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                              Which industries are explaining blockchain with the help of an animated video?

                              Which industries are explaining blockchain with the help of an animated video?


                              Blockchain technology is already changing approaches in different business areas: finance, health, property, creative industries. Darvideo supports advanced technologies, thus we have special offers for clients who work in this field. The eye-catching animated content can definitely boost your blockchain project. Wanna have a look at some practical cases of animation for Crypto and blockchain projects? Dive in!

                              Why leading companies are choosing the blockchain today?

                              Initially, the distributed ledger technology (blockchain) was invented for carrying out mutual settlements in the bitcoin cryptocurrency. The technology has been used since 2009. Over time, various organizations have appreciated the advantages of the system. Today blockchain technology affects several important sectors: finance, healthcare, supply chain and logistics, property registration, and so on.

                              One of the main advantages of blockchain technology is the secure storage of data. Each block of “chain” holds its own digital data and the unique hash of the previous block. This hash is protection against forgery. Therefore, making changes to one of the blocks requires appropriate changes in all blocks after it. This makes blockchain technology practically impossible to hack. But you might already know about that. But here is a fresh idea for you: the system like blockchain in all its complexity couldn`t be explained better than with the help of an animated video. Have a look at the following examples of 2D and 3D mixed animation video:

                              “What is blockchain? The best explanation of technology”

                              Blockchain Protocol explainer

                              Blockchain perspectives in the finance industry

                              The unique features of blockchain could increase the efficiency of fintech companies. FRS, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, VISA, Mastercard, SWIFT, and many others are already using technology. In the nearest future, the finance industry may change significantly.

                              Blockchain in finance helps to reduce credit risks as all transactions are recorded on the network.

                              Blockchain in finance helps to reduce credit risks as all transactions are recorded on the network. Also, commercial banks get a good tool for monitoring loan usage. Back in 2018, the Spanish bank BBVA became the first financial institution in the world to issue a loan of 75 million euros using blockchain technology. In decentralized financial services, every stakeholder is treated as a node and it makes the system more reliable. It is a more transparent system as well.

                              Besides, some costs related to customer identification and verification can be significantly reduced. The Thomson Reuters survey revealed that financial firms spent on average $60 million per year on compliance with KYC (know your client).  If information about verified clients is saved in the blockchain, there will be no need to spend such amounts on checks. The network itself verifies each transaction – the data is stored for all participants.

                              Moreover, blockchain speeds up payments - and this is an argument for any financial institution.

                              Moreover, blockchain speeds up payments – and this is an argument for any financial institution. It is no coincidence that global financial services firm J.P. Morgan announced in April of 2021 that it is using blockchain technology to improve funds transfers between banking institutions globally.

                              Financial service consumers are desperate for information materials that would explain all the benefits of blockchain.

                              And all of those benefits need to be explained properly. We suggest that it could be an animated video, that has its obvious pros:

                              • It shows instead of telling, which is twice more effective;
                              • It will convey the complex information in an entertaining and eye-catching manner;
                              • It will help you to gain more customers, investors, or even partners as you can create different videos for different purposes.

                              Here are some examples of animated video explainers on the internet. Take a look at one of them for better understanding the benefits of a decentralized system:

                              “Blockchain for Banking Industry” by T3SV

                              Another video explains why blockchain can eliminate the need for intermediaries, which, as usual, bring extra cost:

                              “Blockchain and the Middleman” by TED Institute

                              Benefits for the healthcare industry

                              Many features in blockchain are useful in case your business is in the healthcare industry. Blockchain technology may provide secure access to medical data for patients, doctors, and insurance companies as well.

                              Keeping important medical data secure is a big issue in healthcare at the moment. Research from Michigan State University and Johns Hopkins University found that there were 1150 cases of breaches of patient records between 2009 and 2017 in the USA. Those data breaches affected more than 164 million patients. In particular, were stolen health and genomic testing records.

                              Storing data in decentralized systems will avoid such problems.

                              Blockchain keeps a transparent log of all medical data that allows patients and doctors to share the same information quickly and safely.

                              Blockchain keeps a transparent log of all medical data that allows patients and doctors to share the same information quickly and safely. But the technology guarantees the privacy of any individual by protecting information with secure codes. Hospitals, laboratories, pharmacists, and healthcare providers can request permission to access a patient’s record.

                              Another important feature is the ability to verification of treatment. All actions in the treatment will be recorded on the distributed ledger. It will be much easier to find a mistake.

                              Medical information is one of the most scrupulous. For many people, the leakage of such information is even more unacceptable than the loss of financial data. How to convince the patient that the new technology will benefit him? To explain the advantages as simply as possible. An animated video is best suited for this purpose.

                              Take look at the great animated video “Blockchain Technology for Electronic Health Records”:

                              Blockchain in property management

                              The blockchain has a wide range of applications in real estate. The technology is attractive for the same reasons as in other industries:

                              • Safety: each transaction is unique and cannot be changed. It is useful in establishing a chain of title for the property.
                              • No intermediaries: buyers and sellers save on commissions and fees charged by banks, brokers, lawyers, and so on.
                              • Access to global asset distribution.

                              This animated video helps you to understand the benefits of blockchain in animated video explainer:

                              “Blockchain in Real Estate” by Deloitte Nederland

                              Many countries are beginning to study and apply blockchain technology. Sweden started experimenting with Blockchain-based land registration in 2017 to streamline its existing system. Dubai Land Department is the world’s first entity to conduct all transactions via Blockchain:

                              Blockchain for musicians

                              Іn the 21-century consumers prefer to listen to music on streaming platforms. These flows need to be managed effectively. Embracing blockchain across the music industry would simplify the management of rights and royalties. Recording companies could easily trace music streams. Musicians would be able to receive equitable royalty payments without delays.

                              How can work blockchain for the music industry, look through in animated video explainer:

                              Darvideo Animation Studio creates 2D and 3D animated explainer videos, promotional or marketing videos, brand animated videos, and of course explainer videos that are highly effective and beneficial in the crypto and blockchain industry. That`s the key for your crypto business to reach wider audiences with the help of eye-catching content

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