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                              Business video production services: an overview with examples

                              Your business is growing. You’re taking on new clients, marketing to the public, expanding your operations across the country, or even new markets. Now you need more than just a website that showcases your products or services. You need video production services to tell your story in an engaging way that captures people’s attention.

                              Video productions are vital for businesses looking for new ways to grow their customer base while maintaining strong relationships with existing customers. There are many different types of videos that an animation company can produce for any business, from commercials and presentations to explainer videos. With these considerations in mind, let’s take a closer look at business video production services and some examples.

                              When does a business really need video production services?

                              You can answer this question by looking at the various reasons for video production services. Some of the most common reasons are to:

                              Reasons to create a video

                              All of these reasons require professional videographers, editors, designers, etc.

                              There are many benefits to utilizing video production services, such as reaching out to a broader audience, entertainingly presenting information, and providing training opportunities.

                              More importantly, though businesses need professional videos created because they allow your company to make an impressive first impression or reassure potential customers about their product or service – essentially aiding them in making a purchase decision by providing strong visual aids.

                              First impressions go a long way; if you’re able to effectively communicate your brand and demonstrate your value proposition through video (engaging and entertaining), you will be more likely to gain their attention and trust.

                              Live video vs. Animation

                              Boxing - Gif image

                              Who is the winner? Live video is the process of broadcasting a video signal in real-time, typically to a broad geographic region. One of the major pros of live video is that it allows you to interact in real-time. Live video has helped make it possible for people all over the world to watch live events like concerts and shows from their computers and smartphones.

                              Animation is created by drawing or tracing images and then playing them in sequence. This is typically done using a computer and is sometimes referred to as computer-generated imagery (CGI)‘. Known for its ability to create scenes that look like they’re taken from a movie, animation has now become an integral part of the corporate world.

                              From infographics used by companies such as Apple to explain new products to life-sized 3D renderings of their logos, business animation has helped brands come alive and establish large, global audiences. Animation videos are great at conveying specific messages or concepts – especially those that require more detail than live video can provide.

                              12 Cases of usage of animated video

                              Many different industries use animated videos for various purposes. For example, when introducing products to the market, it is helpful to use animated videos instead of stills because they can be more persuasive and engaging.

                              Animation is also used in marketing to illustrate how a product works in simple ways. Communication is another industry where explainer video business animation can be useful because you can entertainingly deliver the message to take notice. The important thing to remember is that video production services need to be high quality, impacting the results.

                              1. Animated videos for corporations

                              Corporate animation videos are great for marketing products to potential customers. These videos highlight the various features of the product in an entertaining way. They can also be used for training purposes, to help employees get up to speed about new products.

                              For example, let’s say your company makes office chairs. In that case, you could create a video that demonstrates how easy it is to assemble these chairs and then put the video up on YouTube or your website for all customers to see.

                              Dancing chairs | Gif image

                              Animated videos are also valuable for services, helping customers understand their various options. For instance, if your company offers home security systems, animated videos could demonstrate the packages available so customers can choose what best suits their needs.

                              2. Animated videos for startups

                              While all types of businesses can find good videos valuable, startups could benefit the most from them. As startups are still young and growing – their visual appearance is what makes or breaks them, so before developing a company’s identity, making solid introductions is essential. Expert animators can design to convey an idea quickly and allow startup entrepreneurs to promote their ideas, even with tight budgets.

                              Animated videos for startups | Instagram post

                              They’re just 1-2 minutes long, and that’s usually enough time to make an important point. Of course, time may vary according to each project. Explainer video business animations are also great when you want to explain something complex visually, which can be harder to follow in written form.

                              3. Animated videos for marketing strategies

                              Marketing is an essential part of any business. A company may have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it, they’re not going anywhere. That’s why marketing is so important. Video production is a great way for companies to market their products. Unsurprisingly, one of the most effective types of video is animated marketing videos – with some companies even relying exclusively on animated videos for their marketing.

                              4. Presentations

                              A presentation is a key tool for any business, especially in the sales field. Presentations provide you with an opportunity to present your products or services in a way that captures the audience’s attention. They also allow you to control what information your brand communicates to your audience.

