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                              How to Make an Animated Video in 24 Hours

                              Animators have all kinds of tools at their disposal. The problem is, where do you look and how do you decide what you should double down on? If you wanted to make an animation video where would you even begin? Not to mention, it could take weeks if you don’t have the right team or resources behind you. For the sake of this article, we’re going to try to do you one better. Let’s walk through how you can make an animated video in 24 hours!

                              Templates are a sure way to get the ball rolling in the world of animation. Using templates are lighting fast and could have your finished product done in a matter of minutes instead of hours. You could make effective animation videos without studying the ins and outs of a platform. They are meant to be both fast and easy.

                              Lots of websites online provide thousands of templates and toolkits that you can add to your studio. Using a template gives you lots of pre-made options that minimize your learning curve. Video editors out there have sound/music libraries, transitions, and wonderfully designed scenes. Animation templates are great for all kinds of client needs including:

                              • Advertisements
                              • Social Media Posts
                              • Training Videos
                              • Presentations
                              • Announcements
                              • Company Updates
                              • Fundraisers
                              • And much more!

                              Animation templates in the article "Animated Video in 24 Hours"

                              Here’s an example of how stunning templates work and what they look like. One of the main drawbacks of using templates is that it won’t be fully customized. However, if you’re in a crunch you need every time saving strategy available. That’s why templates are perfect for making an animation video in 24 hours.

                              Use an Animation Maker

                              There are excellent animation makers that are equipped with all of the tools you need to get your animation video completed in 24 hours. Bring any concept to life and personalize with colors, custom text, and stunning visuals. Not to mention, animation makers let you create videos in minutes even with a tight budget.

                              Let’s look at the features of one of the several animation makers out there: Biteable. Biteable lets you insert your own photos and clips before enhancing them with animation. Even if you don’t have your own footage, they provide stock footage so you can really save time. It’s not just generic footage that everybody else is using either. There are more than 75,000 stock footage options out there so you can truly make an original video.

                              When you’re adding animations and effects, you could add your studio brand logo and colors to your work. You can add your own sounds or sift through the sound library for even more customization. Not to mention, both free and paid plans are available with an easy sign-up process. If you’re in a crunch while you make an animation video in 24 hours, this is the perfect way to go.

                              Build Your Team

                              With little time to spare, it’s going to be difficult handling all of the animations on your own. Animations in 24 hours mean that you’re going to need more people with you going forward. You might be thinking, “But how could I hire a whole team in just a day”? Well luckily, there are freelancing websites such as Upwork and Fiverr where you can instantly hire people to take on projects. These kinds of websites have a track record and portfolios so you know exactly what kind of quality work you’re getting.

                              Screenshot of the Upwork siteScreenshot of the Upwork site

                              Screenshot of the Fiverr siteScreenshot of the Fiverr site

                              While you focus on getting your animated project done quickly, consider finding a project manager right away. A project manager specializes in the hiring process. It’s important to communicate with a project manager and go over your vision with them carefully. Map out an action plan for hiring the right specialists and criteria for your search.

                              Team Positions that You’ll Need to Target

                              Target at least two animators that you can work with. Experienced animators won’t need too many orders from you and don’t need any training. They handle your animations and know the ropes behind platforms and templates.

                              Next, find two illustrators that know how to persuade the audience, capture emotions, and entertain using digital visuals. They take messages and create digital illustrations so people can learn faster. Not to mention, illustrators are masters with paint and drawing programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

                              Lastly, find a scriptwriter that handles the copy behind your animation video. Your scriptwriter handles anything word-related and comes up with creative ideas for narration. Once the scriptwriter organizes scenes with words, the other members of the team bring it to life with visuals. Having the right team behind you means that they will act swiftly. Animation videos completed in 24 hours are a much smoother process when everybody works together.

                              Create an animated video in 24 hours

                              Finding Superior Talent

                              If you had to put the most effort somewhere in your 24-hour animated video, it would be getting on the same page with your superior team. Getting your team right the first time is going to save you lots of headaches in the long run. Certain people that work in animation understand your vision and could get the job done with minimal supervision. This means fewer questions asked, and more time spent directly on the animated video.

                              There are animators out there that could simply do it all. If you had the budget to afford a top-of-the-line person in animation, this is where you should put your money. It’s possible that one person could truly be a “jack of all trades” worker. That’s why you should spend at least some of your 24 hours looking for a true animation wizard.

                              They could do a little bit of everything including scripts, illustrations, voiceovers, sounds, and effects. Having a jack of all trades worker on your team is going to tackle unexpected obstacles and prevent any setbacks from happening.

                              Looking for More?

                              Animation is a growing industry with a high demand for our kind of work. If you had to start an animation video in 24 hours, focus on the essentials and get clear on your objectives.

                              Animation video in 24 hours

                              Getting the work done in a crunch isn’t easy, but you can smooth out your process by following these tips. You can reach out to the team at Darvideo if you want to learn more about how animation studios work and how animated videos are made with a clear-cut process.

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