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                              Whiteboard Animation Usage

                              When you have decided to take advantage of the whiteboard animation, which is also known as Doodle video, among the others, you should be sure about the expediency of this format. But if you are not, it is possible to face confusion that will reduce the influence of your video. As the doodle style became popular in recent days, a lot of video-creators use this type because it seems to be good enough to use them in a variety of spheres.

                              But during the step of selection of the style and its further development, there are some aspects and problematic parts. Sometimes people do not understand when the style is suitable.

                              So when whiteboard ideas are correct?

                              • Loads of information. If the amount of covered material is enormously big, black and white techniques become rather helpful tools. With such type of animation, there is no need to worry that the quantity of the ideas and content can push away viewers. Good and visible explanations won’t get people distracted by searching for any additional info. What is also important, doodles allow increasing the length of movies without losses of the viewer’s concentration because the dynamic way of a demonstration keeps people entertaining even with higher than the average duration of a video.
                              • Complex or technical product/service. Sometimes there are troubles that obstruct digital presentation of any product or services. Luckily, the usage of black and white format is capable to introduce the audience concepts that are difficult to understand without making people bored during the process. Visualized materials usually easier to remember and accept.
                              • Business purposes. Doodle presentation is a perfect choice for projects that require a lot of consideration. This format can rapidly attract the attention of the number of clients and companies with its short and plain scenario, clear animation.

                              Main mistakes connected with whiteboard animation:

                              • Changing a classic theme to the colorful one. The scenery colored in the white has been chosen by a reason. First of all, plain backdrop helps to attract and hold viewers’ eyes and minds on the subject and information in the video. Besides, the colorless theme is important when there is a need to use any color because it accentuates the role of the paint. Colorful backdrop sometimes distracts people and makes the total content less memorable.

                              But if you really don’t like the white background, there are other neutral examples such as plaid and lined notebook.

                              • Illustrations are unrelated to the topic. The main features of the doodle format are logicality and sequence. Creator provides a viewer with different images during the story or explanations for better memorization and understanding. But irrelevant pictures interrupt a narrative and lose the interest of the people.
                              • Absence of the hand. Without a human arm that creates drawings, the format becomes less interesting and it loses its unique dynamic style. It helps viewers to immerse themselves in the subject as fast as possible.
                              • Bad quality of picture and action. It is unacceptable. The main idea and performance of this style depend on beautiful images and high-level animation. Colorlessness and simplicity can emphasize these aspects and its importance but not reduce the quality of the picture. The dynamism of the video holds viewers attention and show the content at play style. Thus, the high quality of the animation is an essential thing you need to do the best.

                              As for the ways you can use the whiteboard power, the majority of people immediately think about educational purposes. Yes, it is the first thought and for a good reason. This obvious sphere meets expectations connected to the learning process of the material. But, of course, there are also some other ways you can use the black and white style. Some of the most popular you can see below:

                              1. Commercials

                              It is effective and quick for companies with the help of the doodle videos for promoting their products. Especially, when they can’t be touched like other objects or understood due to the complexity of the material. Such a good instance can be a video from Elevations Credit Union about rising energy costs. It is a well-known problem for everybody who has to pay taxes. Possibly, you can save some money and energy after watching this video.

                              2. Music videos

                              An interesting but still impressive combination explains by drawing on the screen what you hear in a unique style. This method can be perfect to deal with some kinds of music because pictures made especially for the video and put in the right time may have more vital return and response. Music videos accompanied by related images provoke deep feelings of the viewers. “Weird Al” Yankovic – Mission Statement is a well-known music video where you can see a great example of this mix published in 2014.

                              3. Education and learning

                              Talking heads and persons become things of the past. It is usually boring to stare at somebody who is presenting any hard topic. And, what is more, the efficiency is rather doubtful. The artistic side of humans likes drawings so why not combine this with the vital process for anybody – learning. And a perfect example is not a video, it’s a company presenting a lot of videos including whiteboard usage. It is RSA the place where you can see the potential of the black and white animation with interesting and surprising topics that affect a lot of things and processes. To get ensured about the reputation of their movies you can check the amount of viewers and followers. It is not a problem for RSA to collect several million numbers of views on any whiteboard animated videos.

                              4. TED Talks

                              Yes, it is one of the most applicable formats for these videos. A lot of people are familiar with this company due to its popularity in a variety of spheres. Thus, whiteboard use during presenting any topic is quite important for the big part of the TED videos. This method is really perfect to introduce and explain any subject regardless of how difficult it is. It doesn’t matter what is the length of video: it is still an ideal solution for both short and long examples. This animation easily avoids unnecessary attention on the narrator and swaps the viewers’ minds to the video.

                              5. Instructions and guides

                              Today, there are a lot of things we need to know but it is hard to get essential info with a full comprehension of the topic. Cool whiteboard ideas provide viewers with not only written advice and explanations that are really easy to find on the Internet but also with related drawings and animations. They will be helpful to gain some practical skills because working with anything you have seen before is much easier.

                              6. Entertaining videos

                              Pretty-looking animation gives us a lot of pleasure. They may present different things or describe some interesting recent events. Maybe, it is possible to create a cartoon with an uncommon style. Generally, all kinds of doodle videos are a bit entertaining and it is a crucial aspect!

                              All in all, a whiteboard animation example might be a great choice for your video projects. A variety of possible spheres where it seems like a suitable format makes it popular and frequently used. And some unique features also give more possibilities for everybody.

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