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                              Is it worth to post animated videos on TikTok?

                              Animation as the main type of content rarely was very welcoming on some social media. Instagram though has a great community of animation artists or the people who exchange animated videos. But it took many years to build it.

                              So, while on Facebook or Instagram animation as a subject wasn’t very popular, TikTok changed the situation drastically. There are many animation channels – what is more important, artists’ channels with unique content – that suddenly became very popular.

                              Dancing Snowman - animated video on TikTok

                              TikTok animation artists made it to millions of followers extremely quickly.

                              Is it worthy to post animated videos on TikTok? Definitely, yes. There are many reasons for that, but we can see the main one.

                              One thing to note. We don’t mention app pages like Headspace, because animation isn’t a subject here. Its role is rather silent: to help people perceive the idea behind the app. What we are rather interested in is how TikTok managed to bring animated content to the top.

                              Creating animation - animated video on TikTok

                              The benefits of format

                              We’ve been asking ourselves continually: why does it work on TikTok? It seems that this platform moves from one intensity to another, sometimes even simultaneously. The briefest point is easy to reveal – it has to do with the shape of content. Usually, it works exactly like this – the shape of something helps to make it visible, interesting, engaging. TikTok, in our opinion, invented a series of ideal formats for modern times. Nothing, as it turned out, works better than short videos.

                              There are a growing number of animation artists who have been able to reach an extremely wide audience due to TikTok. Of course, it has a little bit to do with the algorithms – nothing will work without them – but the main power is the app’s short video format. Catchy, funny, unusual and experimental clips, worked as good for animation, as for some dancy videos. A number of animators already claim that TikTok has provided them with opportunities that are hard to see on other big platforms.

                              Dance an animated video in TikTok. Darvideo

                              TikTok users theories

                              Animators themselves have some theories about why their work happened to be that great on TikTok. It doesn’t really match with our main theory about the format, but they intersect a bit anyway.

                              Some of them believe that their videos are simply different from other content and that’s helped them to reach the top. In an app filled with clips of people dancing, making pranks and jokes – with lots and lots of similar content – animation seems to be something extremely different.

                              Partly animated artists on TikTok believed that the app’s demographic is the key to their success. On Instagram, there are too many successful people and there is this tendency to try reaching them. Younger audiences love animation and that works for TikTok – no secret that the audience here is the youngest on the internet ever.

                              Entertaining animated content on the TikTok platform

                              TikTok videos last no longer than a minute. That’s a great benefit since you have to animate every second of it. Imagine very short animated videos on YouTube: it probably won’t work that well.

                              To tell you the truth, it doesn’t. TikTok may be the only platform with so many advantages for animated content and animation artists.

                              Instagram is also keen on short videos, but there’s no way you can boost your page to reach millions.

                              Instagram logo - animated video

                              YouTube’s algorithm is also not very helpful. Why? The matter of duration. Animators need to make very long videos in order to keep up with popular content. But this takes time.


                              TikTok has become an extremely welcoming platform for animated content. Those who are already considered as top creators on the platform are convinced that any other social media can provide them with such a great base.

                              If you still hesitate whether to post animated videos on TikTok, you might drop it: there is no place better for animation right now.

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