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                              Product Marketing Animation Agency: help your business to stand out

                              There is no doubt that animation video marketing is a powerful marketing tool. That’s why more than 86% of businesses use video for their product marketing, and 99% of video marketers said they will continue to use it because of the positive return on investment they have experienced.

                              You might have thought that cartoons are for kids, but video ads have become an excellent tool for product marketing in this digital age we are living in, and all companies should adapt to suit their audience.

                              What about animation? Experts predict that animated videos will continue to gain momentum for the marketing of products. So let’s discover why animation product marketing tools are good for your strategy and why you should jump on the bandwagon and hire a marketing animation agency!

                              Advantages of Video Marketing

                              Thanks to the emergence of technology and computer animation, you can get fast and effective results in your marketing campaign. You need animation for product marketing for the following reasons:

                              • Animation offers total control over how you want your brand represented.
                              • No matter how complex your products or ideas are, animation can easily help your audience understand difficult concepts.

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                              • Consumers are more motivated to watch a video of your product than reading about it. This is because they grab the viewer’s attention by delivering a bright, visual message.
                              • Animation video for product marketing helps improve your brand recall. When consumers see your animation videos or similar visuals, they are inclined to remember your brand.
                              • Stand out from your rivals by using high-quality animations and gain more market share as you grow.

                              Disadvantages of Video Marketing

                              As with any marketing campaign, no matter how great, there will be some disadvantages. The same applies to video marketing.

                              How Can an Animation Marketing Agency Help You?

                              An animated marketing agency will help you drive sales and increase conversions by creating high-quality product marketing videos. It effectively promotes your products and services using tried and tested marketing methods. A product animation agency can help you in the following ways:

                              Producing high-quality animation

                              Whether you are looking for explainer videos for your products, promotional videos, or video infographics, an animation marketing agency will produce videos that bring your ideas to life.


                              If you are inexperienced in video marketing or have little idea of what you want to create, a product animation agency offers the guidance to develop something market-forward to reach your consumers. You will have a project manager with you every step of the way and offer suggestions if you are uncertain of your needs or ensure you get everything you envision.

                              Save time and money

                              Your current marketing team spends their days boosting your brand, performing market research, sales development strategies, and consumer interaction, that video marketing campaigns can consume more hours than they can provide. They also may not have the expertise to develop high-quality animation videos. That is where an animation marketing agency steps in! Save money and time by hiring professionals.

                              How Does the Process Work?

                              The process of developing an animation product marketing video can take anywhere from 3-10 weeks to complete depending on the package you purchase. Custom packages take longer than basic animation videos due to their complexity. Get your own animation video in three simple steps:

                              1. Develop a video marketing strategy

                              Don’t go into your marketing campaign blind. Our experienced marketing professionals will help you determine your goals and develop a strategy to reach your target audience. What is the message you want to communicate, and what style of video interests you? You will work with scriptwriters to plan the actions in every scene with the text for the voiceover.

                              2. Creating an animated video

                              This is where you leave it to the pros. An experienced product animation agency will follow the strategy you and the company have developed to produce excellent marketing animation services. First, the team will create a black and white illustration of each scene, followed by illustrations of the characters and backgrounds. You will remain part of the team with daily updates and provide input throughout the process to ensure it is perfect for your brand.

                              Storyboard for animated video

                              3. Measure your results

                              Now that your video is complete, it is time to launch. Embed the video on your website and all social media platforms. Optimize the video with appropriate keywords, descriptions, and tags to ensure you are hitting the right audience. Measure engagement and track view count to determine how the audience receives the video.

                              A full-fledged animated video

                              When to Use Video Marketing

                              Marketers use video marketing to not only increase engagement but for brand awareness. For example, suppose you have a new product hitting the market soon, and you want to create hype around the launch; a video will create desire and excitement around the next big product hitting the market.

                              Video animation is also a great marketing tool for showing consumers how to use the product – especially complex items. This will also decrease the number of queries you receive on how to use the product.

                              The Bottom Line

                              An animation marketing agency has many benefits and will help you drive brand awareness and optimize your reach to the consumer. Online platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, and more is the number one focus on engaging with consumers.

                              Animation videos of your business and products should be the heart of your marketing campaigns. It is not just a temporary trend – video marketing is here to stay.

                              You need a talented and reliable team to develop marketing videos to boost your business. That’s where we step in! Contact us for a free consultation, and let’s get to work!

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