                              If you want to add a perfect video to your landing page, you just have to do one simple thing: contact us. That’s right! Right your preferences here and we will help you to make a unique animated landing page video.

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