                              Presentation - GIF

                              You may have found that a great option to get the point across is with an animated video for business. It can add a new dimension to your presentation and show off your data in a whole new way. The more complex your data, concept, or idea, the more convincing an animated video may be for your business.

                              The three components of a successful presentation are the pre-presentation feeling, the delivery of the presentation, and feedback from the audience. Both your pre-presentation feelings and presentation delivery need to be well thought out for you to maintain control of your subject matter.

                              5. Events where you need to set monitor and showcase your videos

                              It is an old-school style, but for some industries, it is essential. For instance, companies that provide a service to clients in a large room with many screens would do well to show a video on the screens. The live video feed from the speaker may not be visible from every seat in the audience. In these instances, you can use animated videos on screens to showcase what you are discussing or trying to sell.

                              Project manager Max's opinions | Darvideo studio team

                              6. Online video promotion campaigns

                              Promoting online videos is not an easy task. Corporate video producers are now turning to animated videos to make their promotion campaigns more effective. An example is Adidas, which hired a business video production service to welcome its new brand ambassador, Donald Glover. The campaign consisted of this animation showing the special edition of these shoes in the artist’s everyday life.

                              This type of video is usually short and to the point. Like this one, for an e-Commerce.

                              7. TV campaigns

                              A TV campaign is a series of commercials designed to promote a product or service in the local market. TV is a powerful marketing tool with strong reach and visibility. You can strategically place television commercials to buy maximum attention with nationally promoted messages. An animated video for business has messages that have been shown to get a high impact on conversion rates for selling ads on TV channels.

                              8. Onboarding new employees and educating them

                              Companies are using more video production these days for onboarding new employees. An example is animated videos showing how to do different tasks without giving too much live instruction. This can help reduce downtime and show exactly what’s being done.

                              CEO Yuri | Animation Studio Darvideo | Article about Business Video Production Services

                              9. Social media ads and content

                              The use of video content on social media ads is a new way that companies are using to grab the attention of their potential customers. These animated videos are being used successfully by many different businesses.

                              Social media ads and content - Business Video Production Services

                              Paid and organic social media content have been able to increase their view count fairly quickly because the videos are innovative and interesting. A explainer video business animation can provide a different perspective on things or highlight an issue in a way that text never could.

                              An organization may only have the budget for one video, but that doesn’t mean they should limit themselves to just one type. Animated videos are often used in social media ads and content to tell stories in less time. Not only are animated videos less expensive to produce, but you can also reuse animations across multiple projects or campaigns.

                              10. Events promoting

                              The use of animated videos for promotional purposes has been on the increase. This is due to several factors, one of the most prominent being a company’s attractiveness to a potential client. You should seek the help of a animations services company if you want to promote any event you’re planning to. You can look at some successful events that we have helped them with in the past and see what results we deliver.

                              11. Website video

                              For many companies, video marketing is the best way to get their message out there. Animated videos are an excellent way to make a memorable impression on your customer base. You can create a professional animated video for your website that will help you establish credibility and generate leads efficiently. Animated videos are becoming increasingly popular on the website today.

                              Website video | Instagram | Darvideo

                              They offer a way to supplement your website’s information and provide something different for your customers. Business video production services can create videos using just about any type of media. Still, they work best when there is a narrative with an engaging story that viewers will want to watch. The most important aspect of an animated video for business website is that it makes it easy to understand and follow the story.

                              12. Product or service demo

                              Visual representations are an effective tactic for a company to show its products or services. Using videos of these products or services is an excellent way for potential customers to see what they’re interested in. A product demo video of X product will give potential buyers a better idea of how it will look/work. However, when creating these videos, we can use animation in place of live-action footage. This allows for innovative ways to present products.

                              Boost your sales with animated business video production services

                              There are many reasons why a business might need video production services, and we’ve outlined some of them. A lot goes into making an animated video for business. More and more, customers are turning to online videos before making a purchasing decision. If you have a video idea that will help your business stand out, Darvideo can help bring it to life. Whether you want to use our service for one project or on an ongoing basis, get in touch.

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