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                              Startup animation video: how it will help you to launch a company?

                              Startup animation video: how it will help you to launch a company?

                              Startup animated video is not an obvious choice for many brands these days.  However, we say that in order to make the first important steps as a company you can use animated video. Why?  The short answer is that it is the best way to capture the attention of your target audience and tell your startup’s story.

                              Here are some convincing statistics:

                              Animated startup video performance statistics

                              Why Is Startup Video Effective?

                              These short animated videos delivered with both visual and verbal storytelling helps to present a business idea in a fast and simple manner. They tell a story in a unique way and make it easy to understand, remember and associate with it emotionally.

                              Being informational and educational, they are effective tools to convey your brand message to your customers because they stimulate the primal brain area, using the combination of both sight and sound. And according to research, the human brain can remember about 68% more information when visual and auditory senses are stimulated simultaneously.

                              So, the science supports the shape of startup video 🙂 It lasts less than 90 seconds and can tell what the is the mission of the company. Besides, 90 seconds is more than enough in order to convert your audience into the advocates of the brand.

                              90 seconds is more than enough in order to convert your audience into the advocates of the brand - in the article about animated startup video

                              Why Should You Use Startup Explainer Video?

                              Startup videos are beneficial for businesses with complicated products or services that want to convey their key messages to their audience quickly and effectively. What kind of industries can get a benefit from a startup video?

                              • finance;
                              • healthcare;
                              • education;
                              • retail;
                              • real estate;
                              • marketing;
                              • logistics;
                              • IT.

                              What are the reasons to implement startup video into your marketing strategy?

                              • Animations allow you to engage with any audience and are just right if you target a wide range of demographics;
                              • Animated videos get viewers emotionally connected to them and to your company’s offering;
                              • You can easily represent any abstract idea;
                              • Viewers appreciate that explainer videos provide a solution to their problem;
                              • Animated videos are convenient and enable your customers to watch them where they are;
                              • Animations perfectly display a brand story in an appealing way;
                              • Explainer videos explain the core of your business and why it exists;
                              • They convince users to stay longer on your website and improve its SEO metrics;
                              • They increase conversion and drive more sales.

                              How Should You Integrate Startup Videos into Your Buyer’s Journey?

                              During the buyer’s journey, prospects move through 3 main stages before they make a purchase:

                              Steps that potential customers go through before making a purchase

                              Animated explainer videos are generally used for the consideration stage when prospects are doing their research and are willing to listen about your offering and the features that make your product stand out from the competitors.

                              Educating your customers is highly important. You can use animated video to educate your prospects when they are looking for the best alternative. Make a video that engages people to get really interested in the product. A good video can turn.

                              Where Should You Use Animated Explainer Videos?

                              That depends on your business needs and goals:

                              1.  Use them on your website’s homepage, product or landing pages if you want to drive sales;
                              2.  Include animated videos in social media channels, emails, sales presentations, and paid media if you want to support your marketing campaigns;
                              3.  Upload videos to YouTube to improve your company’s search engine ranking.
                              4.  Don’t forget that you can give a link to your startup video even in Instagram stories.
                              5.  Besides, there are TikTok which is great to use in order to get some younger audience.

                              Animated Videos: Common Types and Styles

                              The most popular type is overview videos that describe the benefits of a certain product or service and explain why it exists. How-to-videos quickly explain how users can do something more specific, for example, create a subscriber’s account or make a purchase. FAQ videos provide quick answers to the most common questions.

                              As to the styles, there are tons of choices that will depend on the message you want to convey, your brand, and budget.

                              You can make a simple 2D video that is very efficient, quite plain and considered to have a great effect on thw audience.

                              Motion graphics is the most basic style commonly used by scientific, healthcare, and tech industries. It can be used for commercial or promotional purposes in animated logos and explainer videos.

                              Whiteboard animations include an animated hand that draws on a whiteboard; they are common for the e-learning industry.

                              3D animations are great for explaining highly abstract concepts and are used by retail, finance, and tech industries.

                              Final Thought

                              If you haven’t started to get serious about using animated videos for your startup yet, the time to take action is right now because they are an engaging and fun alternative to text content.  Startup video offers a lot of benefits, engaging potential customers in a lively manner and encouraging them to take action, and they can be easily shared across various channels. They are also versatile and can be used to build trust and boost conversion rates.

                              Do you want to present your startup with a video can perfectly catch the attention of the viewer and convey your idea within seconds? Well, that’s what we do! Contact us right now to create a video that will skyrocket your project.

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